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The Safe Ceremony Toolkit 

 A full course designed to help you research ceremony providers

and avoid getting hurt while exploring ayahuasca!


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Here's what the Safe Ceremony Toolkit will give you...

You'll receive everything you'll need to ensure your future safety in ayahuasca ceremonies, including:

✓ How to research ayahuasca retreat centers to avoid exploitation

✓ How to check out the legitimacy of your facilitator or shaman

✓ Making sure you adhere to medical guidelines

Preparing for an ayahuasca ceremony with safety in mind

✓ How to avoid falling for conspiracy theories and misinformation

✓ Staying safe from COVID-19 while attending psychedelic plant ceremonies

And there are many reasons why you should trust this information is coming from a well-informed place:

Why I'm Uniquely Qualified 

to Help You Stay Safe with Sacred Plant Ceremonies!

Let me introduce myself – I’m Lorna Liana, and I’ve been exploring sacred plant medicines for 25+ years.

Since 2003, I’ve attended ayahuasca ceremonies with over 30 different shamans all over the world, and had both good and bad experiences with plant medicines ranging from tobacco to magic mushrooms.

Thanks to my experiences, I now know exactly what questions you should ask and what information you should be aware of, so you can avoid having the kind of challenging and uncomfortable experiences I’ve had with unscrupulous facilitators and unethical psychedelic providers.

You can trust me when I say I wish I’d had access to something like the Safe Ceremony Toolkit before I started my explorations with visionary plant ceremonies!

This course could help you avoid the experiences of:

  • Abuse at the hands of a shaman while you’re under the influence
  • Being scammed out of large amounts of cash for sub-par facilitation
  • Having a bad physical reaction because of inadequate medical screening
  • Suffering lasting psychological trauma because your provider didn’t respect their professional duty of care

So, are these the kind of things you'd want to avoid?

Are you prepared to invest in your own ceremonial safety?

Then Let's Get Started!

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The entire course is available to you now for a one-time purchase. You’ll gain immediate access to hours of educational materials that you can work through at your own pace; including presentations, workbooks, and expert interviews.

Here's the Curriculum:

Lesson 1: How to Research Your Provider

Lesson 2: Avoiding Risky Admixtures

Lesson 3: Keeping Away from Conspiracies

Lesson 4: Staying Safe from COVID-19

Here's What You Get...

✓ Over 2.5 hours of training and videos on how to stay safe in visionary plant medicine ceremonies

✓ All of the sessions are delivered instantly to your inbox so you can stream them or download them and listen on your favorite device (iPad, Smart Phone, Computer, etc.)

✓ The Essential Facilitator Screening Worksheet, helping you to vet your provider with an easy checklist 

The Medicine Circle Manifesto – guidelines for facilitators in setting up a safe and effective plant medicine ceremony, which you can use to make sure your organizers know what they’re doing!


✓ Purchasing the Safe Ceremony Toolkit will also give you access to video interviews from leading researchers and experts in the field of plant medicine ceremonies, including anthropologist Jeremy Narby and clinical psychologist José Carlos Bouso.