Beyond Your Energy Body: Experience an Initiation Into Your Sacred Anatomy

09/22/2018 @ 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM America/New York Timezone

Radically expand your understanding of a ‘Higher Self’, the energy body, and energy healing…

Or maybe you’re just discovering that “everything is energy” and you can learn how to use your energy to heal, manifest, and align with your Higher Self and the Divine…

You can experience a truly cutting-edge initiation into what healer and teacher Desda Zuckerman calls your “Sacred Anatomy” in a complementary virtual mini-workshop called Beyond Your Energy Body: Experience an Initiation Into Your Sacred Anatomy


During this fascinating online workshop, you’ll discover:

    • Your Sacred Anatomy — and that your energy body encompasses much more than your chakras, meridians, and aura
    • Four ancient aspects of of your soul — your personal Board of Directors, which hold the keys to fulfilling your purpose
    • Energy practices and guided meditations that can radically transform your relationship to trauma, anxiety, and emotions
    • The insights of the first and only “cartographer” of the Human Energy Structure — and awaken to the ways that different energy systems “blend” and interact with your consciousness
    • How applying specific essential oils (such as palo santo) can heighten your awareness and connection with the Divine, accentuated by complementary archetypes found in the stars
    • A guided practice to initiate a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy

Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM (Pacific)

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