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Find True Fulfillment & Stop Chasing After ‘More’

02/26/2020 @ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM America/New York Timezone

Discover how to befriend vulnerability — and move beyond the tendency to sabotage your own fulfillment

Life is calling you to rediscover the luminous love, joy, and peace that is your deepest nature — relaxing out of your ego and walking through this world as the graceful human being you were made to be.

You are here to share your unique gifts with a world that is sorely in need of them.

But to get there, you must first address the obstacles that arise as you deepen your inner journey, surrender your resistance, and open to a Grace deeper than your mind.

According to spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson, your ego — which is fiercely committed to remaining in control at all times — has built up powerful defenses against receiving the very things that will bring you true meaning.

Join her in a free video event, Find True Fulfillment & Stop Chasing After ‘More’: Why Your Ego Gets in the Way of Receiving Life’s Deepest Gifts.

In this powerful hour with Miranda, you’ll discover:

  • How to spot the false idols that direct you into an endless loop of constantly seeking meaning without ever feeling fulfilled
  • Specific ways you’re likely sabotaging love and holding back on letting “the good” fully into your life
  • How divine love melts your ego’s defenses — making you feel vulnerable AND more transparent to Grace
  • The transforming power of what Miranda calls Ego Relaxation — learning to stay present and undefended with what IS
  • A potent meditation and inquiry practice to compassionately dissolve your obstacles — and finally allow nourishing goodness to permeate your heart, mind, and life

Relax out of your unfulfilling patterns and into living a life of Grace.

Wednesday, February 26,2020 5:30PM Pacific / 8:30PM Eastern

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