Want to Be a Guest on EntheoNation?

The experts that have been featured on EntheoNation are hand-selected for a variety of reasons. As our show has been growing in popularity, we’ve been receiving more requests from visionaries who want to be on the podcast.
Please understand that we incur hard costs in order to produce each episode. In addition to time and energy, every episode costs $100 USD and we record 2 30-min episodes per 60-minute interview slot. For this reason, we ask that our guests

  • Be willing to cover the $200 necessary to cover episode production costs
  • Have an email audience of at least 2,500 shamanically oriented subscribers, and be willing to send a free gift offer to their audience prior to show publication
  • Be willing to promote each episode to their email list once they go live using our tracking link
  • Have a Facebook audience of at least 5K fans to whom they will share each episode using our tracking link

We are always on the lookout for amazing guests to have on our show who have powerful stories to tell. If you have not been specifically invited to be a featured guest, but you feel like you have an important message to share with our audience and are willing to help us cover costs while spreading the word, you may fill out the application below.