Praise I'm Deeply Grateful For

I’ve received some wonderful endorsements from people who have appreciated my work, my commitment to a better world, and the results I’ve delivered. Thank you so much for your faith and trust in me, and for inspiring me to continue working for positive change and remaining true to my mission and vision.

Praise from Clients

8000+ Email Subscribers, $120K in Revenue, Jocelyn Mercado

”I would absolutely recommend Lorna to anyone who is looking to really launch their business and put themselves out there as big leader and as a big thinker in the world. Absolutely.”

“Lorna, your guidance and coaching has truly changed my life! As a result of creating my first online summit in your mentorship program, I was able to generate an abundance of income — enough to quit my corporate finance job and support my family by doing the work that I love every day. Since I launched that first summit a year and a half ago, I have consistently generated $120K per year income, entirely from my life coaching business, and my email subscriber list has grown to 8,000+ (and still growing!). Thank you for your expertise, your compassionate guidance, for believing in me, and for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone in order to create a life of freedom and opportunity.”


3000 New Tribe Members, 5 New Clients, Nita Ewald

“It was such a great experience. I’m really thankful for the opportunity. I feel more confident. I feel like doors are opening. It definitely gave myself the opportunity to be seen in the world.”

Helped me Produce a Professional, High-Caliber Online Summit, Kouros Alaee

“With Lorna’s guidance, I was able to produce a well-received online summit, and add almost 1500 people to my email list. I’m also starting to host webinars now. Thank you Lorna!”


Praise For Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines

“This was the perfect “formal” introductory course for me. I was largely unaware of several of the plant medicines I was introduced to. But more than that, there were ideas (benefits, cautions, things to watch for) that I was wholly ignorant of until I took this course. I feel much more confident to continue on this path now, and I have some key ideas to work with and toward that I did not before. Well written, concise, informative and yet lively and fun – I highly recommend this course as a great introduction for anyone considering working with shamanic practices that incorporate visionary plant medicines.”

– Sue D.

“I have gained so much benefit from the wisdom of your writing and posts. I have since been drawn to plant medicine to activate new areas of my mind and propagate creative thought and self improvement. I enjoy the advice and videos offered to help me align with my divine purpose.”

– T Ljos

“I found ‘Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines’ and all of of Lorna’s offerings (I love her podcast especially) to be incredibly helpful, well-written and pioneering. would highly recommend to anyone interested in Plant Medicine, Shamanism, etc. Thank you, Lorna, for all you have offered! I am so grateful for the wonderful knowledge you spread. You are a pioneer with a big heart.”

– Sara W.

Praise for The Modern Shaman Mystery School

“I purchased the upgrade to Modern Shaman Mystery School and I can’t express enough how glad I am that I did. The free gift from Yamile Yemoonyah was to me of more worth than the cost of the upgrade. It is one of those things that when you look back you have nothing but gratitude for making that decision. Thank you very much Lorna for putting forth the time and effort to make the Modern Shaman Mystery School a reality. Namaste’ 🙏

– Frank D.

“The Modern Shamanic Mystery School was a seriously excellent presentation of a multitude of interesting and fascinating spiritual disciplines. The speakers were varied in their topics and approaches, and very passionate and genuine. Looking forward to reviewing the ‘lectures’ over the next 12 months as and when I feel the need. Great stuff!”

– Michael C.

“The Modern Shaman Mystery School virtual summit offers an exceptional diversity of voices and practices no matter where you are on your path. At a time when the sheer number of learning options can be overwhelming for the modern shaman, this carefully curated summit brings the world’s magic and power traditions to you in a convenient format, and with immense heart. From practical nuts and bolts to diving into the mysterious depths, you’ll find an exceptional gathering of contemporary wisdom keepers and practitioners offering you potent medicines for the spirit, mind, and body. I was so very impressed and have seen the power of these teachings begin to move mountains in my life already.”

– Kristin C.

“The MSMS virtual summit was the highlight of my year! Thank you Lorna for all of your hard work and passion. I was blown away by the quality of the content and the integrity of the program, with a diverse array of captivating speakers. It was an incredible gift to learn directly from master medicine practitioners all over the world. It helped me to better understand my own calling and deepen my relationship with the plant teachers in my personal journey, and each talk left me feeling excited and inspired to learn more. This was a huge service to the medicines and to Pachamama at a time when this work is entering mainstream consciousness like never before.”

– Tara R.

“Innovative, insightful and enjoyable. A great opportunity to learn more about the past, present and future of shamanism and the use of psychedelic plant medicines. It was such a joy to witness the open sharing of information and the push to educate and uplift the community. Whether you’re interested in traditional practices, modern research or just want to learn more about how the path of shamanism can help you in your own life, this summit has much to offer and is a great source of knowledge and inspiration for the journey.”

– Vicki I.

