EntheoNation is a platform for psychedelic education. Our psychedelic guides will inform you about everything from individual plant medicines, to how to follow specific psychedelic practices and techniques. We hope you’ll enjoy our guides to psychedelic plant medicines, and leave with new tools and new experiences ahead of you!

Guide to Psychedelic Integration

Guide to Psychedelic IntegrationMore people than ever before are embarking on journeys with entheogenic plants, fungi, and substances, whether on their own, within a community, or through psychedelic therapy.Psychedelics and entheogens can catalyze immensely transformative experiences. However, these experiences are just a step on the journey toward healing and growth; the real work begins only…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Amanita Muscaria

Amanita muscaria

The Seeker’s Guide to Amanita MuscariaThere is, perhaps, no species of mushroom that has inspired as much folklore and purveyed as much mystery as the picture-perfect Amanita muscaria. From age-old Siberian shamans through the Vedic soma, Nordic vikings, and ancient Romans, to Super Mario World, Alice in Wonderland, and the story of Santa Claus, it’s…

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The Seeker’s Guide to DMT

The Seeker’s Guide to DMT N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, the Spirit Molecule, spice, deems, changaSovereignly claiming its spot among the top-tier entheogens, DMT is an incredibly potent hallucinogenic drug known for its power to completely transport users to otherworldly, phantasmagoric realms.This guide is intended for those who are intrigued by DMT and would like to learn more about…

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The Seeker’s Guide to CBD

The Seeker’s Guide to CBD CannabidiolCBD products such as CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, and topical solutions are extracts from the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant with a negligible amount of THC or with this psychoactive compound completely removed.CBD does not cause the classic marijuana ‘high’ and is used for its therapeutic value by a growing…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Peyote


The Seeker’s Guide to PeyoteLophophora wiliamsii, Mescaline, Mescalito, Anhalonium, ButtonsIn arid regions of central Mexico, southern Texas, and southern New Mexico, grows a special small round cactus called peyote. Peyote is an ancient natural psychedelic, possibly the first one to enter mainstream Western culture back in the 1950s. It was used for its medicinal and mystical properties by…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Iboga

Iboga Initiation

The Seeker’s Guide to Ibogaand ibogaineIboga is a core part of one of the most important Central African religions and it appears to have the potential to help those Westerners whose lives have been most devastated by the opioid crisis. Unlike most other natural psychedelics, iboga is not a relatively safe plant. Linked to a number…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Bufo alvarius

The Seeker’s Guide to Bufo alvariusand 5-MeO-DMTBufo alvarius, also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad, has a very special secret: the venom from its glands can be dried and smoked to induce some of the most intense psychedelic experiences known to us.  Yet despite its powerful hallucinogenic effects, Bufo venom has no established history of traditional…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Kambô

The Ultimate Guide to Kambô Kampo, Sapo, frog medicinePhyllomedusa bicolor secretes a unique venom that has been used for centuries as a medicine by South American indigenous groups. The beautiful Amazonian frogs are captured, the kambô venom is scraped from their backs, and they are released back into the wild. Applying kambô to small burns on…

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The Seeker’s Guide to San Pedro

The Seeker’s Guide to San PedroTrichocereus/Echinopsis Pachanoi, Achuma/Huachuma, Aguacolla, GigantónGrowing in the high altitudes of the Andes mountains, San Pedro is a tall, fast-growing cactus that contains the psychedelic compound mescaline – and has been used for its powerful medicinal properties by South American peoples for thousands of years.Anthropological evidence suggests that San Pedro has…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Ayahuasca

The Seeker’s Guide to AyahuascaAya, Yagé, Daime, Hoasca, La Medicina, Uní, Nixi Pãe, Natem, TeaMore and more people are drinking ayahuasca, seeking ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats, and receiving life-changing benefits from working with this ancestral plant medicine in an intentional way.This guide is intended for those intrigued by ayahuasca and wishing to participate in the…

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