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Entrepreneurs Awakening through Ayahuasca | Michael Costuros – EN33

On today’s episode of The EntheoNation Podcast, we host Michael Costuros of Entrepreneurial Awakening, a company specializing in ayahuasca retreats for entrepreneurs. During our chat, we look back on Michael’s own journey in the entrepreneurial world and how he discovered the powers of ayahuasca before dedicating himself to aiding others on their own quests. Michael…

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From Inner Visions to Visionary Art | Amanda Sage – EN32

On today’s episode we welcome visionary artist Amanda Sage. Amanda has had a long journey with her painting and is here to share all her insight on the subject of translating inner visions into physical art. We have a look at some of Amanda’s background and her discovery of her innate ability to channel her…

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Becoming the Medicine for Our Time | Christina Pratt – EN34

Today’s episode is a conversation with Christina Pratt, founder of the Last Mask Center in Oregon and the host of the Why Shamanism Now Podcast. As an experienced healer and modern shaman, Christina is here to talk about her practice in the last thirty years and what has directed her path in life. We traverse…

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