Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines

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Harness the Power of Visionary States, 

& Evolve Into Your Highest Self, 

 Through the Healing Power of Sacred Plant Medicines

(& Avoid Getting Messed Up by Unqualified or Unscrupulous Shamans & Facilitators)


Get Ready to Accelerate Personal Transformation

Through Guided Psychedelic Ceremonies

Transmitted from the neo-shamanic hub of Ibiza, Spain

Dear Ceremony Seeker,

Are you intrigued by the potential of sacred indigenous medicines like ayahuasca, peyote, huachuma (San Pedro cactus), iboga and psilocybin mushrooms to accelerate the healing and transformation that you deeply wish to experience in life?

Have you seen so many articles, podcasts, and videos of highly respected, successful influencers and leaders confessing the total life upgrade that ayahuasca catalyzed in them, and wondering if it will do the same for you?

  • Perhaps you are feeling stuck, uninspired, or mildly depressed, even though you’ve gotten good at playing the game of day-to-day life.
  • It could be that nagging sense you’ve only ever lived someone else’s life. In dutifully playing the roles expected of you, you’ve lost sight of who YOU are. You wonder if there is a deeper meaning to your existence… and whether you will ever find it?
  • Maybe you feel limited by disempowering beliefs, haunted by old stories, or continue to be gripped by past traumas. You know that you are so much bigger than the old ego-based narrative that continues to define you… how will you ever break free?
  • One thing you are certain of is that you are increasingly drawn to experiencing a profound shift in consciousness that visionary medicines are known to bring – that so far, no amount of visualization, meditation, breathwork or yoga has been able to help you reach.

    You might have even had a taste of freedom, connectedness and awakening in past experimentation with mind-expanding substances, only that these experiences were less intentional and more recreational.

    Perhaps now is the time to be more intentional, because:

  • You’ve heard that “ayahuasca is like 10 years of psychotherapy in one night”
  • You’ve watched video after video of people claiming that they received miracles and how ayahuasca saved their life
  • You’ve read the news about the latest research in psychedelic science, and are intrigued by the potential of psilocybin mushrooms to treat anxiety, PTSD, depression, as well as stimulate the growth of new brain cells
  • You can’t help but notice that more and more powerful, high-performance and influential leaders are including visionary plant medicines in their transformational toolbox
  • It seems like more and more “regular people” are proclaiming the benefits of psychedelics to change your mind (for the better!) and that we are in a “Psychedelic Renaissance” that will awaken humanity

  • And you are wondering if NOW is the time to consider working with visionary plant medicines (that humans have been using safely for healing and spiritual guidance, for hundreds, if not thousands of years), in an ongoing and therapeutic way, with the right intention, community and support. 

    So that you can FINALLY break free from patterns that no longer serve you, evolve into your Highest Self… and claim the power, joy, and freedom that is your human birthright!

    But FIRST you need to hear about the dark side of the 

    “Psychedelic Renaissance”

    As psychedelics shed their stigma, mainstream consumer demand for psychedelic-fueled transformational experiences is increasing, and more and more providers are emerging to fulfill this demand.

    A steady stream of new psychedelic providers are emerging: both underground in countries where psychedelics carry harsh criminal penalties, and above ground in locales where drug laws are more permissive.

    Psychedelic retreats offering psilocybin truffles, ayahuasca, peyote, San Pedro and the 5-MeO-DMT-containing venom of the Bufo alvarius toad are proliferating, especially high-end retreats catering to a wealthy, professional demographic.

    Increasing numbers of well-heeled personal growth hackers are willing to travel overseas to get their psychedelic awakening in locales where these substances are not illegal.

    While many psychedelics are relatively safe, and pretty much impossible to overdose on, the greatest harm comes from the humans administering these powerful psychedelics. 

    What’s concerning is that many new providers are unqualified, unknowledgeable & inexperienced...

    Improper administration can have long-lasting negative impacts on the recipient, no matter how well-meaning the facilitator might be, or how many hundreds (or thousands) of people they may have served in the past.

    Unfortunately, due to enduring global prohibition and absence of professional licensing organizations, the Psychedelic Renaissance is also a Wild West environment with no safety regulations, ethical standards, third party oversight, or legal redress… creating dangerous and unethical situations.

