Sacred Visions Integration Guide

Sacred Visions Integration Guide

By Lorna Liana

Clarify Your Soul Vision & Reveal Your Soul Purpose


Do you ever receive scenes, messages or whispers in your visions and dreams indicating that you came to this planet to accomplish something bigger than yourself?

To be part of a big mission, working with other soul-aligned people to accomplish meaningful and positive goal?

If so, you are in the right place.

Whether it’s to be a warrior in an army of lightworkers, radiating love and compassion with your presence and leading by example…

Or to be the CEO of a game-changing company pioneering innovative solutions to our sustainability crisis…

That inclination, or burning desire, first starts from within, and first expresses itself through the visions, dreams and whispers of your subconscious mind.

By learning to train your mind to better interpret the information coming through from visionary states of consciousness, it’s possible to accelerate your impact and manifest the life you want, because you have clear guidance on the next best steps to take.

Visionary states contain a treasure trove of information about who we are, who we were, and who we can become. Visionary states include symbols and messages that indicate to us the work we need to be doing and most importantly, how we need to be doing it.

6 Secrets About Ourselves That Visionary States Can Reveal



Visionary states contain a treasure trove of information about who we are, who we were, and who we can become. Visionary states include symbols and messages that indicate to us the work we need to be doing and most importantly, how we need to be doing it. Visionary states have the power to reveal secrets about ourselves related to our true potential and mission here on planet earth. Here are 8 secrets about yourself revealed by visionary states:

  1. Your Highest Self
  2. Your Divine Purpose
  3. Your Past Lives
  4. Your Karmic Connections
  5. Your Spiritual Allies
  6. Your Future

Visionary states can connect us with our soul’s purpose and our soul’s vision for an ideal life and ideal world.

5 Common Obstacles to Interpreting Visions

Yet, one of the biggest obstacles experienced by those who walk the shamanic path is closing gap between glimpses of their ideal life and self received in the visionary state and their current reality.

Here are the 5 main challenges.

  1. Not knowing what your purpose is at all. Having that gut feeling you are meant to be doing something important, but not knowing what that is. What did you incarnate on this Earth to accomplish?
  2. Not knowing how to start. Feeling like you know what your purpose is, but it lives in you as an idea, you are unsure how to make it happen in your day to day life. How do you start putting your purpose into action?
  3. Not having spare time. You are caught in a tug of war between your job, your family responsibilities, and the mission you are meant to fulfill. Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to fulfill your purpose?
  4. Not knowing what step to take next. You are actively working on your purpose, but you feel stuck and confused about your next steps. What is the next most powerful step that you can take to fufill your purpose?
  5. Not having clear visions at all. Grand visions that indicate your purpose path are a blessing to receive, but many people struggle to receive clear visions. Visions appear to be a muddled jumble of psychological refuse being ejected by the subconscious mind, peppered with flashes of insight, with no clear direction. (Unclear visions are actually the easiest obstacle to overcome, and I outline what you need to do in the next lesson).

How to Cultivate Your Inner Oracle

Improving your vision interpretation skills is much like the work of archeologists that interpret the meaning of hieroglyphics. You need to have a “Rosetta Stone” as your key against which you can interpret the symbols, messages, and images that are revealed to you.

That personal “Rosetta Stone” is your Soul Vision.

Every individual is unique, but the basic process works for everyone. You can also layer other systems over it like astrology, Human Design or the Enneagram to have a detailed Soul Blueprint.

  1. Clarify your core values. What universal values drive you? What are the top 5 values that are dearest to you that define your life?
  2. Clarify your vision of a better world. If you could wave a magic wand and solve one important problem in the world, what would that be? Ending poverty? Ending nuclear proliferation?
  3. Clarify the part you would like to play in creating it. If you could wave a magic wand and create a role for yourself where you are co-creating this vision of a better world, offering your unique gifts, in such a way that creates tremendous value and abundance, what would you be doing?

As you engage in this inquiry, take the ideas and inspiration that come your way and allow them to create the highest vision for your Soul.

All the details of this highest vision of your Soul, of who you are, what you offer and what you intend to manifest will start to come into greater clarity the more you meditate on them. In your mind’s eye, you will start to see this better world, the people you want to be surrounded by, the place where you want to be living, the vocation you are engaged in.

Soul Vision Clarity Worksheet



Once you have a clear vision, hold this vision in your consciousness every day. Meditate on this vision in the morning when you wake up, and at night, as you go to sleep. Feel what it feels like to be living that dream. Step into it like a movie and make it real. Connect this vision to every action you take, while letting go of any actions that don’t bring you closer to that visions. Make your desired reality the object of single focus concentration. Don’t forget to write it down. And allow your Highest Vision the freedom to evolve as you evolve.

What is the Highest Vision Do You Hold For Your Life?

Visionary experiences can often make more sense when you view them in the larger context of your life, so it may be valuable to widen the lens in order to gain clarity, and hold it up against your Soul Vision. Imagine if money, time, knowledge etc where no obstacle and you can waive a magic wand to manifest your dream life, what does it look like? Paint the picture in technicolor detail, as if you were stepping into a movie. Where do you live? Who are you surrounded by? What does your day to day life look like from start to end? Write this down:

  1. What your ideal life looks like?


  2. What major milestones do you need to accomplish to get there?


  3. What your optimal self looks like?


How Do You Need to Evolve?

In order to close the gap between your highest vision for your life and where you are now, you may need to make changes to your life, or take specific actions.

  1. What changes do you need to make in yourself, or in your life, to be that?


  2. What 3 milestones could you accomplish over the next year, that would make you feel confident that you are moving towards your vision? Make sure these are actionable milestones that you feel confident you can accomplish with your own efforts, that don’t depend on a miraculous event or other people’s good graces to happen.


  3. What do you need to do in order to accomplish those milestones?


What Messages Are Being Revealed to You Through Your Dreams & Visions?

  1. What repetitive themes, scenes, symbols or images come up for you in your visions and dreams?


  2. What do they, or could they, mean to you?


  3. Which people, guides, teachers, spirits, ancestors, relations and friends show up repeatedly in your visions and dreams?


  4. What is the significance of these relationships? What are you meant to teach each other? What are you meant to learn from each other? What are you meant to co-create together?


  5. What are you meant to heal with your mother? Write down your message to her, whether she is still alive or has passed.


  6. What are you meant to heal with your father? Write down your message to him, whether he is still alive or has passed.


How to Get Clear on the Next Steps of Your Soul Purpose Path

Review the greater vision you have for your life and what your dreams and visions have recently revealed to you, and reflect on any correlations. Questions to meditate on might include:

  • What needs to be forgiven?
  • Who do I need to call and what message do I need to give them?
  • What beliefs about myself do I need to let go of?
  • What new empowering beliefs might I embrace?
  • What negative behaviors can I let go of?
  • What positive behaviors can I adopt?

