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  • What hapé (pronounced ha-PEY) actually is - no, it’s not always yopo
  • Step by step instructions for sharing hapé with another person, or self-administering your hapé
  • How to create your own hapé ritual, so that you can receive healing & insight from plant spirit allies

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Hapé Medicine Online Initiation

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Learn the Art of Administering Sacred Amazonian Snuff

As ayahuasca expands around the world, so does the practice of hapé (also spelled rapé, hapeh, rapeh). This sacred Amazonian snuff is one of the oldest plant medicines in the world. It cleanses, protects, and grounds the receiver, and catalyzes stronger connections with other plant spirits.

If you attend ayahuasca ceremonies or participate in medicine culture, chances are you will have the opportunity to partake in hapé. In this essential online Master Class and shamanic initiation, you will gain the skills and knowledge to administer hapé to other people properly, safely, and responsibly.

You'll discover:

  • The Huni Kuin tradition of hapé ceremony and medicine making
  • What it means to be an impeccable hapé guardian & facilitator 
  • Different types of hapé and their preparation
  • Hapé administration techniques, for yourself and for others
  • The art of holding a hapé circle safely and with integrity

This online initiation is for you if:

  • You have experienced the healing power of hapé and feel called to go deeper.
  • Are feeling a need for a spiritual deep cleanse and energetic reboot 
  • Are feeling called to bring this simple, yet powerful plant medicine ritual to your community
  • Wish to uplevel your ayahuasca guardianship skills by including hapé facilitation in your skill set

Never overdose your friends again! Learn how to administer sacred shamanic snuff like an Amazonian!