    There are real risks to you, the consumer, in this Wild West environment. Negative circumstances include:

  • Avoidable deaths through negligence where facilitators haven't been present or aware their client was experiencing difficulty, often when there are too many people in a ceremony
  • Psychological trauma, PTSD, psychotic breaks & anxiety attacks as a result of poor screening, incorrect dosage, mixing medicines, or insufficient care during administration or aftercare
  • Sexual predation, rape & assault by facilitators & ceremony leaders of participants who were insensate or in a vulnerable, psychedelic state
  • Financial fraud & theft perpetrated by shamans & facilitators manipulating the goodwill of participants who were more open, trusting, and suggestible under the influence of psychedelics
  • Perpetuation of harmful or abusive practices in spite of an increasing groundswell of private testimonies, victims are reluctant to come forward to press formal charges... so perpetrators continue unhindered
  • So how do you navigate this uncertain, new frontier and connect with a ceremony provider you trust, so that you can have a safe and deeply transformational psychedelic experience?

    Learn How to Find a Shaman, Ceremony or Retreat

    that’s Safe, Qualified & Good

    in the Wild West of the Psychedelic Renaissance

    If you wish to have an amazing psychedelic ceremony, you must find a provider that is safe, qualified and good, which isn’t necessarily easy in an environment of global prohibition. Here’s what a lot of people do (which I did myself in the past ‘til I wised up) when trying to find a ceremony provider, which has resulted in negative circumstances for some people:

  • Choose a provider based solely on media mentions and positive reviews
  • Follow a recommendation made by a stranger in a Facebook group
  • Listen to a friend who is a beginner themselves, who had a positive experience
  • Go with the Flow and intuit whether a provider or ceremony is “the right one”
  • Sure, these might be good methodologies for finding a massage therapist, plumber, or car mechanic, but when it comes to finding someone who will have a profound impact on your mind, I advocate more thorough research.

    Here’s what happened to me when I just went with the Flow, and hopped into ceremonies based on friend recommendations and timing in my life.

    Before I created my comprehensive research and vetting framework, my approach to finding plant medicine ceremonies
     was trial and error.

    • I was overdosed on ayahuasca in a ceremony run by people that really had no business pouring ayahuasca, even though the facilitators were part of my community of friends. It was also my very first ceremony, annd everyone participating got massively overdosed on a mind-blowing blend of ayahuasca, chacruna, Mimosa hostilis and syrian rue. This resulted in most of the ceremony participants freaking out and becoming disassociative. One person was so far out, the facilitators deliberated for a couple of hours whether they needed to take him to the hospital.
    • I’ve been groped by a respected indigenous paje, who offered an “anaconda massage” after drinking ayahuasca with him, after my travel companion from São Paulo, went to his room to sleep in the morning. I immediately got up and left. Fortunately, there was no fight or drama about it, which was good, because I was completely dependent on these two people for getting me out of the deep jungle, a journey that still had some days of travel.
    • Another time, I was screamed at by an American facilitator over a misunderstanding about money, during a private ceremony that I had booked with him and his partner, to celebrate my birthday with my medicine friends. I experienced months of emotional agony from hooks lodged in my energetic body as a result of facilitator’s money trip on me in an open, psychedelic state. Because my corporate life was hella busy, I endured this discomfort for 4 long months, until I was able to get away from the city and remove these painful emotional hooks myself during a solo ayahuasca journey in nature.
    • In one situation, I experienced a paranormal attack (and I don’t usually get these) the day after the ceremony. I spent weeks in a weirdly discombobulated energetic state. The host of this Peruvian shaman didn’t return my phone calls for help. She had no idea what to do, she simply offered the venue, so my fractured state was not her responsibility, I guess. The shaman had continued on his rockstar tour, and didn’t call me back either. I had to find another group of ceremony facilitators to put me back together in a different ceremony weeks later.

    These different situations not only created stress, anxiety, and persistent discomfort in my life, they could have been avoided had I had more discernment. The worst thing about it was that I didn’t know who to turn to for help.

    Obviously, there’s no local Yellow Pages listing for shamanic entity removal.

    That’s why I’m so passionate about people doing their due diligence to set themselves up for a safe and profoundly transformational ceremony experience, with a shaman, or facilitator that’s safe, qualified and good.