Commit to Walking Your Soul Purpose Path

The more you clarify your Soul Vision, the more your Soul Purpose is revealed, especially through visionary states of consciousness, which is the intimate way that the Universe communicates to you. However, unless you ground your Soul Vision and Soul Purpose through Inspired Action, all of it remains in the realm of dreams.

Take the opportunity to act on the information revealed to you through your dreams and visions.

  1. Write down your insights and reflections.


  2. Write down the actions you will take this week.


Remember, often what’s revealed in the visionary state are keys that unlock other messages. While something might not make sense, following your intuitive hints or your dream signs may lead you to the next most important stage of your journey, avert you from harm or lead you to the people you are meant to meet.

Purge All That Does Not Serve You to Receive the Divine


Many sacred plant medicines – ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, and even mushrooms (which are technically fungi, not plants) – will make you vomit. While the act of vomiting while you are simultaneously hallucinating sounds like a terrible experience, it’s actually not so bad. In fact, it’s considered to be a good thing. So good, it’s called “Getting Well.”

Why Purges are Sacred in Plant Medicine Traditions

In most indigenous traditions, healing disease is a holistic process of restoring the body, mind and spirit to health in a balanced way. Disease is perceived to have a spiritual origin, so in order to overcome disease, it is necessary to heal the soul, in addition to healing the body and mind. In addition to consuming medicinal remedies, the spirits of the plant or animal ingredients that were incorporated into the medicine are also invoked to assist in the patient’s healing. Nature and elemental spirits, as well as ancestors and divine beings might also be called.

The act of purging is seen as a vital elimination of impurities from the patient’s body – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impurities. What comes out might include:

  • Actual disease. Cancers, tumors, parasites, depression, anything associated with the patient’s illness may be eliminated, restoring the patient back to health. Many anecdotal accounts of spontaneous healing abound, however, most have not be verified within a Western allopathic framework, and should be considered with caution.
  • Past trauma. In the Amazon, the accumulation of emotional traumas is considered to be a pre-cursor to disease, and regular purging of negative emotions is considered to be necessary for good health. Sacred plant medicines have been found to be a potent way to heal deep emotional traumas in for many, come to a complete resolution of painful past events.
  • Toxins. This might be chemical toxins that have accumulated in the body, including artificial ingredients in processed food, and poorly digested animal products that are putrifying in the digestive system.
  • Judgements and erroneous beliefs. Sometimes our beliefs about ourselves, other people, situations, etc, might be limited or even incorrect, yet our ego compels us to hang onto them. Old beliefs that no longer serve us may find their way out in the purge, allowing us to have more mental and emotional freedom.
  • Other people’s negative energy. Other people’s negative energy can get caught up in our own fields, especially if there is ongoing negative drama or intense agendas involved.
  • Negative, violent media. Violent imagery from news, movies, and even books can linger in the psyche, and while we are so used to being bombarded by this kind of media in our day-to-day lives, they can have a cumulative impact on our emotional well-being and vitality.

Plant medicine ceremonies are deep body and soul cleanses. Fully purging these impurities out of your system typically brings on an incredible sense of lightness and well-being, accompanied by a sense of freedom, power, and possibility.

8 Ways to Immediately Cleanse Your Body Temple



If your body temple is unclear, your visions will also typically be unclear, and the information received in the visionary state can be muddled and hard to interpret. Here are ways to cleanse your body temple prior to a ritual:

  1. Follow a cleansing diet. Many sacred plant medicines call for dietary guidelines prior to ceremony. Find out what those guidelines are for the plant medicine you will be praying with and follow them for as many days prior to the ceremony as you can. Typically, these guidelines call for the elimination of alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, processed food, meat, salt, sugar, etc.
  2. Avoid sex, including sex with yourself, and sexually fantasizing about other people. Sex involves a powerful energetic exchange and if you are sexually engaged with someone in the days leading up to ceremony, there is a strong likelihood that you will feel their energy in your own energetic field very strongly during ceremony. This can be confusing. Sex can deplete vital energy, and reduce your stamina to navigate an all-night visionary journey, and inhibit the plant’s ability to give you guidance. This is why it’s also recommended to avoid masturbating.
  3. Avoid intense, violent media. This includes such as horror movies, violent action films, & news war coverage. The strong imagery can leave negative residues in the psyche that will be enhanced during a ceremony.
  4. Avoid engaging in negative dramas and speech. Try to shelve any difficult and potentially dramatic conversations or interactions until after your ceremony, when you may receive insight as to how to handle the dynamic in the most loving way and peaceful way. Try to also refrain from complaining, negative rants, or engaging in gossip. Negative speech is often a pressure relief valve for many of us. You might as well save it for when you will be purging in a much deeper way in ceremony.
  5. Unplug from electronic devices and social media. Electronic devices and online media can be both energetically draining and addictive. Social media triggers a dopamine high, which is what drives people to constantly check their devices, and feel irritated if they are unable to connect. It’s good to allow this neurotic behavior to calm down before entering enhanced visionary states.
  6. Purify in a sweat lodge or temescal. If you don’t have easy access to this form of prayer, use a sauna or steam bathe. Sweating out toxins helps clear and relax the body and mind.
  7. Practice yoga and meditation. Any practice that calms the mind, enhances mindfulness and full-body presence in the here and now is a great way to prepare for body and mind for an experience with the divine.
  8. Purge during ceremony. Many sacred plant medicines have purgative qualities, and the act of purging is considered to be “getting well”. Don’t hold back – allow everything that no longer serves you to be eliminated, whichever end it wants to come out. You many need to have another serving of medicine after a purge. Typically, your visions will be much clearer after this.

5 Things to Keep Purging From Your Life

Post ceremony integration is the time to incorporate the wisdom and insight received from working with the sacred plant medicines. If you want to extend the power of the visionary experience towards long-lasting life transformation, it’s imperative that you keep practicing the sacred purge.

No, this doesn’t mean keep vomiting…

It means taking regular note of the things that no longer serve you, or that which is preventing you from evolving into your highest self, and letting them go. This may include people, situations, or habits. When you let them go you create the space for what you want to come in. Here are 5 things to consider purging from your life.

  1. Negative people and toxic relationships. Distancing yourself from toxic people, who will free up your time, energy, and social space for more people to enter your life who love and respect you. Surround yourself only with people who are overjoyed to be in your company and wish for your well-being.
  2. Physical objects you no longer need or use. Clearing out unnecessary belongings clears physical space so that your mental and emotional space can also be uncluttered. Things can actually consume a great deal of time, so when you minimize, you free up a considerable amount of time as well.
  3. Limiting beliefs. So many of our limiting beliefs are inherited and unquestioned. If you can flip the limiting belief into a question that entertains the possibility of a yes, rather than a no, or of abundance, rather than lack, simply by adding a “What if”, your energy can be freed to accomplish things you never believed were possible.
  4. Negative self-talk. Be mindful of your self-talk, it’s a conversation with the Universe. Negative self-talk is a neurosis inherited from society that is completely unnecessary. The more you let go of this habit – and replace it with loving, positive self-talk – the more radiant, attractive and empowered you will become.
  5. Unhealthy habits. All of us have habits that are unhealthy or sabotage our success. This can range from how we care for ourselves to interpersonal habits that limit our opportunities or how we spend our time.

