Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage

09/26/2018 @ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM America/New York Timezone

Discover how to transform pain and suffering passed down by your ancestors into blessings, wisdom, and a deeper sense of belonging.

What if you could journey to the past to help your ancestors who are still struggling with emotional or physical wounds?

And what if assisting these long-lost relatives could also help you and your living family heal now?

Psychotherapist and ancestral medicine teacher Daniel Foor experienced this firsthand…

You can find out more about this with ancestral healing teacher, Daniel Foor  in a complementary virtual workshop called Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage. He will introduce the practice of ancestral medicine — and show you how to connect with your ancestral family guides to transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings.

During this powerful hour, you’ll discover:

    • Discover ancestral medicine and how it can help you heal yourself, your family, and your community
    • Understand how connecting with guides along your bloodlines can transform how you see yourself and your connections to your ancestral inheritance
    • Explore how emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering passed down through troubled ancestors is a kind of connection — and how it can be transformed
    • Be given ways to view your blood family as a resource for goodness, healing, wisdom, and belonging
    • Experience a short practice to claim ancestral blessings

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 5:30 PM (Pacific)

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