ONE MORE STEP (Step 2 of 3)


ONE MORE STEP (Step 2 of 3)


** Important Message From Lorna Liana that Might Save Your Sanity, If Not Your Life! **

Interested in Plant Medicine Ceremonies?
Find Out the Big Problem (that No One Talks About)

Are You Ready to Harness The Power Of Visionary States,

& Evolve Into Your Highest Self,

Through The Healing Power Of Sacred Plant Medicines?

Then you DEFINITELY want to avoid getting messed up by unqualified or unscrupulous shamans and facilitators. Here’s how:

Are you intrigued by the potential of sacred indigenous medicines like ayahuasca, peyote, huachuma (San Pedro cactus), iboga and psilocybin mushrooms to accelerate the healing and transformation that you deeply wish to experience in life?

Finding a safe, qualified and good provider is just the first step in having a profoundly transformational psychedelic ceremony. What most people don’t realize is that if you truly wish to optimize your experience, extend the afterglow, and integrate the insights, that process begins before and continues beyond the ceremony.

Over the course of 25+ years, I’ve consumed psychedelics both recreationally and spiritually. But I couldn’t help but notice that something really shifts about the psychedelic experience when you approach it with intention, reverence, and respect.

There are 6 stages to harnessing the power of sacred plant medicines for self-growth, which, if you engaged fully in each step of the process, would accelerate your personal transformation and spiritual evolution and, in some cases, result in you becoming a radically better person.

With this powerful system you’ll be able to rapidly:

  • Set the intention for a powerful ceremonial experience by first determining which plant medicines are right for you, what kind of ceremony style most resonates and what kind of facilitator or shaman would make your ideal guide
  • Prepare yourself for your shamanic journey, allowing yourself to have the best possible chance of having a safe and profound experience
  • Navigate deep interdimensional realms with ease and grace, where you can encounter divine beings, visit other worlds, as well as other times, and bring back otherworldly wisdom, insight, and perspective
  • Discover the keys to integrating your spiritual experience, so that that you can revisit the mystical experience with an inquiring mindset, as well as unpack and integrate the healing and insight received from your journey
  • Accelerate your own spiritual transformation, by forging new neural pathways of belief within an expanded consciousness and claiming a new narrative for your life
  • Manifest that which you deeply desire in life, through the ancient, shamanic technique of bridging the mystical world with the mundane


Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines

Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines is a 6-week online program on how to harness the power of visionary states and evolve into your highest self, with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines.

It provides an overview of the natural psychedelics that are most commonly on offer in the world of modern shamanism, plus an easy-to-follow research and inquiry framework designed to help you clarify what plant medicine might be right for you, and how to find an ideal facilitator.

It also includes a practical integration process to help you derive the most benefit from your experience so that you can incorporate healing and transformation into your everyday life.

It is the world’s leading and only resource designed for psychedelic consumers who seek facilitated ceremonies.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Here is exactly what we will cover in Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines.

Module 1: Your Sacred Inquiry
Discover what medicines may be right for you, and what ceremonial context might best support the outcomes you are seeking. Learn what health and drug contraindications might be risky or even fatal, as well as whether you are even ready for profound, reality-shifting spiritual transformation.

Module 2: Preparing for Your Shamanic Journey
The most powerful visionary plants were considered to be Master Plant Teachers, that have not only the ability to heal us, but the ability to give us divine guidance and insight. In this module you’ll learn how to prepare every aspect of yourself for such a profound spiritual encounter.

Module 3: Navigating Visionary States
Here you will discover the keys to navigating visionary states and communicating with spirits… even if you don’t believe they exist. Many people do not, and then find that their encounter with psychedelic plants changes that perspective! In this module, we are going to cover the art of navigating visionary states – from understanding the kinds of visions you may receive, to experiencing spirit encounters and learning shamanic self-defense.