Your Sacred Purge Journal

During sacred plant medicine ceremonies, it’s not unusual to notice how much more you are actually purging out from your system than vomit. Traumatic childhood memories, judgements, interpersonal dramas, disempowering stories about yourself, disturbing images from violent news coverage, parasitic entities – these are some of the things that you may find yourself purging as well. While getting well might be a difficult physical and emotional process, pay attention to what’s getting released!

There are nuggets of wisdom in that vomit!

Consider keeping a journal of those insights, and, because habits are often hard to break, take note of what Spirit is telling you to let go of, so you can practice letting go if an old pattern starts coming back.



What lifestyle habits need to be released?

Are there any foods or beverages that Spirit has indicated would serve you to stop consuming, or at least take a break from, for a while?


What stories do you need to let go of about yourself?

When allow a habitual story about yourself to define you, you limit your freedom to be something else. Do you have a story about yourself that you tell over and over again that feels rigid and stale? The reality of what actually happened is far richer than your chosen narrative. Are you willing to let go of this story and allow yourself the possibility to be even more than your belief?


What stories do you need to let go of about other people?

When you have habitual narratives and judgements about another individual, like your partner, family member, or friend, you limit the dynamic of your relationship. It pigeonholes the other into a role that they may not even like or deserve, that does not allow them to be the fullness of who they are. Can you let go of this story and allow that person to be even more than your belief?


What do you need to forgive in yourself?

Visionary states can reveal past traumas that haven’t been completely processed or fully healed. Some of the greatest pain from those difficult experiences comes from our own anger towards ourselves and the role we played. Can you forgive yourself and give yourself the love, kindness and compassion now, that you didn’t give yourself back then?


What do you need to forgive in others?

Visionary states can reveal past traumas that haven’t been completely processed or fully healed. Pain caused by the hurtful actions of others have far less to do with you and everything to do with them. Is it possible to recognize that their actions stem from their own wounding, and forgive them?


7 Kinds of Grand Visions & Their Intuitive Gifts


Did you know that there are 7 common kinds of visions that you can receive when working with visionary plant medicines?

Having lucid immersion into these different visionary experiences is a blessing and can yield tremendous insight for your life, in addition to being fun and intriguing. These are:

  1. Interdimensional visions. This is where you journey to other worlds and dimensions, often to retrieve information, meet a teacher, visit your Spirit Family, or perform a sacred task. You might find yourself in an otherworldly temple with exquisite mosaic walls, and cupolas embedded with semi-precious stones, where animal-headed beings roam in splendid attire. Or in a high-tech golden spaceship, traveling across the galaxy, steered by Egyptian deities.
    The gift of this vision is the recognition that you too are a star-being, and there are divine spirits supporting your evolution as you complete your mission on Earth.
  2. Earth visions. This is where you journey to another locale in the planet to retrieve information, meet a teacher, convene with your soul tribe, bear witness to an important event, or see a place you are soon to visit. You might find yourself in a tipi circle on the high plains with people you don’t recognize, but sense have a similar mission, or deep in the jungle, in a boat on a river. Or lost in an endless maze of subway tunnels, seeking an exit.
    The gift of this vision is the knowledge that you came here to Earth to learn, evolve, and accomplish a mission, and that there are others on Earth working towards a similar goal.You may meet them or find yourself in these places. Important work is to be done.
  3. Past life visions. These are powerful visions that reveal the narrative of your soul journey throughout many lifetimes. You might discover past life traumas that are the root cause of disease or conditions that afflict your present life. You might also see the path of your soul’s evolution, with different lifetimes acting as the crucible for different spiritual lessons.
    The gift of these visions is that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and death is simply a new beginning.
  4. Ancestral visions. This is where you witness dramas or events that occurred in the past, in your family lineage, which are perpetuating dynamics that affect your life and your family relationships today. Perhaps there was a betrayal, or a murder. Whatever it was that occurred created a karmic debt, and bearing witness to the event gives you the opportunity to clear this debt on behalf of your ancestors.
    The gift of this vision is the clearing of ancestral karma
  5. Historical visions. These visions give you an understanding of humanity’s karma and conflicts. These visions tend to show you grand themes that define humanity’s evolution, the struggle between Nature and civilization, the soul-level contract between perpetrators of genocide and the victims. Human sacrifice in the name of religion, and the death that is complete surrender to the divine.
    The gift of this vision is witnessing the evolution of the collective human soul, and understanding that we are all connected.
  6. Shapeshifting visions. This is when you have a vision of shapeshifting, and you experience what it is like to inhabit the body of another being, such as a bird, animal, reptile, or otherworldly being.
    The gift of this vision is to experience the world as another creature, with a different consciousness and physical capacity to humans, a direct experience of the connectedness of all species in the web of life.
  7. Future visions. These are glimpses into possible future outcomes, for you, people you know, or humanity. The future is rarely set in stone, because so many factors can affect the outcome. But what is typically revealed is the most likely outcome, unless something occurs to change that trajectory.
    The gift of this vision is the power and freedom to change the outcome, and knowledge that you have control over your own destiny.

4 Signs that a Grand Vision Is On Its Way

So how do you know if the vision you are receiving a Grand Vision?

Often, the onset of a Grand Vision is heralded by some tell-tale signs. Here are some:

  • An overpowering feeling of the Divine. This feeling is so powerful, you would fall to your knees if you were standing.
  • The onset of celestial music. Even if other kind of music is happening in the room, there is a feeling of being surrounded by celestial music that is more melodious than the music that is taking place.
  • Searingly exquisite otherworldy beauty. Beauty not of this world that is so powerful it sears your senses or burns an imprint in your mind’s eye.
  • Boundless compassion and forgiveness. Compassion, forgiveness, and mercy so vast that even the perpetrators of the most terrible crimes can receive grace.

Grand Visions are a blessing to receive and don’t always come with every ceremony. To increase your changes of receiving such a vision, it’s important to prepare your body temple to receive them.

A Powerful 3-Step Process to Increase Your Intuition



Visions are a direct, intimate conversation between the Universe and your Soul. When you converse with the Universe, you can access Primordial Wisdom, the ancient, eternal and nondual knowing aspect of the nature of mind, also known as pure consciousness, or pristine awareness. Direct, intuitive knowledge can access this interplay of Self and Universal Consciousness, and applied in ways that have practical benefit to your life.

One of the most powerful ways to increase your intuition is by recording your dreams and visions. This helps you develop and fine-tune your intuitive skills, much like going to the gym builds your strength and tones your physique.

It’s a simple, yet powerful 3-step process.

  1. Write down your visions, especially moments that were vivid or seemed significant. This can include scenes, beings encountered, or downloads of information.
  2. Reflect on what the visionary experiences might be telling you, especially actions you need to take.
  3. Do them- the caveat being as long as the action is positive, and does not cause harm to you or others.

Your Sacred Vision Reflections



Your visions are unique to you. Pay attention to any themes or patterns that appear in your visions, such as types of beings you commonly encounter, or the kinds of animals you tend to shapeshift into. You might find yourself in certain locations more than once. You may also see sacred symbols – try to draw them if you can and research their meaning.

Where do you often go in your visionary journeys?

Are there worlds or dimensions that seem familiar to you, which you’ve seen before in other visions? Do you tend to visit specific locales on Earth, in the present, past or future?


Do you receive visions of past lives?

If so, who were you and what did you learn from this lifetime? How does your Soul learning and evolution flow from that lifetime into this lifetime? How does knowledge of your past life change your stories and beliefs about yourself in this lifetime?


Who do you tend to encounter in your visions?

Most of us have spirit guides and spirit families watching over our progress on Earth. Sacred plant medicines offer us a chance to reconnect with them. You might also perceive ancestors, teachers, and spirits with whom you have a karmic debt. It’s often useful to engage with the spirit and inquire what it needs from you. Ask yourself, what feelings arise for you when you have an encounter with these beings? What do you think your relationship is with them?


Do you find yourself shapeshifting in the visionary state?

If so, what do you shapeshift into? What does this experience give you? What does this say about who your spirit guides are? What do you think this experience says about who you really are?


What do you see about the future?

Are you having flashes of premonition of future events that could take place in your life? Do you have visions of what the future might look like for humanity? What does that say about what you need to do now, in your life?


Does anything else show up that feels significant?


Manifest Faster Through the Power of Alignment


Do you wish you could manifest the things you deeply desire in life, more quickly? And most importantly, with ease and grace?

Have you ever felt that there were times when all you had to do was think of something you wished for, and it showed up in your life as if you placed a direct order with the Universe?

And other times, it feels like pushing the river just to meet accomplish your goals?

One of the things that you will discover with sacred plant medicines is how they will attune you to energy. The energy of other people. The energy of human interactions. The energy of Nature. Your own energy.

The key to manifesting faster lies in your own energetic vibration. The tuning rod of your energetic vibration is your alignment.

As our modern lives become increasingly technological, urban and filled with distractions, it’s easy to forget that we are part of the living planet, connected to the web of life, and completely whole and perfect exactly the way we are. The illusion of separation that is the dis-ease of modern humanity causes us to be oblivious to or deliberately ignore the communication that is coming through from your Soul, from Nature, and from the Universe at all times.

When you are in a disconnected state, it’s hard to know what your purpose is, let alone how to fulfill it. Even if you know what your purpose is, if you are out of alignment, life feels overwhelming and getting things done can be frustrating.

If life feels overwhelming, the best thing you can do is to get back in alignment – alignment with your Soul, alignment with Nature, and alignment with the Universe. This is a much more efficient use of your energy than paddling upriver through the sheer power of your will.

How to Unlock Manifestation with 3 Cosmic Energy Alignments



In order to unlock the abundance of the Universe, you must align your personal energy center with elemental Earth energy and archetypal Universal energy. Alignment is actually quite easy; you will accomplish so much more in a state of Flow and synchronicity than through the battering ram approach, which will simply exacerbate misery and exhaustion.

  1. Alignment with Your Soul. The best way to reconnect with your Soul is to reconnect with your heart; the best way to reconnect with your heart is to get back into your body. The best way to get back into your body is through movement, like ecstatic dance or yoga. End your movement session with a prayer for yourself and humanity. This will take you right back to your heart, and through connecting with physically connecting with the elements.
  2. Alignment with Earth. Our disconnection with Nature is what creates this illusion of separation. The good news is, it’s easy to re-establish your connection with Nature by simply connecting to the elements. The best way to connect with the elements is to feel the elements. Connect with water by immersing yourself in a bath. Connect with fire by spending time in a sauna or in front of a fireplace. Walk barefoot in a park to connect with the earth. Breathe deeply and feel the air caress your body.
  3. Alignment with the Universe. Alignment with the Universe is both subtle and powerful. It’s subtle because it has everything to do with our energetic vibration. If we are disconnected, it’s easy to be unaware that we are carrying a negative vibration through complaining or believing a scarcity story about ourselves. It’s powerful, because it is the archetypal realm governed by Universal Laws and containing the purest expressions of love, compassion, justice, wisdom, truth and joy. The easiest way to get in alignment with the Universe is through gratitude practice and intention-setting with archetypal principles in mind.

The Secret to Getting Into Alignment, Even When You Feel Bent Out of Shape

If you are feeling bent out of shape, powering on using the sheer power of your will is not an efficient use of your energy, and can lead to burn out. Do these 3 things to get back into alignment quickly.

  1. Center Into Your Heart. This may also involve getting into your body. A great way to quickly do this is to dance ecstatically to your favorite music. Heart-opening yoga exercises will also work. Or hop into a sauna or bath.
  2. Practice Gratitude. Gratitude magnetizes abundance. Gratitude is a resource magnet that attracts favorable allies and circumstances needed to accomplish your goals. Simply feeling gratitude for the blessings you have in life, rather than focusing on all the things you don’t have, will change your vibration from lack to abundance. This shift in energy will attract more abundance and support.
  3. Set a Positive Intention. Intention-setting directs the Flow of Universal energy towards your desired outcome. When your actions are motivated from a place of service with an intention to serve a greater good, Flow activates in your favor, so that you are carried by the river of life, rather than paddling against it. If your motivation is primarily selfish, i.e. “what’s in it for me?” then it will take more of your personal energy, and willpower to get things done. Make it a practice to examine the intentions behind your actions, align them with a higher archetypal principle, and orient them towards the accomplishment of Greater Good.

How Personal Congruence Acts Conducts the Flow of Energy



Now that you’re aware of the different nodes of alignment, what connects the Earth, You, and the Universe is your personal congruence. Think of it as the power line that connects Earth, the infinite source of creative energy, you, and the Universe – the boundless realm of possibility.

What is congruence?

Congruence refers to when 2 or more things agree with or are in harmony with each other. Common nodes of congruence are:

  • Your intention and your actions
  • What you say and what you do
  • How you present yourself to the world, and how you really are
  • What you do, and how you show up

Any time there is a gap in congruence – say a gap between what you say, and what you do – the connection between Earth energy and Universal energy, will be ruptured or unstable. You will have to lean on your own finite energy reserve to accomplish goals, and accomplishing your goals will feel more exhausting. The most efficient way to combat this is to look at where you are incongruent, and correct this.

