A psychedelic is any substance that produces a profoundly altered state of consciousness, and a sense of expansion of perception. They typically (but not always) work by affecting the serotonin system in the brain, but most importantly can induce mystical or spiritual experiences in those who take them.

Psychedelics can include both plant medicines (like ayahuasca or peyote) and synthetic substances (like LSD and ketamine). Arguably, any substance that can evoke profound changes in consciousness could potentially be grouped psychedelics – such as cannabis and MDMA.

The common factor with all psychedelics is their power to show people a very different way of seeing the world, and their potential to catalyze profound personal transformation.

Review of Synthesis Retreats: a Legal Psychedelic Retreat Near Amsterdam

It was a cold spring day in 2019 that I found myself in Zandvoort, a quaint seaside suburb just 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam, to participate in a 3-day Synthesis legal, high-end psilocybin truffle retreat in a 100-year old renovated church. Even though my history with psilocybin mushrooms spans two decades, my magic truffle journey…

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Legal Psilocybin in Oregon: How to Prepare and the Path Ahead

In November 2020, voters in Oregon approved Measure 109, a ballot initiative that proposed to legalize psilocybin use in the state. This came as a landmark moment for advocates for the lawful use of psychedelic plants and fungi; while several other states have voted for decriminalization, this is the first ballot that promises widely available,…

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The Top Challenges Faced by Psychedelic Integration Providers

The psychedelic sector desperately needs more integration providers. As more and more people seek out psychedelic medicines for therapeutic benefit, the demand for trained professionals to support their integration is predicted to go through the roof. However, while this career path promises to be emotionally, spiritually, and energetically fulfilling to those who choose it, it’s…

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Changing Your Mind: How Psychedelics Affect the Default Mode Network

How often do you catch yourself ruminating on something that happened yesterday, worrying about a meeting you have tomorrow, or simply lost in thought? Our guess is fairly frequently. And in our normal waking state, that’s to be expected – it’s our Default Mode Network (DMN) in action. The DMN is the part of the…

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Psychedelic Harm Reduction: Strategies and Best Practices

A psychedelic renaissance may be underway, but many of the substances being taken – whether MDMA, LSD, or magic mushrooms – remain illegal for public consumption. This inherently presents a danger for seekers as these substances and the environments in which they consume them are unregulated and go unmonitored. Without the security of knowing the…

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