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Native Power Brainwave Meditations

YES, Lorna! I absolutely want the Native Power Brainwave Meditations for 81% off the retail price of $197 so I can access healing and insight through expanded states of consciousness!


I understand this is a ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY to get 4 original brainwave meditations that will support me in my plant medicine practice and connect me to my native source of natural power.

Included with the Native Power Brainwave Meditations bundle is the ability to download and stream the 5 audio lessons and 4 powerful .mp3 meditation sessions, and access PDF guides and worksheets to support my shamanic healing:

  • Introduction to the Native Power series
  • MP3 - Introduction to the Invocation Prayer Audio Lesson
  • PDF - Ceremony Invocation - What it Is & Why it Matters
  • MP3 - Invoke Pristine Protection Guided Meditation
  • PDF - The Invocation Prayer
  • MP3 - Introduction to Grounding Audio Lesson
  • PDF - Introduction to Grounding & Energy Release
  • MP3 - Grounding: Release All Fear & Negativity Guided Meditation
  • PDF - Transmuting Negative Beliefs
  • MP3 - Introduction to Spirit Guides & Allies Audio Lesson
  • PDF - Introduction to the Shamanic Art of Shapeshifting
  • MP4 - Bonus video animation by Sahaj Kaliman
  • MP3 - Empowerment: Walk with Guides & Allies Guided Meditation
  • PDF - Shapeshifting Into Higher Power Worksheet
  • MP3 - Introduction to Soul Retrieval Audio Lesson
  • PDF - Introduction to Soul Retrieval with the Five Elements
  • MP3 - Soul Retrieval with the Five Elements Guided Meditation
  • PDF - Soul Retrieval with the Five Elements Worksheet

Plus, by completing your order right now, you'll also get the 3 free BONUSES!

  • Bonus #1 -  The 7 Kinds Of Spirit Guides & How To Consciously Communicate With Yours
  • Bonus #2 - Bridging the Gap: Modern Ancients & Microdosing
  • Bonus #3 - Create Your Personal Plant Spirit Ceremony at Home

I understand that these meditation sessions are backed by your 30-day 100% money back guarantee so I have no risk... And everything to gain!

I also realize that this is a limited time special offer and it could be pulled at any time, so I'm taking advantage of this right now!

Here's my details: