Raise Your Vibration & Magnetize What You Want

Raise Your Vibration & Magnetize What You Want


Do you know why cultivating a high vibration accelerates success? The emotional energy that contributes to having a “high vibration” is energy that is expansive, loving, joyful, spacious, accepting, and kind. It makes people feel really good to be around you, and makes you attractive – to opportunities and powerful allies.

There are 3 powerful benefits to having a high vibration:

  1. Attraction – you become magnetic to opportunities and people, which enhances the experience of feeling lucky, and supports you in reaching your goals more quickly, with ease and grace.
  2. Creativity – when you are in an expansive state, naturally, creativity flows. New ideas and novel approaches to solving problems abound.
  3. Cosmic downloads – your intuition is optimized in a high-vibrational state, increasing your decision-making abilities, and helping you navigate more quickly to your end goals.

Now cultivating a high vibration does not mean ignoring your shadow, or suppressing negative emotions. It’s important to own your shadow, otherwise, there is a tendency to engage in spiritual bypassing which can be hurtful to others and limits your own evolution. It’s also important and healthy to fully process negative emotions, in order to completely release them, so that unresolved emotions do not negatively impact your state of mind or relationships with other people.

8 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration can be easy and fun. Here are some suggestions.

  • Dance to uplifting music. Getting the body moving is a great way to shake off the blahs, especially when grooving out to your favorite music.
  • Listen to sacred music. Bhajans, medicine songs, any music that is attuned to the sacred, has the power to raise our vibration in contemplation of the Divine.
  • Sing medicine songs. An even better way to immerse yourself in the high vibration of sacred music is to learn how to sing and play those songs yourself. The vibration of your voice and the focus of your thoughts and emotions towards the meaning of the lyrics, even if they are in another languages, brings that healing energy home.
  • Chanting and meditation. Meditation can bring us to higher states of consciousness. In a similar way to singing medicine songs, chanting focuses the mind on the sacred and infuses the vibration of sacred sound into our body, mind and spirit.
  • Commune with nature. In Japan, forest bathing is the medicine of taking in the forest atmosphere, and is an important aspect of preventative health care and healing in Japanese culture. In oriental medicine, it is believed that you can supplement your own vital energy, by taking in the vital energy of Nature. The energy of Nature is soothing, and restorative.
  • Anoint yourself with essential oils. Fragrance, especially fragrance from organic, sustainably harvested flowers, herbs, and fragrant woods, have the ability to instantly shift your energetic vibration and infuse your being with the healing qualities of the plant.
  • Smudge with sacred plants. Smudging with fragrant herbs like sage, sweetgrass, copal, palo santo, are ancient ways to purify and cleanse spaces, tools, and people. While this is an ancient practice, in recent years, scientists have discovered that medicinal smoke also rapidly cleanses the air of a wide range of airborne bacteria.
  • Listen to brain entrainment audio meditations. Brain entrainment technology, like binaural beats or isochronic tones, balances both hemispheres of the brain, and can rapidly bring our brainwaves into different brainwave frequencies in order to achieve specific states of consciousness that are conducive to certain outcomes – like relaxation, deep sleep, creativity – faster than meditation.

What to Do If It’s Hard to Shake the Blahs



  • Take a hot shower, bath, sauna, or steam bath. Water is purifying and cleansing; sometimes difficult emotions need to be sweated out.
  • Do a long session of yoga. Yoga harmonizes the body and mind, and deep stretching gets energy flowing. An extended session of hot, sweaty yoga can be a great way to go from blah to bliss.
  • Spend time with someone uplifting. Do you have a friend who always makes you laugh – in a positive way? Schedule some hangout time.
  • Cocoon, process, and restore. Sometimes, if you are going through a rough patch, it will take you a few days to process through everything that is coming up for you. Allow yourself that time to cocoon and process your thoughts and emotions. Take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself, and get good rest…Life’s challenges are easier to take on when you are fully restored.

A Powerful Practice to Maintain A High Vibe Throughout the Day



Taking regular vibe reset breaks will allow you to maintain a good vibration throughout the day, and minimize the length of time an off-centering event impacts your state of mind. Here’s what to do.

  1. Start the day with a gratitude. Instead of reaching for your phone and reading the news as the first thing you do when you get out of bed, start the day with a meditation practice, that includes contemplating all the things you are grateful for.
  2. Schedule vibe resets during the day. If you are like most people, chances are, there are certain daily responsibilities that you can’t get around, that have the ability to put you off-center, such as dealing with rush hour commutes, or handing off your kids to an ex-partner. Scheduling vibe reset breaks after these responsibilities, or even just at regular intervals throughout the day, can transform bad vibes and help you maintain your peace of mind.
  3. End the day with gratitude. Reflect on the events of the day, take note of the wins of the day, especially any progress made towards fulfilling your Soul Purpose. Contemplate all the things you are grateful for having experienced or accomplished that day, and, if it helps, make a list of the things you want to accomplish the following day.
  4. Listen to relaxing, high-vibe music at bed-time. Once of the things I really like doing, that helps me have a deeper, more restorative sleep, is listening to a meditation track with delta wave binaural beats to bring the body to deep sleep more quickly.



Your Vibration Tracker

In order to become a master at managing your vibration, it’s important to take note of things that through your peace of mind out of whack, and what helps you get back to center.

During the day, take note of the things that trigger you or cause you to be off-center.

This may involve interactions with certain people, or specific activities and situations you habitually find yourself in, and even foods you eat.


Which of these situations can you change, either by not engaging with it, changing your narrative around it, or changing the environment in which it happens?

If rush-hour traffic puts you in a bad mood, can you change your environment so that you listen to uplifting music, an interesting podcast, or take public transportation to work more often? If interaction with a family member is habitually stressful and draining, can you limit the time you spend with them, establish stronger boundaries or change your narrative about the dynamic?


Which activities do you find to be the most effective in shifting your vibration?


Can you schedule vibe resets throughout the day? Make a list of when you might need these.

A great way to frame your day is to engage in a vibe enhancing activity at the start of and the end of your day. You can also program your phone to remind you of a vibe reset, say after a regular company meeting, after lunch, etc.


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