EntheoNation Artist Partner Program

EntheoNation Artist Partner Program

Art by <a href="https://chorboogie.com/">Chor Boogie</a>
Art by Chor Boogie

EntheoNation is honored to partner with leading visionary artists in the creation of attractive information products, so that the art serves as a vehicle for the transmission of consciousness-raising content, and our promotional campaigns extend the artist brand to bigger audiences.

EntheoNation & Soul Tribe Marketing, the digital marketing agency founded by Lorna Li, create a variety of digital information products related to:

  • Psychedelics
  • Shamanism
  • Visionary Culture

With the incorporation of visually compelling Visionary art into digital media that is the vehicle of transmission of mind-expanding content, we hope to transform the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, and catalyze the shift humanity urgently needs to arrive at an environmentally sustainable, spiritually-fulfilling, human presence on this planet.

Your visionary art may appear on:

  • The covers of our Free eBooks
  • Website landing pages
  • Digital info product bundles
  • Online courses
  • Ad banners

Some of this media is free to the public, while media is associated with paid digital information products.

Your Visionary Art on a Free Offer

This is an in-kind exchange, where we benefit from the use of your art on an e-Book cover or on the landing page of a free event, like a virtual summit.

We do our best to ensure that all free content is well-written, well-produced and highly valuable. We promote the free offer organically as well as via paid advertising, which extends your brand to larger audiences.

Here’s where your art might be used:

  • On an eBook cover
  • In banner ads driving people to the free offer
  • On the offer optin landing page

Here’s where we will credit you:

  • On the e-Book cover
  • On the optin landing page
  • In full page artist bio on an interior page of the e-Book

Our Facebook Ads reach a large, targeted audience
Our Facebook Ads reach a large, targeted audience

Your Visionary Art on a Paid Info Product

This is a licensing agreement where we pay a flat fee for the use of your art on the branding of a premium info product.

Here’s where your art might be used:

  • On the product sales page
  • In the digital info product bundle graphic
  • In webinar slides for the webinar that promotes the offer
  • In banner ads driving people to the paid offer


What We Need from You

So that we can produce high quality digital media, we will need high-resolution images that are 72 dpi. Screen captures from artist websites are not usually high resolution enough and result in pixelated media.

In addition to your permission to use your art, we also need:

  • High-resolution image of the primary art image being used for the offer
  • Access to high-resolution images of other art pieces that will support the campaign (we recommend for creative flexibility)
  • Your artist bio and preferred website URL


PLEASE NOTE: Due to character and space limitations, we typically are unable to include artist credits in the banner ad or ad copy in paid campaigns. Also, because these campaigns are focused on growing our tribe, and directing people to a specified call to action, only the CTA links are hyperlinked, all other web addresses appear as text, which can be easily copied and pasted into a browser window.