Write For Us

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to EntheoNation, you’ve come to the right place. We would love to receive your articles on:

  • Modern Shamanism
  • Visionary Medicines
  • Awakened Entrepreneurship
  • Transformative Technology
  • Consious Relationships
  • Indigenous Culture

We cannot accept any kind of article (like poetry or fiction) and do have specific editorial guidelines, which you can view below.

General Information

Writers need to be able to write for the web, which includes a basic understanding of writing shareworthy articles that are keyword optimized (for high-traffic keywords), with clickbait style headlines.
The quality of writing we seek are articles that could easily be published on sites like Collective Evolution, High Existence, and Uplift Connect. Check out those sites to understand the kind of content we seek.
Writing positions are unpaid, but given our rapidly growing audience, writing for EntheoNation is a great way to launch your writing career. Writers who consistently write great articles for us will be schooled by me – yup, yours truly – on the art of driving traffic. Master those skills and you may transition to a paid writing position at EntheoNation, or use these skills to be a well paid blogger elsewhere. Writers who know how to drive traffic and conversions can easily earn $150 – $500 per post, depending on the blog and industry.
Before you submit an article for consideration, READ OUR GUIDELINES CAREFULLY.

What We DON’T Want

  • We do not accept SEO articles from content marketing agencies and online retailers written for the purpose of building SEO backlinks. We do, however, accept sponsored posts at $150 per article.
  • Submissions of articles that are already written. You need to work with us on topics appropriate for EntheoNation. Submitting something you already wrote is most likely going to be rejected.
  • No extra self-promotion or any kind of commercial promotion is allowed in the articles. Eg. Links to authors’ businesses, affiliate/paid links.
  • Poor grammar, typos, and articles that are clearly “English as a second language”. We have a highly intelligent, intellectual readership. Articles that have been outsourced to India or the Philippines and written by people who have NO KNOWLEDGE of psychedelics, shamanism, and consciousness expansion will be rejected.
  • Fluff articles that are light on content and facts. These will be sent back.

What We DO Want

  • Articles must be well-written, original, and unique to EntheoNation (republished articles are not allowed). We run the text through Copyscape, so anything that is more than 30% duplicate content will be sent back.
  • We ask for articles that are 700 – 1000 words in length. An article that feels too short, or that lacks depth, will be sent back.
  • We recommend that you dive deep into the topic and be specific. It’s easier to cut the unnecessary stuff than it is to figure out what’s missing. When possible, back up what you’re saying with research or stories, as well as data taken from your own experiences. The writing should take you at least a few days to get right.
  • Headlines should be keyword rich and catchy. Headlines should be written in such a way that allows readers to fully comprehend the content of your article by skimming the headlines. The main article title needs to be written like clickbait – intriguing and shareable.
  • Article topics need to be organized using headlines and subheadlines in descending header tag order H2, H3, H4. The blog post title is H1, and should be the only H1 header tag.
  • Articles must be organized into paragraphs, with an opening and closing paragraph
  • Include actionable takeaways and recommended next steps. Readers care about your story, of course, but they also need to learn specific lessons from your post.
  • We only accept quality “evergreen” content. We want articles that are just as relevant, if not more relevant, five years from now, as opposed to content that will be easily dated because it is related to a specific event in time.
  • You must be willing to promote your articles via social media and be actively building up your social influence.
  • Please include 2 attractive images that span the full width of the article, the first will be the featured image. Recommended image dimensions are 640 x 334 pixels.
  • Please make sure that the image links to None.
  • Please include 3 reference links to authoritative sources in the body of your article
  • IMPORTANT: Send me a few topic ideas before drafting anything. Before you write a post, email me 3-5 of your best topic ideas based on all the above points, including prospective titles and a few bulleted “takeaways” for each. If you draft something without my thumbs up, I cannot guarantee that we will accept it.

Please Note

  • Our editors have the final right to modify (with consent) or reject your articles.
  • Guest writing is an unpaid position, but is the perfect platform to propel your writing career.
  • You may include 2 non-commercial links in your Author bio