About The Show


What is EntheoNation?

EntheoNation – the process of awakening the Divine within.

Entheo Nation – a global tribe of visionary people living life at the cutting edge of awakening.

EntheoNation is a web show featuring visionaries pioneering the cutting-edge of awakening through psychedelic science, modern shamanism, & new paradigm lifestyles.

  • Our mission is to provide informative content about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics & visionary plant medicines in a way that integrates science, culture, & spirituality. We love exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness for personal, spiritual, and social transformation.
  • Our vision is an environmentally sustainable, socially-just, spiritually-fulfilling, and evolved human presence on this planet, one that integrates ancient wisdom, with modern times.

About Our Content

We are a visionary culture and lifestyle blog. The kind of content you can expect from this website include, but are not limited to:

  • Talk show style podcast interviews with visionary thought leaders
  • Articles related to plant medicines, indigenous culture, shamanism, psychedelic science, new paradigm lifestyles, personal development, visionary art and music, conscious festivals and events
  • Webinars, online courses (both free and premium), and digital information products

If you are interested in high-quality investigative journalism, serious psychedelic research, or policy information, please visit our Resources page for a list of organizations and people that are pioneering great work in this space.

While we may have articles, audio or video that reference specific retreat centers or healers, we do not endorse specific shamans or their establishments. We recommend that readers do their own due diligence when choosing who to work with.

Harness the Power of Visionary States…

What do we mean by this statement? We believe that visionary states are sacred and that all human beings have the ability to receive divine visions and guidance. There are many ways to access visionary states and divine intuition, such as through Holotropic Breathwork, intensive meditation retreats, and through psychoactive medicines.

We endorse the grounded, responsible exploration of visionary states.

How do you know if your relationship to visionary states is grounded and healthy?

  • You give yourself extensive integration time between vision quests
  • You have the ongoing support of a spiritual and or visionary community
  • You lead a healthy lifestyle, with enough sleep, exercise, and good food.
  • You receive positive feedback from people around you that you are solid, grounded, loved, and appreciated.

& Forge Reality Into Your Wildest Dreams.

What do we mean by this statement? We believe that we create our own reality, that our experience of the world around us originates first in our minds. For this reason, by changing your thoughts and belief systems, you have the power to co-create the reality you want to experience. We believe in the power of creating beauty in the world through visionary inspiration. Here are some suggestions:

  • What you create be positive, inspiring, healing, loving, and an expression of your authentic truth
  • That nobody be harmed by your creation…including yourself.
  • That your dreams be grounded in wisdom, love, authenticity, with a sincere desire to awaken and make the world a better place.


We Are Not A Nonprofit

As much as we love sharing these stories, content has costs. Great content, incurs higher costs. We pay our graphic designers, audio and video producers, staff writers, researchers, web developers and social media team for their hard work. In order for us to be able to showcase the work of visionary thought leaders and share there research with global audience, we do need to monetize this website. This website is commercial in nature. What that means is that I receive compensation (money) for various visitor interactions on this website and websites that are linked to from this website. Please assume this website earns money from the following:

  • When a visitor clicks on a link on this website
  • When a visitor clicks on a link on this website and makes a purchase of a good or service on an external website
  • When a visitor visits this website

Please understand that the ways this website makes money are subject to change. It is important to understand this website does make money from its visitors in order to fund its operations.

We also promote products through our email newsletter and social media profiles.

If you strongly believe that this website needs to be noncommercial, you are invited to contribute $4000 USD for 1 promotion free month – yup, that’s how much it costs to run this show.donate-today-buttonThis means that we will not be making new offers via any EntheoNation channel for the month that you sponsored.

This does not apply to offers that have already been published – as you can imagine, retroactively removing promotional links and banners from content that has already published to the web is simply not feasible.Alternatively, if you love our content, we invite you to be a Patron of EntheoNation on Patreon.

Make Sure You

About Our Logo


Our logo was a collaborative design between the plant medicine, me, my gifted designer Heidi Arriza, and the visionary community on Facebook. Symbols can mean so many different things to different people. Some individuals who were not from the visionary community, immediately saw the logo to represent the oppression of the Jews. This was far from anybody’s intent.If you are curious to know how we came up with the logo, here are where the symbols come from and what they mean:

  • The Eye of Horus. Persistent, highly-detailed visions of Ancient Egypt, Egyptian deities and art during my ayahuasca journeys made it requisite that a sacred Egyptian symbol be a part of our logo design. The prevalence of regal, bird-headed beings, just like the paintings in ancient Egyptian tombs in these visits to the Spirit World inspired me to choose the Eye of Horus.
  • The Shatkona Yantra. The 2 overlapping triangles that form a star of 6 points, is an ancient Hindu symbol that represents the union of the male and female form. Stylistically, it looks like the Star of David. We find this symbol to be an appropriate match to the Eye of Horus, because it is a 2 dimensional representation of the Merkaba star tetrahedron.
  • Merkaba. Mer means “Light”, Ka means “Spirit”, and Ba means “Body”. It is the light body that travels between dimensions in the spirit world.
  • 8 Lotus Petals. The 8 lotus petals are symbols of Prakriti, the cause of the manifesting universe, or the source of all material existence. From the spiritual light body material existence emerges.

In Gratitude

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I hope you like the stories, the content, the art, the music. It is truly a blessing to be able to bring this work to you, and this project has been a collaboration of many incredibly talented people in my visionary community who are aligned in spirit. I thank you for contributing your art, your music, and having your life’s work be an intricate part of my life’s work.