Do You Want to Connect With The
Healing Power Of Sacred Plant Medicines
Access the Wisdom of Visionary States…& Fall Madly In Love with Life?  
Do you ever wish you had an ongoing relationship with a wise, and loving teacher who has your back for life, who you can call on or enter into deep spiritual communion with, any time you need healing, guidance, insight, or body and soul-level purification?
Indigenous shamans, curanderos, medicine men and women cultivate alliances with the spirits of sacred medicinal plants, in a way that is much like a teacher, student relationship. This teacher student relationship is one that may last a lifetime. As the shaman continues his or her study with the Master Plants, deeper mysteries are unlocked, infusing more power into their ability to work with medicinal plants, make medicine and heal people.

While the path to becoming a shaman involves many years of study, practice, and overcoming initiatory challenges and hardships under the tutelage of qualified teachers, anyone can incorporate the principles of shamanism into their daily lives. 
One such principle is the cultivation of spiritual alliances with sacred medicinal plants.
Imagine with me for a moment…

In your darkest hour of need…

When you’re overwhelmed with sorrow…

Or suffering from stress and anxiety…

Or feeling stuck and confused about what to do next…

Imagine that you could simply call upon the guidance of one or more Ancient and Divine Nature Spirits, to free you from all that does not serve you, so that you can break through to joy, inspiration, and the highest version of yourself?

And that this is not simply a visualization exercise with angels or imaginary process…

It’s real and tangible, because when you consume the medicine, you commune with the plant teacher…

And this spiritual ally stays with you, to support you for life!   
Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines
A 6-Part Mini Course on How to Cultivate a Spiritual Relationship with Sacred Plant Medicines For Healing & Transformation 
Here's What You Will Discover... 
  • The 2 most important aspects of a working with sacred plant medicines, which, if not done properly, can open you up to negative energies
  • How to identify which visionary medicine might be right for you? 
  • Best practices on finding and vetting qualified plant medicine shamans, facilitators and retreat centers
  • Keys to cultivating a sacred relationship with visionary plant medicines after your ceremony is over
  • 2 plant medicines you can use, to safely and quickly enter into an altered state of consciousness, that isn’t overwhelming
  • 3 legal plant medicines you can work with day to day, without feeling “high”
  • The secret to bridging worlds and maintaining a sacred alliance with the Master Plant
  • A framework for integrating plant medicine work so that you can become your best self, and fall madly in love with life.
Here’s the Curriculum
  • Lesson 1: Your Sacred Inquiry   
  • Lesson 2: Preparing for Your Shamanic Journey
  • Lesson 3: Navigating Visionary States
  • Lesson 4: Visionary Integration
  • Lesson 5: Spiritual Transformation
  • Lesson 6: Bridging the Worlds to a Life You Love
Here's What You Get...
Over 4 hours of training on how to work with visionary plant medicines for healing and spiritual transformation.
  • All of the trainings are delivered instantly to your inbox so you can stream them or download them and listen on your favorite device (iPad, Smart Phone, Computer, etc.) 
  • Sacred Visions Integration Guide, with checklists, meditations, and journaling exercises  
  • Detailed preparation guides for a variety of sacred plant medicines
Bonus #1: 10 Plant Medicine Interviews  
Take a deep dive into the world of modern shamanism and discover the risks and rewards of working with some of the most psychedelic plants on the planet.       
  • Iboga: Kicking Heroin Addiction with the Ultimate Ancestral Trip | Elizabeth Bast & Chor Boogie
  • Western Shamans, Sacred Tea Servers & Charlatans | Rak Razam 
  • Modern Shamanism & Ayahuasca Awakening | Rak Razam 
  • Icaros, Shaman Songs & Plant Music | Susana Bustos 
  • Shamanic Healing, Cancer & Plant Medicine Dietas | Susana Bustos
  • Ayahuasca Test Pilots | Chris Kilham 
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms, Spirit Guides & Otherworldly Intelligence | Shonagh Home
  • Healing Our Planet & Ourselves with Visionary Mushrooms | Shonagh Home
  • Integrating Entheogenic Experiences | Julie Megler
Bonus #2: The Modern Shamanic Guide to Rapé 
Discover how to work with one of the oldest plant medicines in the world, in modern times.   
  • What rapé (pronounced ha-PAY) actually is - no, it’s not always yopo 
  • How indigenous shamans prepare rapé - and what goes into the preparation 
  • The appropriate set and setting for sharing sacred Amazonian rapé 
  • Step by step instructions for sharing rapé with another person, or self-administering your rapé 
  • Proper care and storage of your rapé & your applicators   
These awesome bonuses are our gift to you!
Because we know if you are seeking some support with navigating the visionary realms, chances are you are already working with visionary plant medicines, or would like to…

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What Customers Have to Say
"This was the perfect "formal" introductory course for me. I was largely unaware of several of the plant medicines I was introduced to. But more than that, there were ideas (benefits, cautions, things to watch for) that I was wholly ignorant of until I took this course. I feel much more confident to continue on this path now, and I have some key ideas to work with and toward that I did not before. Well written, concise, informative and yet lively and fun - I highly recommend this course as a great introduction for anyone considering working with shamanic practices that incorporate visionary plant medicines." - Sue D.
"I have gained so much benefit from the wisdom of your writing and posts. I have since been drawn to plant medicine to activate new areas of my mind and propagate creative thought and self improvement. I enjoy the advice and videos offered to help me align with my divine purpose." - T Ljos
"I found 'Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines' and all of of Lorna's offerings (I love her podcast especially) to be incredibly helpful, well-written and pioneering. would highly recommend to anyone interested in Plant Medicine, Shamanism, etc. Thank you, Lorna, for all you have offered! I am so grateful for the wonderful knowledge you spread. You are a pioneer with a big heart." - Sara W.
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