6 Things That Fuel the Flames of Manifestation

  1. Love. The most powerful creative force in the Universe.
  2. Joy. The most powerful amplifying force in the Universe.
  3. Abundance. The Universe is abundant and infinitely giving.
  4. Equanimity. The sincere desire that all beings be happy and free.
  5. Visualization. Visualization of that which you desire in your mind’s eye every day.
  6. Non-attachment. Being free from attachment to the way in which your desired outcome shows up in your life.

Manifestation Journal

What is it that you deeply desire for yourself that you are struggling to manifest?


What actions do you need to take in order to have this?


What do you think is in the way of you having this? Write down 3 obstacles.


When you think about these challenges, what emotions come up for you?

Write down every negative thought and emotion that comes up.


If you were to wave a magic wand and have your desired outcome, how would it feel for you?

Write down every positive thought and emotion that comes up.


Your Reflections on Alignment

What do you think might be out of alignment in the way you are pursuing your desired goal?

Is your intention oriented towards self-gain rather than towards a greater good? Do your actions come from a place of love and joy, or a place of resentment and anger? Is the narrative around your goal based in scarcity or abundance?


What needs to change in order to shift your alignment?

How might you reframe intention, change your narrative, or shift your emotional energy?


What do you think might be out of congruence in the way you are living your life?

Is there a gap between the way you present yourself to the world, and the true you? Is there anything about your narrative that might not be truly authentic?


What needs to change in order for you to be more congruent?

Is there anything that you may have said or done that wasn’t truly honest that needs to be corrected? What changes do you need to make to become more a more authentic presence in the world?


What actions do you commit to taking this week to align with your Soul, Nature, or the Universe?

Schedule in some self-care time, or a nature walk.


Bridging Worlds: The Power of Bridging the Mystic with the Mundane


Would you like to have more epic lucid dreams? Would you like to know HOW having more lucid dreams helps you become a master Spirit World navigator, in addition to supporting your spiritual evolution?

Dreaming is an essential shamanic skill, as shamans are a bridge between both worlds, traditionally responsible for communication with Spirits and balancing earth energy, for the health & well being of the community. Dream practice will also strengthen your navigational skills in a plant medicine induced visionary state.

The practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga is a way that you can develop your conscious awareness so that you recognize all life as a dream, and are able to direct your consciousness with more skill while it is free of your physical body, in the dream state, as well as in the moment of death.

One of the key practices in Dream Yoga, is the practice of bridging dreaming life with waking life. In doing so, you are reminded that life is but a dream. When you are consciously aware of the dreamlike nature of experience, it is easier to be consciously aware in the dream state. One of the benefits to being consciously aware in the dream state is having epic lucid dreams.


The Link Between Lucid Dreaming & Enlightenment

In the practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga, lucid dreaming is one of the techniques that the Masters would practice in order to be able to navigate the Bardo realms after death. In fact, the Tibetans have a practice – the practice of Phowa – which is the transference of consciousness at the time of death. In Vajrayana Buddhism, Phowa practice is considered to be the quickest, most direct path to enlightenment.

Essentially, the practice involves transferring one’s consciousness through the top of the head directly into a Buddha-field of one’s choice, which allows the practitioner to continue their study of Dharma in a favorable, supportive, and divinely beautiful environment, surrounded by enlightened beings.

By so doing, one bypasses some of the typical experiences that are said to occur after death, such as being confronted by fearsome wrathful deities, which can result in a lower rebirth. As you run away from the wrathful deities and try to hide from them, the cave or house you seek shelter in ends up being the womb of your next mother. And thus repeats the cycle of rebirth.


Depending on your karmic circumstances, you might spiral down, rather than evolve up, taking on more karma, and more cycles of rebirth…until one day your practice is so strong that you are able to break free from the Wheel of Life as an enlightened being.

The practice of Phowa is serious and profound. As with any “short cut” spiritual practice, there are inherent dangers to the practitioner if they are mistaken in their understanding of the teachings or the practice. This is an advanced practice that should only be followed under the instruction of a Master.

However, Dream Yoga is a practice that is considerably more safe and fun. While studying with a Master can be immensely powerful, you can start on your own and follow some wonderful books on the topic. I’ve listed my favorites in the resource links below.

The 3 Cardinal Rules of Lucid Dreaming

While in the West, there is much more focus on lucid dreaming for entertainment purposes, because you can do “anything” in the dream state and not suffer “real” consequences, in Tibetan Buddhism, dream yoga is a sacred, spiritual practice.

Because energy moves more freely and quickly in the dream state, the Tibetans believe that karma (both positive and negative karmas) of body, speech and mind would also be accelerated.

Lucid dreaming can be easily used to perpetuate the problems you experience in waking life. For this reason, it’s important to follow these 3 cardinal rules of lucid dreaming, and maintain your integrity in the dream state as you would in waking life

  1. Avoid Harming Yourself. The great news is that it’s pretty hard to harm yourself in the dream state, even deliberately. But because your intrinsic nature is divine, do also respect, love, and honor your dream body.
  2. Avoid Harming Others. While killing other dream beings in the dream state is nowhere near as bad as killing a living, breathing being, it does leave the taint of negative karma, especially if this is done with malice (as opposed to self defense) or enjoyment of harming others. Even in a dream, can you try to get along and coexist in peace?
  3. Avoid Sexual Misconduct. Dream sex can be pretty fun, especially if your dream partner is hot and excited about it. But just because you are in a dream, doesn’t give you karma-free license to assault or rape the dream beings around you. Try “consent” – it works even in the dream state


10 Lucid Dreaming Super Powers

The Tibetan Masters had specific goals they would pursue in the lucid dream state, goals that would strengthen their conscious awareness and accelerate their attainment of enlightenment. Even though many of these dreamstate attainments are fun and exhilarating, dream yogis did not engage in the sacred practice of lucid dreaming for entertainment!

Here are time-honored Dream Yoga attainments that will help you hone your dreaming skills, and give you freedom and empowerment in life.