    But there’s more….

    The 6 Keys to Accelerating Transformation
    Through the Power of Sacred Plant Medicines

    Finding a safe, qualified and good provider is just the first step in having a profoundly transformational psychedelic ceremony. What most people don’t realize is that if you truly wish to optimize your experience, extend the afterglow, and integrate the insights, that process begins before and continues beyond the ceremony.

    Over the course of 25+ years, I’ve consumed psychedelics both recreationally and spiritually. But I couldn’t help but notice that something really shifts about the psychedelic experience when you approach it with intention, reverence, and respect.

    There are 6 stages to harnessing the power of sacred plant medicines for self-growth, which, if you engaged fully in each step of the process, would accelerate your personal transformation and spiritual evolution and, in some cases, result in you becoming a radically better person.

    With this powerful system you’ll be able to rapidly:

  • Prepare yourself for your shamanic journey, allowing yourself to have the best possible chance of having a safe and profound experience
  • Navigate the deep into interdimensional realms with ease and grace, where you can encounter divine beings, visit other worlds, as well as other times, and bring back otherworldly wisdom, insight, and perspective
  • Discover the keys to integrating your spiritual experience, so that that you can revisit the mystical experience with an inquiring mindset, as well as unpack and integrate the healing and insight received from your journey
  • Accelerate your own spiritual transformation, by forging new neural pathways of belief within an expanded consciousness and claiming a new narrative for your life
  • Manifest that which you deeply desire in life, through the ancient, shamanic technique of bridging the mystical world with the mundane

  • While some of these steps might seem familiar to you if you are an explorer of spirituality and personal development, you might be wondering...

    How is it that visionary plant medicines are so effective in accelerating healing and transformation?

    How Shamans Use Visionary Plant Medicines For Healing, Guidance & Insight

    Humans have sought expanded states of consciousness for thousands of years, through many vehicles, such as shamanic trances, yogic practices, and natural psychedelics. In shamanic cultures, sacred plant medicines are used to access spiritual realms and communicate with spirit guides, ancestors and divine beings in order to receive wisdom and guidance. The types of non-embodied entities one might encounter during a shamanic journey is wide ranging. Even atheists have found themselves surprised!

    The extrasensory faculty to access information from unseen realms or source consciousness is a capacity that every human being possesses, but few cultivate. When working with visionary plant medicines, your ability to access alternative ways of knowing increases, whether it’s as simple as honing your intuition, attuning your inner guidance system, or as complex as navigating alternate dimensions and practicing mediumship.

    In plant medicine ceremonies, shamans are responsible for controlling the energy of the circle, raising or lowering the energetic frequency of the space, and calling upon the assistance of helping spirits, as well as elemental energies. Depending on the tradition, these forces can be commanded using prayers, chants, songs, instruments, and burning sacred plants.

    While the path to becoming a shaman involves many years of study, practice, and overcoming initiatory challenges and hardships under the tutelage of qualified teachers, anyone can incorporate the principles of plant medicine shamanism into their daily lives.

    One such principle is the cultivation of spiritual alliances with sacred medicinal plants.

    What If You Could Cultivate a Connection with Plant Spirit Allies to Support You In Life?

    Indigenous shamans, curanderos, medicine men and women would cultivate alliances with the spirits of sacred medicinal plants, in a way that is much like a teacher/student relationship. This teacher/student relationship is one that may last a lifetime. As the shaman continues his or her study with the Master Plants, deeper mysteries are unlocked, infusing more power into their ability to work with medicinal plants, make medicine and heal people.

    And wouldn’t it be great to have a wise and loving teacher who has your back for life, who you can call on or enter into deep spiritual communion with, anytime you need healing, guidance, insight, or body and soul-level purification?

    For these reasons, those who choose, with intention, to step onto the plant medicine path typically experience a transformational impact that exceeds the benefits you can get from the recreational use of psychedelics. Many people who have a safe, healing plant medicine ceremony with a qualified facilitator then go on to participate in more ceremonies, to deepen their transformational growth in spiritual community.

    What would it do for you to accelerate your transformation, with the guidance of a plant spirit teacher?

