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Download This Guide and Discover:

  • Why this ancient Mayan sacrament is used as a powerful shamanic medicine and what makes it a superfood
  • How to prepare the most mouthwatering, heart-opening cacao brew and serve it ceremonially in your community
  • How the synergy of sacred psilocybin mushrooms and cacao can catalyze unforgettable spiritual experiences 
  • Which functional mushrooms you can mix into your cacao blends for a potent immunity-boosting effect

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Are You Seeking Ceremonial-Grade Cacao for Your Rituals?

Enhance your heart explorations with Ora Cacao - fair trade, 100% organic, highest quality cacao on the market.

Ora Cacao

Ora offers a large selection of  ceremonial-grade, disc-shaped cacao, as well as a variety of special medicinal blends. Click here to shop (use code ENTHEO on checkout for 10% off your purchase)

To help you deepen your relationship with the sacred cacao plant, we’ve partnered with Ora Cacao to bring you a special offer on any ceremonial cacao you purchase through their shop.

Why Choose Ora?

  • They are the only organic certified ceremonial cacao on the market
  • They are among the few ceremonial cacao makers in the world that make the cacao from the bean
  • They are the only producer of ceremonial cacao in the much more usable disc form (vs the usual 1lb bricks)
  • Their short supply chain means the cacao farmers they purchase from receive fair compensation for their harvest. 

Ora sources their beans in a regenerative way from small family farmers in Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Ecuador. The discs are produced in their custom-built studio in Northern California, giving the team a hands-on connection with the cacao throughout the entire making process from bean to disc.

Ora cacao is treated with love and and prepared with passion by a small group of dedicated chocolate makers. It's good both for the consumer and for the earth, from the seed all the way to your cup.

Tune into the energy of their 100% cacao varieties or their medicinal blends with superfoods: Tantric Rose Blossom, Medicinal Mushroom, Vibrant Vitality, and Oaxacan Spice.

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