Module 4: Visionary Integration
The most important part of a plant medicine ceremony is not the ceremony itself but the integration. The goal of this module is to set you up with tools to take charge of your own integration. In this lesson we are going to cover post-ceremony integration self-care – the gifts that integration can bring, how to take care of yourself physically and spiritually, and the kinds of specialists that are available for integration support, if you need them.

Module 5: Spiritual Transformation
While visionary plant medicines can address a variety of different physical ailments, the true benefit is how they can facilitate your spiritual transformation, and heal the emotional wounds believed by shamans to be the root cause of disease. Whether you are working with mushrooms, iboga, ayahuasca, San Pedro, or even cannabis, this module covers 4 powerful ways you can leverage your experience with sacred plant medicines to completely transform your life.

Lesson 6: Bridging Worlds to a Life You Love
Your ability to bridge both worlds – the visionary realms and the mundane world – with ease, grace, and skill, can directly impact your experience of freedom and mastery in life. In this module we cover core ancient mystical and shamanic skills that you can develop in your work with sacred plant medicines, in the modern world.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

1. Access to the members area with on-demand video & audio training.

This covers everything from choosing your ideal plant medicine and shaman, to navigating your own spiritual journey through the mystical realms. You can consume the content within the members area, or download the files directly to your devices.

2. Downloadable PDF guides, worksheets & templates.

These are resources you can come back to again and again, to help you anytime you want to explore a new medicine, find a new provider, and understand what your sacred visions mean.

3. A library of expert interviews on natural psychedelics.

Get to listen from thought-leaders, shamans and scientists around the world. You’ll hear in-the-trenches wisdom and advice from veterans in psychedelics and plant medicine shamanism. 

PLUS You’ll Get INSTANT ACCESS To These Bonuses When You Act Now!


Safe Ceremony Toolkit

Recent deaths and malpractice allegations inspired me to create this brand new training that outlines my online research and provider screening methodology.

This safety kit includes:

  • The Safe Ceremony Research Guide: A short training video outlining my research methodology, including how to identify the most aggressive marketers
  • The Essential List of Facilitator Questions & Screening Worksheet
  • The Medicine Circle Manifesto (in English, and Spanish)
  • Psychedelics, Shamanism & Potential Risky Admixtures, with José Carlos Bouso, Scientific Director at ICEERS and Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Pharmacology
  • White Vampires and the Globalization of Ayahuasca, with Jeremy Narby, anthropologist and author of The Cosmic Serpent

Value: $2500


The Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff

Know what it is before you stick it up your nose…

  • Discover how to work with one of the oldest plant medicines in the world, in modern times
  • What rapé (pronounced ha-PAY) actually is - no, it’s not always yopo
  • How indigenous shamans prepare rapé - and what goes into the preparation
  • The appropriate set and setting for sharing sacred Amazonian rapé
  • Step by step instructions for sharing rapé with another person, or self-administering your rapé
  • Proper care and storage of your rapé & your applicators

As ayahuasca expands around the world, the practice of consuming rapé (also called rapeh, hapeh, and hape) is also expanding.

This guide covers what it is, how it is made, how it needs to be administered, what the health risks are, and how to use it with integrity.

Value: $1597


The Armory of Shamanic Self-Defense

The Armory of Shamanic Self Defense is a compilation of practices to protect you from intrusive phenomena or outright attacks by negative entities. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Shamanic Energy Clearing Techniques to Clear Your Space, Especially After Ayahuasca, by Lorna Liana & Marc-John Brow
  • Shamanic Cleansing - How to Clear Your Auric Field & Rebalance Your Energy Body, by Lorna Liana & Xavier Francuski
  • DMT, Ayahuasca & Paranormal Protection, with Julian Palmer, author & creator of changa plant-based smokeable DMT
  • Using Natural Energy for Clearing, Grounding & Protection, with Ara Campbell, Creatrix and visionary writer at The Goddess Circle, author of The Astro Forecast
  • Soul Retrieval & Depossession: The Cornerstones of Shamanism, with Jan Engels-Smith, author & founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine.

