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Discover True Healing Beyond an NDE

08/10/2019 @ 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM America/New York Timezone

Discover why returning to self-love is the ultimate healing path.

Explore the transformative power of reframing illness — by listening to the wisdom of your soul.

Experience a guided journey to release the beliefs and fears that energetically contribute to illness and disease.

If you think greeting each day with a lightness of being and unending gratitude is unattainable, Anita Moorjani felt the same way — until she literally died of end-stage cancer…

After a miraculous near-death experience (NDE), she returned to this world knowing that she’d be fully healed — and with a mission to guide others to access the transformative wisdom she had been gifted with.

Fortunately, you can experience this same deeply healing shift of perspective without having to go through an NDE yourself…

In Discover True Healing Beyond an NDE With Anita Moorjani, Anita will share the life-affirming insights she received during her journey “beyond the veil” that can help you experience your own life-changing epiphany…

Then, like Anita, you can embrace the perspective of seeing from the other side… the perspective of seeing yourself as powerful, strong, and whole…

You will remember your mission and follow your purpose…

… and reimagine health and wellbeing through the lens of authentic, soul-enriching self-love.

During this free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience a guided journey to simulate your own near-death experience — and begin to release the beliefs and fears that keep you from living fully and joyfully
  • Reframe your idea of self-love — and how doing so changes how you relate to your body, your life, and your relationships
  • Explore the relationship between self-love, self-worth, and intuition
  • Understand why compassion and empathy are necessary ingredients for healing yourself and others
  • How fear of illness and “being a doormat” for others can actually make you more vulnerable to illness — and keep you from embracing your authentic life and deepest desire

During this transformative hour, you’ll also learn about a new 9-week live video training with Anita that promises to reframe your approach to health and wellbeing — and infuse your very being with indescribable love and joy.

Saturday, August 10, 2019 10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern

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