7 Kinds of Grand Visions & Their Intuitive Gifts

7 Kinds of Grand Visions & Their Intuitive Gifts

  Did you know that there are 7 common kinds of visions that you can receive when working with visionary plant medicines? Having lucid immersion into these different visionary experiences is a blessing and can yield tremendous insight for your life, in addition to being fun and intriguing. These are:
  1. Interdimensional visions. This is where you journey to other worlds and dimensions, often to retrieve information, meet a teacher, visit your Spirit Family, or perform a sacred task. You might find yourself in an otherworldly temple with exquisite mosaic walls, and cupolas embedded with semi-precious stones, where animal-headed beings roam in splendid attire. Or in a high-tech golden spaceship, traveling across the galaxy, steered by Egyptian deities. The gift of this vision is the recognition that you too are a star-being, and there are divine spirits supporting your evolution as you complete your mission on Earth.
  2. Earth visions. This is where you journey to another locale in the planet to retrieve information, meet a teacher, convene with your soul tribe, bear witness to an important event, or see a place you are soon to visit. You might find yourself in a tipi circle on the high plains with people you don’t recognize, but sense have a similar mission, or deep in the jungle, in a boat on a river. Or lost in an endless maze of subway tunnels, seeking an exit. The gift of this vision is the knowledge that you came here to Earth to learn, evolve, and accomplish a mission, and that there are others on Earth working towards a similar goal.You may meet them or find yourself in these places. Important work is to be done.
  3. Past life visions. These are powerful visions that reveal the narrative of your soul journey throughout many lifetimes. You might discover past life traumas that are the root cause of disease or conditions that afflict your present life. You might also see the path of your soul’s evolution, with different lifetimes acting as the crucible for different spiritual lessons. The gift of these visions is that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and death is simply a new beginning.
  4. Ancestral visions. This is where you witness dramas or events that occurred in the past, in your family lineage, which are perpetuating dynamics that affect your life and your family relationships today. Perhaps there was a betrayal, or a murder. Whatever it was that occurred created a karmic debt, and bearing witness to the event gives you the opportunity to clear this debt on behalf of your ancestors. The gift of this vision is the clearing of ancestral karma.
  5. Historical visions. These visions give you an understanding of humanity’s karma and conflicts. These visions tend to show you grand themes that define humanity’s evolution, the struggle between Nature and civilization, the soul-level contract between perpetrators of genocide and the victims. Human sacrifice in the name of religion, and the death that is complete surrender to the divine. The gift of this vision is witnessing the evolution of the collective human soul, and understanding that we are all connected.
  6. Shapeshifting visions. This is when you have a vision of shapeshifting, and you experience what it is like to inhabit the body of another being, such as a bird, animal, reptile, or otherworldly being. The gift of this vision is to experience the world as another creature, with a different consciousness and physical capacity to humans, a direct experience of the connectedness of all species in the web of life.
  7. Future visions. These are glimpses into possible future outcomes, for you, people you know, or humanity. The future is rarely set in stone, because so many factors can affect the outcome. But what is typically revealed is the most likely outcome, unless something occurs to change that trajectory. The gift of this vision is the power and freedom to change the outcome, and knowledge that you have control over your own destiny.

4 Signs that a Grand Vision Is On Its Way

    So how do you know if the vision you are receiving a Grand Vision? Often, the onset of a Grand Vision is heralded by some tell-tale signs. Here are some:
  • An overpowering feeling of the Divine. This feeling is so powerful, you would fall to your knees if you were standing.
  • The onset of celestial music. Even if other kind of music is happening in the room, there is a feeling of being surrounded by celestial music that is more melodious than the music that is taking place.
  • Searingly exquisite otherworldy beauty. Beauty not of this world that is so powerful it sears your senses or burns an imprint in your mind’s eye.
  • Boundless compassion and forgiveness. Compassion, forgiveness, and mercy so vast that even the perpetrators of the most terrible crimes can receive grace.
Grand Visions are a blessing to receive and don’t always come with every ceremony. To increase your changes of receiving such a vision, it’s important to prepare your body temple to receive them.

A Powerful 3-Step Process to Increase Your Intuition

Visions are a direct, intimate conversation between the Universe and your Soul. When you converse with the Universe, you can access Primordial Wisdom, the ancient, eternal and nondual knowing aspect of the nature of mind, also known as pure consciousness, or pristine awareness. Direct, intuitive knowledge can access this interplay of Self and Universal Consciousness, and applied in ways that have practical benefit to your life. One of the most powerful ways to increase your intuition is by recording your dreams and visions. This helps you develop and fine-tune your intuitive skills, much like going to the gym builds your strength and tones your physique. It’s a simple, yet powerful 3-step process.
  1. Write down your visions, especially moments that were vivid or seemed significant. This can include scenes, beings encountered, or downloads of information.
  2. Reflect on what the visionary experiences might be telling you, especially actions you need to take.
  3. Do them- the caveat being as long as the action is positive, and does not cause harm to you or others.

Your Sacred Vision Reflections

    Your visions are unique to you. Pay attention to any themes or patterns that appear in your visions, such as types of beings you commonly encounter, or the kinds of animals you tend to shapeshift into. You might find yourself in certain locations more than once. You may also see sacred symbols – try to draw them if you can and research their meaning.

Where do you often go in your visionary journeys?

Are there worlds or dimensions that seem familiar to you, which you’ve seen before in other visions? Do you tend to visit specific locales on Earth, in the present, past or future?


Do you receive visions of past lives?

If so, who were you and what did you learn from this lifetime? How does your Soul learning and evolution flow from that lifetime into this lifetime? How does knowledge of your past life change your stories and beliefs about yourself in this lifetime?


Who do you tend to encounter in your visions?

Most of us have spirit guides and spirit families watching over our progress on Earth. Sacred plant medicines offer us a chance to reconnect with them. You might also perceive ancestors, teachers, and spirits with whom you have a karmic debt. It’s often useful to engage with the spirit and inquire what it needs from you. Ask yourself, what feelings arise for you when you have an encounter with these beings? What do you think your relationship is with them?


Do you find yourself shapeshifting in the visionary state?

If so, what do you shapeshift into? What does this experience give you? What does this say about who your spirit guides are? What do you think this experience says about who you really are?


What do you see about the future?

Are you having flashes of premonition of future events that could take place in your life? Do you have visions of what the future might look like for humanity? What does that say about what you need to do now, in your life?


Does anything else show up that feels significant?

  Image Credits: Art by Android Jones