  1. Flying. Flying in the dream state is the ultimate experience of freedom. Pay attention to how you fly. Do you sprout wings and soar like an eagle? Or do you find yourself doing the breaststroke through the sky? Can you fly in different ways?
  2. Shapeshifting. You can transform yourself into anything, such as your power animal, the opposite sex, your favorite superhero, or a fire-breathing dragon. Is there a particular dreamstate avatar that you assume? See how shapeshifting shifts your perspective on who you are and how you can be in waking life.
  3. Facing Your Fears. Have you noticed that if you find yourself being chased in the dream state, the more you try to get away, the scarier the dream becomes? Try turning around and face your pursuers. Chances are, you will discover that they aren’t so scary after all. In fact, they might just even vanish.
  4. Meeting Other Sentient Beings. Without physical distance separating you, you can potentially meet anyone you want. Or get to know the other dream people in your dreamscape. Or find your mission-aligned soul tribe and create a pact to try to meet in real life.
  5. Communicating with an Enlightened Being (Yidam). Encounters with divine beings in the dream state are highly sought after, and as with shamanic journeys, not uncommon. Try invoking the divine beings you are allied with and see what happens.
  6. Receiving Teachings, Empowerments & Transmissions. In addition to encounters with divine beings, you can also meet with healers, elders, teachers of the past, present and future. This is a great opportunity to receive wisdom, guidance, a blessing, empowerment, or a direct transmission. Just ask.
  7. Visiting Different Planes, Places, or Worlds (Lokas). Can you push the boundaries of your dreamscape? What happens if you fly out to outer space? Or dive deep into the the deep ocean? Or burrow into the earth? How about stepping into other dimensions and visiting other worlds. What do these places look like?
  8. Changing the Dreamscape. Can you transform the world around you just by the intention of your mind? Transform night into day, or day into night. Transform winter into summer. Will your surroundings to be somewhere else – another country, another world.
  9. Exercising Siddhic Powers, Flexing Your Super Powers. As yogis developed in their mastery of spiritual teachings, they would develop siddhis, or supernatural powers. The dreamstate is the perfect place to exercise your siddhic powers. Walk through walls. Levitate. Chased in a nightmare? Fling fireballs at your enemies.
  10. Formal Meditation. Because energy is so much more fluid in the dream state, it is said that the effects and benefits of sadhana practice in the dream state is also accelerated. Chakra meditation, vipassana, sadhana practice with mudra, chanting and visualization, Dzogchen practice are all powerful practices to do in the dream state.

At the height of my Tibetan Dream Yoga practice, I developed the skill of doing formal practice in the lucid dreamstate. Whether I was simply sitting in Vipassana style meditation, or working with chakras, mudra and chanting, my practice would have different, fascinating effects. At one point I even attempted to do a complex Vajrasattva meditation in the lucid dream state, and was amazed by how vibrant and easy it was to visualize the Yidam. However, the practice also made my Kundalini energy rise quickly up my dream spine. The energy was intense, woke me up, I felt a bit depleted the next day. More practice was obviously needed.

Pro Tip: How to Re-Enter the Same Dream if You Have Woken Up

Sometimes you can wake yourself up if you focus too hard on maintaining lucidity in a dream. This can cause you to exit an epic lucid dream, or emerge out of a dream during an important moment of resolution. If you want to go back to the same place in the dream you just woke up from, do this:

  • Stay in exactly the same position. Do not move 1 inch.
  • Gently visualize the seed syllable “a” at your throat chakra. Don’t think or focus too hard. Just feel it there, soft and glowing.
  • Allow yourself to fall immediately back to sleep. The more quickly you do this after awaking, the easier it will be to fall asleep again. You want to try to stay submerged in the depths of the soft, open state of dream consciousness, rather than emerge into the harder, clearer, and more focused state of wakefulness. If you move, or think too hard, you will lose the thread.

This technique is really subtle. It’s a known technique, but I’ve only been able to use it once to return to a dream where I found myself becoming lucid. But that one time was what I needed to resolve a problem I had been enduring for over 10 years.

I was in Peru, sleeping in a hostel during a trip into the Sacred Valley. I had just recently met a young 16 Peruvian girl who had lived with shamans in the jungle and drank ayahuasca, who amazed me with her dream stories.

So it was during this time, that I found myself in a dream, a recurring dream that I had for over a decade, involving an abusive ex-boyfriend I had in college, who engaged in dark spiritual arts, and gave me psychedelics.

In this recurring dream, I found my dream self living in a dream life where I was still his girlfriend, even though we broke up in a dramatic way (I packed up, fled, never to return, and had to call a big black guy friend I barely new to help me).

It was some kind of weird entrapment dream, where I would go through the motions of being his girlfriend, even though something in my dream consciousness nagged at me, telling me there was something not right about the scene. Usually, I’d start to realize, “Wait a second. We broke up over a decade ago. It was a horrible, scary, dark relationship. He was delusional, psychologically abusive and an energy vampire. I got away from him.” Then, when I remembered, I’d wake up.

These entrapment dreams, and the entity intrusions that plagued me years after I left the relationship, stopped during the 3 years I was living in the Tibetan meditation center. But I had left the center and returned to secular life.

So the entrapment dream came back again, when I was in Peru. But this time, I had several years of Tibetan Dream Yoga practice under my built.

Not moving 1 inch of my body, I directed my consciousness back into the dream state. And I found myself, exactly in the same spot in the dream – the same dream room, in our shared dream apartment, living a dream life as boyfriend and girlfriend!

This time I turned around and faced him.

“We broke up years ago,” I said. “I am in Peru, asleep and this is my dream. You are in MY DREAM! I DEMAND that you leave me alone. I DEMAND that you leave my dream.”

I faced him down, with my own wrathful awareness.

I felt a rush of energy. I woke up with a jolt.

The recurring dreams stopped.

10 Benefits of Conscious Dreamwork

In addition to the spiritual benefits that Dream Yogis can receive through the practice of Dream Yoga, there are numerous personal benefits you can receive as well. Here are some of them:

  • Cultivate your innate intuitive abilities
  • Discover more freedom of being
  • Uncover hidden gifts and potential
  • Overcome fears, gain confidence
  • Heal past trauma
  • Deep emotional release
  • Resolve unresolved dramas with other people
  • Help you solve problems in a non-logical, non-linear way
  • Prepare you for death, the afterlife & the unexpected
  • Increase your ability to change your reality and manifest what you want

Dreams can be altered through will and intention. They are a powerful metaphor for life and our experience of reality. The Tibetan Masters understood that we create our own reality, because everything originates in the mind, our experience arises from our own consciousness. If you can change your mind, you can change your reality. Just like changing your dreams.

4 Easy Ways to Have More Lucid Dream

There are a number of things you can do that will help you have more lucid dreams.

1. Take Dreaming Herbs. There numerous herbs and supplements that enhance dreaming, that can easily be researched online. I don’t want to turn this already long article into a book, so I will share my favorite herbal blend for dreaming – mugwort and marijuana. I like to smoke this blend, because I prefer to avoid using tobacco in my spliffs. My smoking blend tends to have these organic herbs in it:

  • Marijuana
  • Damiana
  • Sage
  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Mullein (if I want to cut tobacco cravings)

Not only is this smoking blend relaxing, the mugwort and marijuana combo makes your dreams more vivid and more colorful. Lavender is fragrant and relaxing. Sage is used for healing and purifying your auric field. The damiana provides a mood uplift and is used in magic for astral travel. Mullein has a history of use as a dreaming herb as well, primarily to ward off bad dreams, or for prophetic dreaming.

If you are not into smoking, this blend can easily be made into a tea and drunk before bedtime.

