Medicine Songs

Medicine songs can be described as songs that are infused with the consciousness of love and light. They are often produced and played in the spirit of ‘prayer’ or ‘offering,’ with the musician/singer emanating their sounds from strong intentions of blessing, healing and all-round wellbeing to those who may tune in to them.

Medicine songs have been a part of ancient cultures for as long as we know, and have been used to bring balance, healing and restoration to those who need it. But these songs are not strictly limited to our world’s ancient cultures. Anybody who is considered to be ‘in touch’ with the divine can potentially produce medicine songs.

Ayahuasca icaros are one example of medicine songs that can only be performed by trained shamans. The ayahuasca dieta and training requires shamans to encounter their own unique icaros given to them directly from the spirit of ayahuasca, and can act like magic spells in ceremonies; providing strength, healing, and protection.

Noku Mana Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Curawaka

It’s been truly a delight to bear witness to the expansion of Huni Kuin culture around the world, through the ever weaving nomadic tendrils of the global medicine tribe… through those of us from the Global North who have the good fortune of visiting their villages in Acre, Brazil, through the pajes that have increasingly…

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‘We Are’ Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Ravi

This is one of my favorite medicine songs to hear in ceremony, because the words are so powerful and empowering, connecting us to the support and protection of our ancestors, teachers, and spiritual allies, lifetime after lifetime, in each new life incarnation and soul journey. It’s rare that I like medicine songs sung in English…

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‘Cuñaq’ Medicine Song Lyrics & Downtempo Remix by Mose

This traditional Peruvian folk song is a beautiful and joyful prayer to the sacred Cuñaq spring. Mose, a DJ and downtempo electronic music producer based in Lago Atlitlán Guatemala, remixes this medicine song circle favorite with hypnotic, shamanic beats, making this track perfect for your Ecstatic Dance movement meditation. The original track is by Raio, featuring…

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