Microdosing is nothing new to indigenous shamans! For as long as psychedelic plant medicines have been around, people have been experimenting with taking smaller doses – either for medical purposes or to harness the transformative power of psychedelics in less disruptive quantities.

Modern microdosing is considered the practice of taking sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics, so that you can carry out your daily tasks without disruption, while still benefiting from the heightened awareness and health benefits of psychedelics.

In reality, there are practically infinite ways of microdosing, and no two regimens will look alike. The basic theory of microdosing is that small, intermittent doses of psychedelics could have health benefits that are comparable to, or complement, the full-dose psychedelic experience. Microdosing is attractive to many newcomers to psychedelics because there is no fear of having a bad trip, or having to travel across the world to attend an expensive psychedelic ceremony.

Microdosing DMT… Wait, That’s a Thing?

Vaping DMT

As more and more folks seek healing in the practice of taking small amounts of psilocybin or LSD a few times per week, some more adventurous wellness explorers have been experimenting with microdosing DMT. What does taking tiny amounts of the ‘Spirit Molecule’ do? Are there therapeutic benefits to it? Is it safe to do? Read to learn what we know about this emerging practice.

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How to Microdose Nature Workbook Gift Delivery

Here’s the Information You Requested!Download This Guide & DiscoverWhat earth medicine might be right for youWhat protocol to followHow to make the most of your personalized microdosing protocol DOWNLOAD NOW You might also be interested in:How to Microdose Nature Workshop SeriesIntrigued By Personal Optimization? Join The Global Microdosing Movement!Here’s What the Microdose Nature Workshop Will…

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Workbook | How to Microdose Nature

Get Started Microdosing Earth Medicinethat You can Grow at Home! Download this workbook and discover:What earth medicine might be right for you What protocol to follow  How to make the most of your personalized microdosing regimenGet started tracking your microdosing transformation over the next 30 days! GET IT NOW

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The Seeker’s Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The Seeker’s Guide to Microdosing Magic MushroomsMicrodosing with magic mushrooms is one of the easiest ways to introduce yourself to psychedelics, or to deepen your current psychedelic or spiritual practices.Microdosing is the practice of taking a small, barely-noticeable dose of a psychedelic once every few days. In this way, microdosing with magic mushrooms can allow…

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