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Microdosing DMT… Wait, That’s a Thing?

Vaping DMT

As more and more folks seek healing in the practice of taking small amounts of psilocybin or LSD a few times per week, some more adventurous wellness explorers have been experimenting with microdosing DMT. What does taking tiny amounts of the ‘Spirit Molecule’ do? Are there therapeutic benefits to it? Is it safe to do? Read to learn what we know about this emerging practice.

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CBD for Diabetes: Can It Help Manage Glucose Levels?

Apple, sugar, and insulin – CBD for diabetes

Reports outlining the potential of CBD to slow down the progression of type-1 diabetes are mounting. Although it should by no means be regarded as a cure, many people have successfully been using CBD for diabetes management alongside lifestyle changes. Read on to learn what this cannabinoid can do. Diabetes is a debilitating medical condition…

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