Value: $2500


The Sacred Reciprocity Online Course

The Sacred Reciprocity School includes resources to inspire all whose lives have been transformed by sacred plant medicines, to become true allies to the indigenous movement. The school also includes case studies of different projects and ventures that created empowering partnerships with indigenous communities.

  • Sacred Reciprocity In Action: Ayahuasca-Inspired Community Partnerships, segment with Lorna Liana at the World Ayahuasca Conference
  • Sacred Reciprocity & Right Relations in the Psychedelic Renaissance, Lorna Liana & Ismail Ali, Legal Counsel for at Boom Festival 2018
  • Ayahuasca, White Shamans & Spiritual Extractivism, with Lorna Liana & Jeremy Narby, author of The Cosmic Serpent)
  • Case Study: Amazon Conservation Team
  • Case Study: RUNA Clean Energy
  • Case Study: NPower Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Case Study: Una Isi Kayawa - Book of Healing of the Huni Kuin People

Value: Priceless

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If you take into account the cost of international travel and extended stays in the Amazon in order to retrieve this knowledge, plus the cost of psychotherapy or professional shamanic services in order to heal oneself from damaging encounters, at a modest level, the value of the information provided would look like this:

  • Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines (Value $3500)
  • Bonus #1 The Safe Ceremony Research Kit  (Value $3500)
  • Bonus #2 The Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff (Value $1597)
  • Bonus #3 The Armory of Shamanic Self-Defense  (Value $2500)
  • Bonus #4 The Sacred Reciprocity Toolkit (PRICELESS!)




Your personal safety and sanity is priceless.
That’s why it’s a no-brainer to grab all of these trainings and worksheets for


It's a total no-brainer to grab all of these trainings and templates for just ONE PAYMENT of $147.

Here’s What Our Students Had to Say

Sue D.

"...the perfect "formal" introductory course for me."

This was the perfect "formal" introductory course for me. I was largely unaware of several of the plant medicines I was introduced to. But more than that, there were ideas (benefits, cautions, things to watch for) that I was wholly ignorant of until I took this course. I feel much more confident to continue on this path now, and I have some key ideas to work with and toward that I did not before. Well written, concise, informative and yet lively and fun - I highly recommend this course as a great introduction for anyone considering working with shamanic practices that incorporate visionary plant medicines.

T Ljos

"...the advice and videos offered to help me align with my divine purpose"

I have gained so much benefit from the wisdom of your writing and posts. I have since been drawn to plant medicine to activate new areas of my mind and propagate creative thought and self improvement. I enjoy the advice and videos offered to help me align with my divine purpose.


"...highly recommend to anyone interested in Plant Medicine"

I found 'Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines' and all of of Lorna's offerings (I love her podcast especially) to be incredibly helpful, well-written and pioneering. would highly recommend to anyone interested in Plant Medicine, Shamanism, etc. Thank you, Lorna, for all you have offered! I am so grateful for the wonderful knowledge you spread. You are a pioneer with a big heart.

Jessica A.

"...have helped me to align with my purpose and learn to listen to my own inner guidance"

The course Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines came into my life with divine timing. I have been awed by the techno-organic synchronicities that seem to strike time and time again connecting us seekers around the world with wisdom we can then share with others in our local tribe.

What was especially useful for me in this course was the segment on integration. It's all to easy to have a life-changing experience, and then loose the momentum of growth once you return to life as usual outside of the ceremonial setting. I appreciated the specific practices and recommendations included in the lessons, they have helped me to align with my purpose and learn to listen to my own inner guidance, after connecting with the healing properties of the medicine.

Lorna's research is impeccable and she includes many helpful personal examples throughout the course as well. There is a broad array of types of medicines so you are likely to find the spirit you are working with. Highly recommend-if you are looking at this course, it's for a reason!