    Imagine with me for a moment…

    In your darkest hour of need…

    When you’re overwhelmed with sorrow…

    Or suffering from stress and anxiety…

    Or feeling stuck and confused about what to do next…

    Imagine that you could simply call upon the guidance of one or more Ancient and Divine Nature Spirits, to free you from all that does not serve you, so that you can break through to joy, inspiration, and the highest version of yourself?

    And that this is not simply a visualization exercise with angels or imaginary process…

    It doesn’t require that you recite elaborate prayers, make burnt offerings, or worship an effigy in order to receive divine blessings or guidance

    Or adopt a complex, unfamiliar belief system in another language

    It’s as simple as accessing that state of consciousness you experienced directly yourself, in your plant medicine journey

    Through the vehicle of your intuition, your own consciousness

    It’s real and tangible, because when you consume the medicine, you commune with the plant teacher…

    And this spiritual ally stays with you, to support you for life!


    Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines
    Harness the Power of Visionary States &
    Evolve Into Your Highest Self

    Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines is a 6-week online program on how to harness the power of visionary states and evolve into your highest self, with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines.

    It provides an overview of the natural psychedelics that are most commonly on offer in the world of modern shamanism, plus an easy-to-follow research and inquiry framework designed to help you clarify what plant medicine might be right for you, and how to find an ideal facilitator.

    It also includes a practical integration process to help you derive the most benefit from your experience so that you can incorporate healing and transformation into your everyday life.

    It is the world’s leading and only resource designed for psychedelic consumers who seek facilitated ceremonies.

    Here's What You Will Discover...

    • The 2 most important aspects of a working with sacred plant medicines, which, if not done properly, can open you up to negative energies

    • How to identify which visionary medicine might be right for you?

    • Best practices on finding and vetting qualified plant medicine shamans, facilitators and retreat centers

    • Keys to cultivating a sacred relationship with visionary plant medicines after your ceremony is over

    • 2 plant medicines you can use, to safely and quickly enter into an altered state of consciousness, that isn’t overwhelming

    • 3 legal plant medicines you can work with day to day, without feeling “high”

    • A framework for integrating plant medicine work so that you can become your best self, and fall madly in love with life.

    What do you get inside?

    Over 6 weeks you’ll receive 6 home study training modules that walk you through the rinse and repeat system of accelerating your personal transformation with natural psychedelics.

    You receive all of the following:

    1. Access to the members area with on-demand video & audio training that covers everything from choosing your ideal plant medicine and shaman, to navigating your own spiritual journey through the mystical realms. You can consume the content within the members area, or download the files directly to your devices.

    2. Downloadable PDF guides, worksheets & templates in your back pocket. These are resources you can come back to again and again, to help you anytime you want to explore a new medicine, find a new provider, and understand what your sacred visions mean.

    3. A library of expert interviews on natural psychedelics, from thought-leaders, shamans and scientists around the world. You’ll hear in-the-trenches wisdom and advice from veterans in psychedelics and plant medicine shamanism.

    4. A collection of medicine circle songs and journey music to enjoy whenever you want to bring back the healing energy you experienced in ceremony, or raise your vibration.


    See for yourself just how powerful this program really is

    Here is exactly what we will cover in Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines.

    Stage 1: Your Sacred Inquiry

    “Your Sacred Inquiry” is two-fold approach of inner and outer inquiry that provides a framework for personal inquiry, facilitator research & screening. Both inner inquiry and outer investigation are necessary in order to receive the most wisdom and healing while working with visionary plant medicines in a grounded and safe way. Discover what medicines may be right for you, and what ceremonial context might best support the outcomes you are seeking. Learn what health and drug contraindications might be risky or even fatal, as well as whether you are even ready for profound, reality-shifting spiritual transformation.

    Stage 2: Preparing for Your Shamanic Journey

    This module covers the preparation guidelines you need to follow if you wish to maximize your chances of having a safe and profoundly transformational ceremony. Indigenous cultures believe that humans received much of our ancestral knowledge directly from plants and animals. The most powerful visionary plants were considered to be Master Plant Teachers, that have not only the ability to heal us, but the ability to give us divine guidance and insight. In this module you’ll learn how to prepare every aspect of yourself for such a profound spiritual encounter.