2. Do Dream Recollection & Journaling. It’s important to do this first thing in the morning, ideally in a physical dream journal rather than on a laptop, because by the time you get out of bed and fire up your computer, your dream may have already faded. Dream journaling strengthens your dreaming skills because

  • It increases your dream recall
  • As you train yourself to remember dreams, lucid dreams will become more vivid
  • As you log your dreams, you will start to notice patterns, like recurring symbols and signs
  • Your journal will help you decode the dream signs and symbols and understand what they mean to you.
  • Recurring dream signs & symbols can be leveraged as lucid dream anchors, reminders that you are dreaming the next time one appears

3. Listen to Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming. Binaural beats are a kind of brain entrainment technology that uses audio to stimulate and change your brain state. The audio is delivered as 2 different pure-tone sine waves, with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them. The 2 audio tones are presented to a listener dichotically (one through each ear) in an oscillating fashion. The oscillating frequencies create an auditory illusion that causes the brain to perceive a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies.

These binaural beats can entrain the brain to enter different brainwave states, depending on their frequency or HZ (hertz). These brainwave states are conducive towards achieving different states of consciousness, states that take longer and more practice to achieve using traditional methods. Binaural beats can help you quickly enter into a meditative state, relax, have greater mental clarity, more confidence, and even lucid dream.

Theta waves are the brainwaves associated with dreaming, light sleep, deep relaxation, profound relaxation and calm. Delta waves (0.5-4HZ), by contrast, are the brainwave frequency you have when you are in very deep sleep. The best brainwave state for lucid dreaming is the Theta stage, which is 4HZ-8HZ.

You can find a number of Theta wave binaural beat meditation tracks online. Find one you like and listen to it as you drift off to sleep.

4. Practice Dream Yoga. I mean this in a broader sense than the traditional Tibetan Dream Yoga, are any practices you can do as you are falling asleep, waking up, or in the dream state itself. Here are 2 of my favorite dream yoga techniques.

  • Look At Your Dream Hands. A dream yoga technique that has worked well for me is described in Carlos Castenada’s book, the Art of Dreaming, which unleashed a spate of surreal lucid dreams when I began reading it. Don Juan tells Castenada to look remember to look at his hands in his dreams. I practiced the looking at my hands technique, not only did it totally work for me, my hands appeared to glow with a green, electric energy. Then I’d become lucid, and try to fly.However, my ability to navigate lucid dreams shifted to a new level of sophistication when I began my formal study and practice of ancient art of Tibetan Dream Yoga. The Tibetan Masters have thoroughly plumbed the depths of non-ordinary consciousness, mapped numerous spiritual realms, and documented what you can, ought to, and should not do there for at least 1000 years.


  • Visualize the Seed Syllable “A”. In Tibetan Dream Yoga, the chakra that governs dreaming is the throat chakra, which is related to communication. The symbol of that chakra is Tibetan seed syllable “a”. When ringed by a rainbow “tigle” it is the symbol for Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, a tradition of teachings oriented towards recognition of and abiding in the Nature of Mind, the natural primordial state of being. In order for your conscious awareness to transition from waking to dreaming without interruption, practice visualizing the Tibetan seed syllable “a” in the center of your through, in a glowing red ball of light. Focus your attention on the color, the sound of “aaaahhhh”, and if you are good, the actual symbol itself.

Tibetan Dream Yoga Practice

Life is but a dream, and the purpose of spiritual practice is to awaken from the dream and recognize our true, divine nature. Tibetan Dream Yoga includes wakeup, daytime and nighttime practices so that you train your mind on recognizing the dreamlike quality of human existence.

  • Wakeup practices help you recall your dreams, allowing you to remember more of them, in greater detail.
  • Daytime practices help you recognize the dreamlike nature of all existence, enabling you to dissolve the barrier between the dream of life and the sleeping dream. This strengthens your ability to experience the dreamstate as vividly as the waking state, while reminding you of the illusory, impermanent nature of all sensory phenomena.
  • Nighttime practices help you develop the skill of lucid dreaming, so you can accelerate your spiritual development.

Daytime Dream Yoga Meditation Practices

Contemplate these 4 truths about the illusory nature of all phenomena.

  • Yourself. Contemplate the body as illusory and unreal. Your physical body is constantly changing, cells renew and die, eventually you will grow old, die, and your corpse will disintegrate. Your physical body will cease to be. When your physical body ceases to be, what happens to “I”?
  • Your thoughts. Contemplate the mind and mental activities as similarly insubstantial. Like clouds in the sky, thoughts and emotions arise, dissolve, and disappear.
  • The world. All life is born, grows old, and dies. All physical objects eventually decay and dissolve. Recognize the world and all tangible phenomena and experience as dreamlike, insubstantial, impermanent, and unreal.
  • All intangible phenomena. Our existence is governed by numerous intangible forces that elude the grasping, analytical nature of our ordinary minds. Experience of this intangible phenomena is also relative to the organism that you are and the consciousness you have. Recognize the relativity and ungraspable quality such as time, space, gravity, knowledge, and awareness.

The practice of contemplating these four truths throughout our waking hours helps to dissolve the barrier between the dream of life and the sleeping dream. This allows us to recognize that our nighttime dreams are a continuation of our waking dream, and we learn to bring habitual awareness to both.

Nighttime Dream Yoga Meditation Practices

As you go to sleep at night, lie flat on your back with your spine straight, and your arms on either side of your body in corpse posture.

  • Contemplate the illusory nature of all phenomena, in order to create the conditions for mindful, lucid dreaming.
  • Dedicate your practice. To strengthen your resolve to awaken within the dream, recite this prayer dedicating your dream practice towards the awakening of all beings 3 times:
    “May I awaken within this dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming, so that all dreamlike beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.”
  • Visualize the seed syllable “a” in your throat chakra, surrounding by a soft red light. Associate the symbol with the sound “ahhh”. Keep your awareness on it while you are falling asleep.

This chakra visualization practice will enable you to maintain awareness of Ground Luminosity, (also known as Clear Light in the Dzogchen tradition, both while dreaming and while deeply asleep). It is the light of Universal Consciousness, the pure radiance of simple wakefulness.

Dream Yoga Wake-up Practice

The best time to recall your dreams is immediately after waking. It’s best to remain still in bed, for a few minutes, to allow your mind to recall your dream experiences. When you feel like you’ve remembered everything you could about your last night’s dream, start the day with the following pranayama yoga practice to support and strengthen your dream recall abilities:

  • Begin with Simhasana (the lion’s out-breath), breathing out with the sound “ah”, while sticking out your tongue as far as it will go
  • Then, assume Lion’s Pose for awakening and purifying – sitting up in bed with raised head and gazing and emphasizing the exhalation, repeating the “ah” out breath three times
  • Next, step out of bed, raising your energy by standing up, reaching the fingertips to the sky, and repeating the lion’s out-breath

With mindful reflection on the transition between the states of sleeping, dreaming, and waking reality, come into the present moment to record your dreams in your dream journal. Thus, you start the day recognizing the illusory nature of all phenomena.

