Mind-Expanding Products

Any product that causes an increased level of awareness or understanding – of self, others, nature or reality in general – can be considered to be mind-expanding. In recent years, growing interest in ancient indigenous plant medicines has also seen an increase in the general global interest in the concept of mind expansion and the gifts that it may bring. As such, more and more people are seeking a variety of products to help them on their journey to mind expansion.

Such products may include plant medicines themselves, other psychoactive substances such as DMT, courses in modern shamanism, workshops in transcendental meditation, auditory recordings such as binaural beats, and much more. Anything that may increase one’s awareness or deepen one’s understanding can be classified as a mind-expanding product.

Synctuition – A Simple Way to Increase Intuition Using Binaural Beats

Einstein said it once – “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Fast forward, scientists discovered that this genius was right, but he forgot to mention that it was a difference in physiological brain structure. People marveled at the gift of Einstein had and wondered if there was something different with his brain. After his…

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TalisMama Crystal Talismans

For those of us modern humans who’ve been called to a spiritual life that isn’t defined by dogma but is rather curated by a continuous personal, sacred exploration – we tend to make up a lot of shit as we go… For me magick is just that – a playful feedback loop between me and…

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