Human consciousness has been described as awareness, sentience, or the ability of a person to experience, perceive and feel. Despite consciousness being the one thing we all share, the fundamental questions about consciousness remain unanswered, and could remain forever out of the reach of science and philosophy.

In a more modern context, and looking at it from the perspective of modern cultural trends, consciousness can also be seen as the level of awareness and insight with which one walks through their daily life. How do you enact yourself in the world, and how do you relate your consciousness to others?

Changing Your Mind: How Psychedelics Affect the Default Mode Network

How often do you catch yourself ruminating on something that happened yesterday, worrying about a meeting you have tomorrow, or simply lost in thought? Our guess is fairly frequently. And in our normal waking state, that’s to be expected – it’s our Default Mode Network (DMN) in action. The DMN is the part of the…

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