Visionary Art

Visionary art is art that appears to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness, including of spiritual or mystical realms. It may also be considered to be rooted in experiences of such wider awareness or states of consciousness.

Much visionary art comes from spiritual practices, such as meditation, reflection, visualization and, in many cases, from altered or trance-like states of consciousness, especially those produced by the ingestion of psychedelic substances such as ancient plant medicines. Many shamans who use such plant medicines also produce sacred visionary art. And many of their followers consider this art to be depictions of the underlying and unseen realities which govern our 3D, physical realms of existence.

Symbiosis Gathering Music You Can Trip To – 2016 Lineup & Free Download

Symbiosis Gathering, a multifaceted lakeside arts, music, and community gathering, today released a compilation via Bandcamp offering fans a free downloadable collection of material from the electronic artists and live performers that make up the ‘Family Tree’ lineup. Symbiosis Music You Can Trip To In alignment with the diverse curation of the gathering, the compilation…

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These 7 Unique Visionary Artists Will Completely Inspire Your Imagination

Featured artwork by Eugenia Loli The work of the artist is to bring dreams to life from paint to palette, mind to manifestation. Allowing the imagination to flow through a chorus of colors and consciousness. The visionary artist articulates the surreal messages from the noosphere, the place of all potential, in such a way that the…

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