“As an Australian Art, Sand, Womb and Earth Therapist with a Shamanic bent I absolutely loved and gained so much knowledge and wisdom from the Modern Shaman Mystery School summit, from you and all of the other Inspirational speakers you had on it. I felt that for so many days it was on that my mind and spirit was blown open wide. As the days went on my hunger for the wisdom grew and felt quite sad when it was all over due to you creating such a sacred virtual space for me to be connected to with you. Giving me a sense of resonance with you all and what I was learning that I was left hungry for more. We are a long way behind here in Australia on the healing benefits of plant medicines, especially of the Psychedelic kind and I feel saddened by this after hearing what your speakers had to say. Your interviewing style I felt showcase each speakers wisdom and gifts, with your own wisdom and gifts, alongside your integrity and grace in holding such a sacred space. Thank you, Maia”

– Maia W.

“This was one of the most cutting edge, varied and fascinating summits I have recently attended. There was such thought provoking, knowledgable and inspiring speakers in an emerging and necessary field for our times. Whether you are just curious about this, dipping your toe in, fully immersed or studying there was a speaker for every realm such as the history of psychedelics, culture, techniques, modern vs traditional approaches or science. So much to get your teeth into.. Loved it and can’t wait for more.”

– Lucy MB.

“I was enamored by the summit due to Lorna’s intellect, her comprehension of the vast array of topics she covered and her ability to connect with shamanic perspectives from so many different walks of life. Her interviews were able to bring out the best in all of her guests for listeners to enjoy. Lorna has clearly dedicated her time, work and life-force to this cause and she conducted the entire seminar with ease and mastery. It was a wonderful experience to be part of such a gathering of entheogenic practitioners and other complimentary modalities. Lorna’s broad spectrum of knowledge and hard work were evident in the quality product that she produced. I was able to learn a great deal and enjoy the unique and important gathering and event. At a time of global emergence of the use of entheogenic substances, this topic, and the responsible and ethical use of entheogenic substances, is perhaps of greater relevance than ever before. Lorna’s authenticity and comprehension of the wide array of topics discussed, shone through. There was definitely something for everyone in the summit no matter where you are on your own journey. It is evident that Lorna is uniquely following her calling.”

– Carol S.

“The Modern Shaman Mystery School summit has been a rare opportunity to glimpse the lives and teachings of both indigenous and modern shamans from far away places. They shared their respect for Mother Earth and the plants used in ceremonies for the sake of greater vision. They also shared their views of our modern technological world and the novices investigating their traditions and plant medicine. An amazing group of shamans have spoken here for the sake of our growth and understanding and I thank Lorna Liana for undertaking this project and offering it to us.”

– Karren D.

Praise for Breakthrough Sessions

Feeling Inspired & Driven, Jonathan Thompson


Just had a session with the INCREDIBLE Lorna Liana. Feeling inspired, feeling driven, feeling like there’s finally a framework that makes all the tiny little bits and pieces fit together in a coherent way! There is a path to the life that I want for myself, my family, and the work that I want to do in the world! Thank you, Lorna! Looking forward to more!



Praise as a Podcast & Virtual Summit Host

A Professional Priestess of the Highest Caliber, Elizabeth Bast


“Lorna was a joy to work with! We enjoyed great communication with Lorna before, during, and after our project. Her brilliant curiosity, compassion, and intelligence helped our interview to unfold in a beautiful way. She is a professional priestess of the highest caliber.”




Spontaneously Inquisitive, Tayria Ward


“Lorna Liana is truly a fun person to be in a conversational interview with. She is spontaneously inquisitive about the subject and asks sincere and thoughtful questions. I enjoyed the experience of being interviewed by her very much; she puts you right at ease.” ~ Tayria Ward, Ph.D.,


Down-to-earth, Keep-it-real Approach, Tony Moss


“I so enjoyed the conversation with Lorna. Her knowledge, respect, enthusiasm and down-to-earth, keep-it-real, approach to the interview were refreshing and inspiring. My only complaint is that I could have ended chatting with her for hours! But alas… ” ~ Tony Moss , ,




Provided clear value to the listener, Guillaume Gauthereau


“I had a really enjoyable interview with Lorna, she is an experienced interviewer who made me feel at ease. The conversation flowed in organic way and skillfully drew out aspects of my story in an effort to connect her audience with my experience, that breathed life to our conversation and provided clear value to the listener .” ~ Guillaume Gauthereau


Combination of Spirit and Organizational Skills, Tamarack Song


“I admire the combination of spirit and organizational skills you brought to play in bringing thirty of us shamanic practitioners together for an unprecedented forum. What I especially appreciated was the sensitivity and adroitness you put to play in hosting each of our presentations. Your observations, along with your genuine curiosity, brought out the best of what I had to share.” ~Tamarack Song, trauma healer and author of Becoming Nature.