    Stage 3: Navigating Visionary States

    Here you will discover the keys to navigating visionary states and communicating with spirits… even if you don’t believe they exist. Many people do not, and then find that their encounter with psychedelic plants changes that perspective!

    Even if you don’t believe in other worlds, dimensions, or entities, having practices to lean on if the experience feels overwhelming can be extremely helpful.

    The experience of initiation and communion with sacred plant medicines can range from gentle intuitive opening, to an overwhelming barrage of cosmic downloads and visions, depending on the medicines you are working with.

    In this module, we are going to cover the art of navigating visionary states – from understanding the kinds of visions you may receive, to experiencing spirit encounters and learning shamanic self-defense.

    Stage 4: Visionary Integration

    The most important part of a plant medicine ceremony is not the ceremony itself but the integration. The goal of this module is to set you up with tools to take charge of your own integration. In this lesson we are going to cover post-ceremony integration self-care – the gifts that integration can bring, how to take care of yourself physically and spiritually, and the kinds of specialists that are available for integration support, if you need them.

    This section also covers warning signs that you might need professional help, and the kinds of specialists that are best suited to address psychedelic emergencies/emergence

    Stage 5: Spiritual Transformation

    Is it possible to harness the power of visionary states and evolve into your highest self, more quickly, through the power of psychedelics?

    It is said that ayahuasca is “like 10 years of psychotherapy in one night.”

    While visionary plant medicines can address a variety of different physical ailments, the true benefit is how they can facilitate your spiritual transformation, and heal the emotional wounds believed by shamans to be the root cause of disease. Whether you are working with mushrooms, iboga, ayahuasca, San Pedro, or even cannabis, this module covers 4 powerful ways you can leverage your experience with sacred plant medicines to completely transform your life

    Lesson 6: Bridging Worlds to a Life You Love

    Your ability to bridge both worlds – the visionary realms and the mundane world – with ease, grace, and skill, can directly impact your experience of freedom and mastery in life.

    Shapeshifting, stepping seamlessly into different worlds, mastery of your energetic vibration, the ability to shift the vibration of a room or group of people, manifesting a visionary concept into the physical plane… in this module we cover core ancient mystical and shamanic skills that you can develop in your work with sacred plant medicines, in the modern world

    But wait…

    I want to give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to navigate the world of modern shamanism safely, so you’ll also receive these incredible bonuses 100% FREE!

    Bonus #1 The Safe Ceremony Research Kit

    Recent deaths and malpractice allegations inspired me to create this brand new training that outlines my online research and provider screening methodology.

    This safety kit includes:

    • A short training video outlining my research methodology, including how to identify the most aggressive marketers
    • The Essential List of Facilitator Questions & Screening Worksheet
    • The Medicine Circle Manifesto (in English, and Spanish)
    • Psychedelics, Shamanism & Potential Risky Admixtures, with José Carlos Bouso, Scientific Director at ICEERS and Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Pharmacology

    Bonus #2 - The Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff

    Know what it is before you stick it up your nose…

    Discover how to work with one of the oldest plant medicines in the world, in modern times.

    • What rapé (pronounced ha-PAY) actually is - no, it’s not always yopo
    • How indigenous shamans prepare rapé - and what goes into the preparation
    • The appropriate set and setting for sharing sacred Amazonian rapé
    • Step by step instructions for sharing rapé with another person, or self-administering your rapé
    • Proper care and storage of your rapé & your applicators

    As ayahuasca expands around the world, the practice of consuming rapé (also called rapeh, hapeh, and hape by people who are deeply uncomfortable with its similarity to a word of an entirely different meaning) is also expanding. This guide covers what it is, how it is made, how it needs to be administered, what the health risks are, and how to use it with integrity.

    Bonus #3 The Armory of Shamanic Self-Defense

    The Armory of Shamanic Self Defense is a compilation of practices to protect you from intrusive phenomenon or outright attacks by negative entities.

    One of the most common experiences that occur for people who don’t believe in spirits, ghosts, entities, aliens or divine beings, is that their belief that nothing else exists beyond what can be perceived by the 5 senses or observed by science is upturned, or even shattered during their ayahuasca ceremony. Suddenly they find themselves in a Universe full of spirits and entities.

