Iboga & Ibogaine

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive indole alkaloid found in plants in the Apocynaceae family such as Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana and Tabernaemontana undulata. In the iboga plant (Tabernanthe iboga), the highest concentration of ibogaine is found in the root bark.

These plants are used for medicinal and ritualistic purposes among the tribes of Congo and Gabon. Similar to the popular ayahuasca of South American shamanism, the Central African plant that is iboga is considered to be a teacher plant’ and an ‘Entheogen’ – ‘Entheo’ coming from the old Greek word for ‘God,’ and ‘gen’ signifying ‘generate’ or ‘generation.’

The most common use for iboga is in the treatment of addiction, outside of Western clinical environments. It is reported that withdrawal symptoms are greatly minimized during the process of healing addiction with the use of iboga. In the tribal cultures of the Congo Basin, significantly larger doses of this plant are used for the purposes of initiation.

The European Ibogaine Forum

The European Ibogaine Forum will take place in Vienna from September 8-10. The conference will bring together some of the leading researchers in the science and therapeutic use of Ibogaine. The forum aims to raise awareness of the beneficial properties of this unique plant-derived medicine in Europe, to stimulate further research interest, support advocacy in…

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7 Life-Saving Safety Tips for Addiction Treatment with Iboga & Ibogaine

We are in the midst of a global opiate addiction and overdose epidemic. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in its 2017 World Drug Report, “Opioids were the most harmful drug type and accounted for 70 per cent of the negative health impact associated with drug use disorders worldwide.” One…

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Iboga Vs Ibogaine – Which Is Better for Addiction Treatment?

iboga root

With global opioid abuse reaching record levels, opiate users are turning to an ancient and powerful plant medicine, that some say is many times stronger than ayahuasca in ceremonial doses, for healing. Iboga is a visionary medicine held sacred by the indigenous people of Central West Africa. The name generally refers to the Tabernanthe iboga…

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Iboga Medicine – Psychedelic Healing the Bwiti Way

Iboga is one of the most psychedelic plant medicines in the world, and can can refer to many plants in the Apocynaceae family of perennial rainforest shrubs with psychoactive properties, including Tabernanthe iboga, Tabernanthe manii, and Voacanga africana. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small doses and induces visions in larger doses.…

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