Culture & Spirituality

Culture & Spirituality are in many ways intertwined. A culture is a matter of how we think the world ‘works.’ Coming into play here is language, knowledge, beliefs, assumptions, principles and values. Culture shapes the way in which we see the world, and how we view ourselves within the world.

Spirituality is profoundly intuitive. But it is not always consciously expressed. It is about the intuitive way in which we feel connectedness to the world in which we live. The most common cultural representation of spirituality is religion, a predominantly institutionalised and structured system of beliefs and rituals that form the channels of worship of the religion’s supernatural god, or gods.

Psychedelics and plant medicines influence both culture and spirituality in many ways; from giving us new perspectives about our purpose in life, to changing the ways we appreciate art and music.

DMT, Ayahuasca & Paranormal Protection with Julian Palmer

Australian psychonaut, author, and filmmaker Julian Palmer shares details on how he came up with the smokable DMT blend called ‘changa,’ how he works with it and N,N-DMT, plus the tools he uses for protecting himself against paranormal intrusions while journeying.

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‘Sagrada Familia’ Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Curawaka

Sagrada Familia is one of my top favorite medicine songs written by Pablo Comesana, a member of Mantric Mambo, the official temple band of Templo Mãe d’Agua, in Alto Paraíso, Brazil. I lament the fact that there is no official Mantric Mambo album recording of this epic song, and that the only audio I have…

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Is DMT Released at Death?

Is DMT released at death? Can DMT induce a near-death experience? Here’s an overview of the evidence, and what it could mean for our understanding of death.

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