Harness the Power of Visionary States

What would it do for you if you could harness the power of visionary states, forge reality into your wildest dreams, and become the world-changing lightworker you were meant to be… using ancient shamanic tools and techniques that were once the closely guarded secrets of initiates?

Modern Shaman Mystery School Digital Bundle done with Anderson Debernardi Art


The Modern Shaman Mystery School

Profound Healing, Authentic Power, Divine Purpose, & Awakened Prosperity Through Visionary Medicine, Shamanic Tools & Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

Here's What You Get

  • 40+ digital recordings of the entire series
  • The Modern Shaman Playbook: Guide to Visionary Shamanism in a Complex Modern World
  • The 3 Spiritual Traps of Working with Visionary Plant Medicines Video
  • 20+ hours of bonus digital trainings, meditations, and guided journeys from our shamanic teachers
  • Subscription to the EntheoNation newsletter, with consciousness-raising content, transformational retreat invitations, and course offerings

Plus You'll Also Receive the Bonus Digital Medicine Bundle!

  • Receive a Jungle Healing from Home! - A guided meditation with Lola Medicine Keeper
  • The Sacred Masculine: Welcoming the Healer -  A video training from L.R. Heartsong
  • How to Redesign Your Consciousness - A video Interview with Jocelyn Mercado
  • The Spirit Guide Communication Workshop - A workshop recording with Yamile Yemoonyah
  • Live Your Purpose & Prosper - A 90-Day Home-study Course by Amanda Elo’Esh
  • Mediumship Masterclass - Online Workshop with Emily Stroia



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