Clarify Your Soul Vision & Reveal Your Soul Purpose

Do you ever receive scenes, messages or whispers in your visions and dreams indicating that you came to this planet to accomplish something bigger than yourself?

To be part of a big mission, working with other soul-aligned people to accomplish meaningful and positive goal?

If so, you are in the right place.

Whether it’s to be a warrior in an army of lightworkers, radiating love and compassion with your presence and leading by example…

Or to be the CEO of a game-changing company pioneering innovative solutions to our sustainability crisis…

That inclination, or burning desire, first starts from within, and first expresses itself through the visions, dreams and whispers of your subconscious mind.

By learning to train your mind to better interpret the information coming through from visionary states of consciousness, it’s possible to accelerate your impact and manifest the life you want, because you have clear guidance on the next best steps to take.

Visionary states contain a treasure trove of information about who we are, who we were, and who we can become. Visionary states include symbols and messages that indicate to us the work we need to be doing and most importantly, how we need to be doing it.

6 Secrets About Ourselves That Visionary States Can Reveal


Visionary states contain a treasure trove of information about who we are, who we were, and who we can become. Visionary states include symbols and messages that indicate to us the work we need to be doing and most importantly, how we need to be doing it. Visionary states have the power to reveal secrets about ourselves related to our true potential and mission here on planet earth. Here are 8 secrets about yourself revealed by visionary states:

  1. Your Highest Self
  2. Your Divine Purpose
  3. Your Past Lives
  4. Your Karmic Connections
  5. Your Spiritual Allies
  6. Your Future

Visionary states can connect us with our soul’s purpose and our soul’s vision for an ideal life and ideal world.

5 Common Obstacles to Interpreting Visions

Yet, one of the biggest obstacles experienced by those who walk the shamanic path is closing gap between glimpses of their ideal life and self received in the visionary state and their current reality.

Here are the 5 main challenges.

  1. Not knowing what your purpose is at all. Having that gut feeling you are meant to be doing something important, but not knowing what that is. What did you incarnate on this Earth to accomplish?
  2. Not knowing how to start. Feeling like you know what your purpose is, but it lives in you as an idea, you are unsure how to make it happen in your day to day life. How do you start putting your purpose into action?
  3. Not having spare time. You are caught in a tug of war between your job, your family responsibilities, and the mission you are meant to fulfill. Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to fulfill your purpose?
  4. Not knowing what step to take next. You are actively working on your purpose, but you feel stuck and confused about your next steps. What is the next most powerful step that you can take to fufill your purpose?
  5. Not having clear visions at all. Grand visions that indicate your purpose path are a blessing to receive, but many people struggle to receive clear visions. Visions appear to be a muddled jumble of psychological refuse being ejected by the subconscious mind, peppered with flashes of insight, with no clear direction. (Unclear visions are actually the easiest obstacle to overcome, and I outline what you need to do in the next lesson).

How to Cultivate Your Inner Oracle

Improving your vision interpretation skills is much like the work of archeologists that interpret the meaning of hieroglyphics. You need to have a “Rosetta Stone” as your key against which you can interpret the symbols, messages, and images that are revealed to you.

That personal “Rosetta Stone” is your Soul Vision.

Every individual is unique, but the basic process works for everyone. You can also layer other systems over it like astrology, Human Design or the Enneagram to have a detailed Soul Blueprint.

  1. Clarify your core values. What universal values drive you? What are the top 5 values that are dearest to you that define your life?
  2. Clarify your vision of a better world. If you could wave a magic wand and solve one important problem in the world, what would that be? Ending poverty? Ending nuclear proliferation?
  3. Clarify the part you would like to play in creating it. If you could wave a magic wand and create a role for yourself where you are co-creating this vision of a better world, offering your unique gifts, in such a way that creates tremendous value and abundance, what would you be doing?

As you engage in this inquiry, take the ideas and inspiration that come your way and allow them to create the highest vision for your Soul.

All the details of this highest vision of your Soul, of who you are, what you offer and what you intend to manifest will start to come into greater clarity the more you meditate on them. In your mind’s eye, you will start to see this better world, the people you want to be surrounded by, the place where you want to be living, the vocation you are engaged in.

Soul Vision Clarity Worksheet



Once you have a clear vision, hold this vision in your consciousness every day. Meditate on this vision in the morning when you wake up, and at night, as you go to sleep. Feel what it feels like to be living that dream. Step into it like a movie and make it real. Connect this vision to every action you take, while letting go of any actions that don’t bring you closer to that visions. Make your desired reality the object of single focus concentration. Don’t forget to write it down. And allow your Highest Vision the freedom to evolve as you evolve.

What is the Highest Vision Do You Hold For Your Life?

Visionary experiences can often make more sense when you view them in the larger context of your life, so it may be valuable to widen the lens in order to gain clarity, and hold it up against your Soul Vision. Imagine if money, time, knowledge etc where no obstacle and you can waive a magic wand to manifest your dream life, what does it look like? Paint the picture in technicolor detail, as if you were stepping into a movie. Where do you live? Who are you surrounded by? What does your day to day life look like from start to end? Write this down:

  1. What your ideal life looks like?


  2. What major milestones do you need to accomplish to get there?


  3. What your optimal self looks like?


How Do You Need to Evolve?

In order to close the gap between your highest vision for your life and where you are now, you may need to make changes to your life, or take specific actions.

  1. What changes do you need to make in yourself, or in your life, to be that?


  2. What 3 milestones could you accomplish over the next year, that would make you feel confident that you are moving towards your vision? Make sure these are actionable milestones that you feel confident you can accomplish with your own efforts, that don’t depend on a miraculous event or other people’s good graces to happen.


  3. What do you need to do in order to accomplish those milestones?


What Messages Are Being Revealed to You Through Your Dreams & Visions?

  1. What repetitive themes, scenes, symbols or images come up for you in your visions and dreams?


  2. What do they, or could they, mean to you?


  3. Which people, guides, teachers, spirits, ancestors, relations and friends show up repeatedly in your visions and dreams?


  4. What is the significance of these relationships? What are you meant to teach each other? What are you meant to learn from each other? What are you meant to co-create together?


  5. What are you meant to heal with your mother? Write down your message to her, whether she is still alive or has passed.


  6. What are you meant to heal with your father? Write down your message to him, whether he is still alive or has passed.


How to Get Clear on the Next Steps of Your Soul Purpose Path

Review the greater vision you have for your life and what your dreams and visions have recently revealed to you, and reflect on any correlations. Questions to meditate on might include:

  • What needs to be forgiven?
  • Who do I need to call and what message do I need to give them?
  • What beliefs about myself do I need to let go of?
  • What new empowering beliefs might I embrace?
  • What negative behaviors can I let go of?
  • What positive behaviors can I adopt?

Commit to Walking Your Soul Purpose Path

The more you clarify your Soul Vision, the more your Soul Purpose is revealed, especially through visionary states of consciousness, which is the intimate way that the Universe communicates to you. However, unless you ground your Soul Vision and Soul Purpose through Inspired Action, all of it remains in the realm of dreams.

Take the opportunity to act on the information revealed to you through your dreams and visions.

  1. Write down your insights and reflections.


  2. Write down the actions you will take this week.


Remember, often what’s revealed in the visionary state are keys that unlock other messages. While something might not make sense, following your intuitive hints or your dream signs may lead you to the next most important stage of your journey, avert you from harm or lead you to the people you are meant to meet.


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