    And if you pay attention to conversations that emerge in different online communities, cries for help on how to deal with unwanted intrusions by entities are surprisingly common.

    The good news is, dealing with entities has long been part of shamanic traditions. In this bundle are tools and techniques on how to protect yourself in ceremony, clear your physical space, cleanse your energy body, and dispatch bothersome spirits once and for all.

    Here’s what’s inside:

    • Shamanic Energy Clearing Techniques to Clear Your Space, Especially After Ayahuasca, by Lorna Liana & Marc-John Brown
    • Shamanic Cleansing - How to Clear Your Auric Field & Rebalance Your Energy Body, by Lorna Liana & Xavier Francuski
    • DMT, Ayahuasca & Paranormal Protection, with Julian Palmer, author & creator of changa plant-based smokeable DMT
    • Using Natural Energy for Clearing, Grounding & Protection, with Ara Campbell, Creatrix and visionary writer at The Goddess Circle, author of The Astro Forecast
    • Soul Retrieval & Depossession: The Cornerstones of Shamanism, with Jan Engels-Smith, author & founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine.

    Bonus #4: The Sacred Reciprocity School

    The Sacred Reciprocity School includes resources to inspire all whose lives have been transformed by sacred plant medicines, to become true allies to the indigenous movement. The toolkit also includes case studies of different projects and ventures that created empowering partnerships with indigenous communities.

    • Sacred Reciprocity In Action: Ayahuasca-Inspired Community Partnerships, segment with Lorna Liana at the World Ayahuasca Conference
    • Sacred Reciprocity & Right Relations in the Psychedelic Renaissance, Lorna Liana & Ismail Ali, Legal Counsel for MAPS.org at Boom Festival 2018
    • Ayahuasca, White Shamans & Spiritual Extractivism, with Lorna Liana & Jeremy Narby, author of The Cosmic Serpent
    • Case Study: Amazon Conservation Team
    • Case Study: RUNA Clean Energy
    • Case Study: NPower Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Case Study: Una Isi Kayawa - Book of Healing of the Huni Kui People

    Honestly, there is nothing else like this out there

    Believe me, I’ve looked. I’ve bought all the books. I’ve seen the online courses. I’ve attended the conferences.

    Here are the alternatives… you could:
    • Buy a different psychedelics online course and learn about lab-made psychedelics that have no cultural / religious protection. Then, to get the course to work for you, you will have to navigate getting sacrament on Dark Web. You’ll find that the info is primarily psychotherapy based or productivity-hacking advice. There’s little to no cultural or social justice information.
    • Go to a psychedelic conference, and learn all about psychedelic plants, from an academic perspective. While it’s strong on science, ethnobotany and cultural anthropology, all the information presented is intellectual, and not practical or actionable. Plus you’ll have to fork out for hotel fees, transportation expenses and the conference ticket, which can easily run you at least $1500.
    • You could join a shamanism training program, and learn how to facilitate ceremonies, or do soul retrieval for clients. You will spend 4-8 weeks in the Amazon or in the Andes, or get a gringo version in the US or Europe. This will cost you $3000+ in tuition and travel.

    “Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Visionary States?”

    “Is the Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines right for me?”

    This is for you, if:

    • You are a spiritual practitioner intrigued by the potential of psychedelics to accelerate healing and transformation
    • You are new to psychedelic plant medicines and want a straightforward, easy-to-understand guide
    • You took some psychedelics when you were younger, and would like to revisit them in a more mindful framework
    • You are an experienced psychonaut who wishes to explore the world of guided shamanic ceremonies and therapeutic sessions
    • You are thinking of becoming a facilitator or practitioner of sacred plant medicines
    • You are a facilitator who wants to better understand the visionary medicines and their cultural background
    • You have been looking for the right psychedelic ceremony or retreat for too long
    • You are having trouble finding a good facilitator or shaman
    • You want to break free of unhealthy habits or traumas using psychedelic plant medicines
    • You want to live a more fulfilled, spiritually complete life with the help of shamanic wisdom
    • You want to experience mystical realms in safe, comfortable, and well-guided group environment
    • You want the support of an experienced guide so that you can completely surrender and go deep into a psychedelic journey

    Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines Works Is a 
    Process That Works...

