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Meet EntheoNation at Psychedelic Science 2017


If you are going to MAPS’ Psychedelic Science Conference 2017 in Oakland, CA, you are invited to connect with the EntheoNation community of visionaries. How to Connect with EntheoNation The best way to connect with EntheoNation is to join our private FB message group. This is a high-caliber, curated group of inflluencers in the psychedelic…

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Indigenous Tribes Promote Sustainable Solutions

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 2.54.50 PM

Indigenous People are humanity’s connection to the land and to its’ history. Whether it is through an understanding of plant-medicine, ceremony, or stewarding the land, we all have a lot to learn from tribal communities. Long before Bill Mollison coined the term Permaculture, natives were living and working in harmony with the natural elements in…

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6 Reasons Symbiosis is the Ultimate Gathering for Modern Shamans


I’ve been going to Symbiosis Gathering for years; Symbiosis and Burning Man are the 2 transformative festivals that have had the most powerful impact in shaping who I am and defining my culture. Whether it’s through discovering new favorite musicians, or being mesmerized by the incredible light shows emanating from beautifully-designed stages, to being astounded…

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How to Not Die at Burning Man…as Told by Burners

Photo by Andrew Johnstone

Burning Man is an annual festival that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert that attracts around 70,000 people a year. With dust storms, mutant vehicles, giant art installations, fire art, and tens of thousands of people partying in the desert… Burning Man can be considered to be a hazardous party environment. On the back…

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