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Download This Guide & Discover:

  • The difference between coaching and therapy, and where your potential lies
  • The challenges faced by coaches and therapists, and how you can anticipate them
  • How to begin your integration training in the most effective and well-informed way

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Becoming a Plant Medicine Integration Coach

Uplevel your plant medicine practice and contribute toward co-creating a safe, inclusive, and diverse medicine community.

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of psychedelics, sacred plant medicines, shamanic healing, and transformation? Do you feel called to help others prepare for, navigate, and integrate powerful, profoundly healing transformational experiences?

Whether you are an active or aspiring coach seeking to create a livelihood of sacred service and ceremony, the Plant Spirit School’s coach training program taught by seasoned experts will give you the powerful tools to support lasting positive transformation in yourself and others through the intentional use of ancestral psychedelics.

For students who wish to grow a career in the fast-expanding psychedelic sector, we offer a professional track that includes online business training so that you can immediately produce income upon graduation.

Here are some of the topics that we will cover in the Plant Spirit School coach certification program:

  • The neuroscience of psychedelics and behavior change
  • Trauma-informed facilitation, integration, and coaching
  • Principles of journey preparation, navigation, optimization, and after-care
  • Medical screening, safety, and harm reduction
  • Microdosing, neuroplasticity, and flow-state cultivation
  • Shamanic tools, techniques, and healing interventions
  • Therapeutic tools for transforming negative beliefs, emotions and thought patterns
  • Fundamentals of trip-sitting and space-holding
  • Integration circle facilitation and community building
  • Client intake, goal-setting, and program design