    • Even if you don’t know anything about psychedelics or psychedelic culture
    • Even if you have never sought out any spiritual practices before
    • Even if you’re not sure about travelling abroad for a ceremony
    • Even if you are an atheist, or are skeptical about religion
    • Even if you are afraid of the psychedelic experience
    • Even if you aren’t suffering from a spiritual emergency
    • And even if you aren’t sure what you want from psychedelic plant medicines!

    Let Me Ask You This...

    Would you like to know what you could gain from spiritual transformation with sacred plant medicines?

    What value would you place on any ONE of the following things happening…

    • Experiencing a profound, deeply transformational ceremony that hits the reset button to your life
    • Breaking free of self-sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs and negative stories about yourself
    • Discovering the truth of who you are, and the soul purpose you came here to fulfill
    • Encountering spiritual beings who can give you divine guidance and confirmation that you are never alone
    • Seeing your past traumas through a new, healing lens so that you can reclaim your power
    • Being shown your path to spiritual fulfilment and wholeness
    • Enjoying a reaffirmation of the things in life that give you purpose and meaning
    • Coming into touch with the pure love and interconnectedness of eternity
    • Becoming one with your true, divine nature

    If you could experience just ONE of these things in a safe, well-facilitated environment with experienced practitioners…

    Would it be life changing for you?

    This is your opportunity to make it a reality…




    What exactly is Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines?

    Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines is a 6-week online program on how to harness the power of visionary states and evolve into your highest self, with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines.

    It provides an overview of the natural psychedelics that are most commonly on offer in the world of modern shamanism, plus an easy-to-follow research and inquiry framework designed to help you clarify what plant medicine might be right for you, and how to find an ideal facilitator.

    It also includes a practical integration process to help you derive the most benefit from your experience so that you can incorporate healing and transformation into your everyday life.

    It is the world’s leading and only resource designed for psychedelic consumers who seek facilitated ceremonies.

    Why do I need it?

    Put simply, to give you all the tools and resources you need in order to research safe, qualified plant medicine providers, so that you can avoid getting messed up by unscrupulous shamans and unqualified facilitators.

    It provides valuable information on what to do, and who to find, if you do end up with issues.

    And importantly, to give you a rinse-and-repeat process for integrating your experience and creating lasting transformation in your life.

    Will this work for me and the specific problems I have?

    It depends. Whether you are completely new to sacred plant medicines or are experienced on the medicine path, the research methods shared in the program can be applied towards any plant medicine provider and experience.

    The personal development framework presented is non-denominational, so that you won’t be compelled to join a church, get locked into a particular shaman, be forced to follow an unfamiliar belief system, or buy into religious dogma in order to get lasting spiritual transformation.

    If you have a serious health condition or addiction, this online program will give you a starting point for researching alternative therapies. But it is NOT a substitute for professional medical care or an addiction recovery program.

    Finally, while psychedelics can expand your consciousness, provide you a new way of looking at your problems, and reveal new pathways to solutions, at the end of the day, it’s still your responsibility to take action.

    Plant medicines like ayahuasca are not a silver bullet or miracle cure. You are the miracle.

    When do I get the content?

    As soon as you join you receive access to the members area, with the first module and some bonus content.

    Then a new module is released every 7 days for 6 weeks.

    The bonus content is also time released, to support specific modules.

    How much time would I need to allocate to complete the course?

    You can consume all of the primary course content in 8-10 hours straight. However, since the content is available online, you can always go at your own pace. It is also designed for you to rinse and repeat as you continue exploring the plant medicine path.

    Are there any bonuses included?

    Yes! I'm all about giving you ALL the tools you need to understand and safely navigate the landscape of contemporary plant medicine shamanism.

    Bonus #1 The Safe Ceremony Research Kit  (Value $3500)

    Bonus #2 The Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff (Value $1597)

    Bonus #3 The Armory of Shamanic Self Defense (Value $2500)

    Bonus #4 The Sacred Reciprocity Toolkit (PRICELESS!)


    YOUR PRICE: $297

    Is there a guarantee?

    Absolutely. You have a full 30 days to "try it, test it, apply it", and if for whatever reason you don’t think this program will make your plant medicine experience better or safer, then I'll be happy to return the investment.