Here’s how to do Lion’s Breath


Why Lucid Dreaming Is a Powerful Shamanic Practice

Anyone who has experienced lucid dreams and plant medicine ceremonies will notice the similarities and differences between the dream state, and shamanic visions. You can have a lot of similar experiences in each state, though those experiences tend to feel much stronger in the visionary state. But the dreamstate and visionary state has key distinctions, largely around what you are capable of doing in each state.


The Difference between Shamanic Visions & Lucid Dreams

Shamanic visions, especially those received in sacred plant medicine ceremony, tend to be much more directly attuned with information coming from spiritual realms, because you are in an expanded state of consciousness. And if you purged, in addition to clearing your body temple, chances are, emotional, mental, and other subconscious junk got cleared out along with the vomit. So whatever visions, downloads, and spirit world journeys are experienced in a much clearer and more powerful way.

Shamanic visions also tend to “unfold”, with the journeyer being taken along for the ride, like a boat on a river. The more open your mind is, the more incredible visions can come through. Unlike dreams, shamanic visions tend to have more visual consistency, in that some of the realms you visit can seem remarkably real, in landscape and architecture. Versus a dream, where you are naked, at the office, surrounded by coworkers, and your boss has turned into a giraffe. And now that you are lucid, it’s time to fly out of the window and get away from all of that.

Dreams tend to be considerably more surreal and filled with noise ejected by your subconscious as it processes your day-to-day experience. It can be more challenging to determine what is a divine signal, and what is subconscious noise.

However, dreams can be radically altered through will and intention. They are a powerful metaphor for life and our experience of reality, so the mastery of subtle art of dreamstate navigation and dreamscape transformation is an excellent shamanic skill.

The primary difference between lucid dreaming and shamanic visions is what you can change and how you can change it. Dreams are much more easily altered at will, while it’s difficult to change or modify an ayahuasca vision. The sacred medicines will show you what THEY think you need to see.

The main thing you can change in a plant medicine vision is yourself, primarily through shapeshifting. You can also change your location, but not in the way this works in the dreamstate.

Too much mental focus and hardness of concentration tends to make a shamanic vision dissipate. Or result in a “contrived” vision, largely directed by your conscious mind. Because of this quality, a lot of the lucid dreaming techniques may be difficult to apply to a shamanic journey.

In a similar way, too much mental focus can wake you up out of a lucid dream. In either scenario, conscious navigation of dream states and visionary states is a subtle art that balances your capacity to maintain a wide open consciousness, with a dash of intention. However, mastery of these subtle states of consciousness will make you a master navigator of dreamstates, the Spirit World, and waking life.

The Tibetan Masters understood that we create our own reality, because everything originates in the mind, our experience arises from our own consciousness. If you can change your mind, you can change your reality. Just like changing your dreams.

Your Shamanic Dream Yoga Journal

Keeping a dream journal will help you discover the patterns and recurring themes in your dream, and decode the messages the Universe has for you, hidden in the symbolic language of your subconscious mind. When you identify recurring dream signs, you can also use them as lucid dreaming anchors, so that the next time you see the sign, it reminds you that you are dreaming.

DATE: ______________________                                                                        LUCID: YES/NO

NAME YOUR DREAM: ________________________________________________________________________________________

IF LUCID, WHAT CAUSED IT:  _________________________________________________________________________________

What happened in your dream?

Write down everything you can remember in the present tense to bring you back to the moment.


Identify the dream themes, especially if they are recurring dream themes.

What repetitive themes, scenes, symbols or images come up for you in your visions and dreams? Which people, guides, teachers, spirits, ancestors, relations and friends show up repeatedly in your visions and dreams? Pay special attention to any emotional responses that arose for you, in addition what you saw in the dream.


Draw anything of significance that appeared for you in the dream, especially symbols and words.

Don’t worry if it isn’t art, this is to help you with dream recall. Note anything that strikes you about the dream sign.





















What major life issues are going on for you right now?

Do you see any relationship with your life issues and your dream themes? This tends to become more clear over time.


What parallel themes appear in your shamanic journeys?

Do you see any relationship with your dream themes and your shamanic journeys?


Dream Yoga & Lucid Dreaming Resources

My favorite book on the topic is Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by my Teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. I attended a number of Dream Yoga retreats with him as well.

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream & Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Dream Yoga: The Practice of Lucid Dreaming as a Path to Enlightenment by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Namkhai Norbu

Tibetan Dream Yoga Audio CD by Lama Surya Das


Raise Your Vibration & Magnetize What You Want


Do you know why cultivating a high vibration accelerates success? The emotional energy that contributes to having a “high vibration” is energy that is expansive, loving, joyful, spacious, accepting, and kind. It makes people feel really good to be around you, and makes you attractive – to opportunities and powerful allies.

There are 3 powerful benefits to having a high vibration:

  1. Attraction – you become magnetic to opportunities and people, which enhances the experience of feeling lucky, and supports you in reaching your goals more quickly, with ease and grace.
  2. Creativity – when you are in an expansive state, naturally, creativity flows. New ideas and novel approaches to solving problems abound.
  3. Cosmic downloads – your intuition is optimized in a high-vibrational state, increasing your decision-making abilities, and helping you navigate more quickly to your end goals.

Now cultivating a high vibration does not mean ignoring your shadow, or suppressing negative emotions. It’s important to own your shadow, otherwise, there is a tendency to engage in spiritual bypassing which can be hurtful to others and limits your own evolution. It’s also important and healthy to fully process negative emotions, in order to completely release them, so that unresolved emotions do not negatively impact your state of mind or relationships with other people.

8 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration can be easy and fun. Here are some suggestions.

  • Dance to uplifting music. Getting the body moving is a great way to shake off the blahs, especially when grooving out to your favorite music.
  • Listen to sacred music. Bhajans, medicine songs, any music that is attuned to the sacred, has the power to raise our vibration in contemplation of the Divine.
  • Sing medicine songs. An even better way to immerse yourself in the high vibration of sacred music is to learn how to sing and play those songs yourself. The vibration of your voice and the focus of your thoughts and emotions towards the meaning of the lyrics, even if they are in another languages, brings that healing energy home.
  • Chanting and meditation. Meditation can bring us to higher states of consciousness. In a similar way to singing medicine songs, chanting focuses the mind on the sacred and infuses the vibration of sacred sound into our body, mind and spirit.
  • Commune with nature. In Japan, forest bathing is the medicine of taking in the forest atmosphere, and is an important aspect of preventative health care and healing in Japanese culture. In oriental medicine, it is believed that you can supplement your own vital energy, by taking in the vital energy of Nature. The energy of Nature is soothing, and restorative.
  • Anoint yourself with essential oils. Fragrance, especially fragrance from organic, sustainably harvested flowers, herbs, and fragrant woods, have the ability to instantly shift your energetic vibration and infuse your being with the healing qualities of the plant.
  • Smudge with sacred plants. Smudging with fragrant herbs like sage, sweetgrass, copal, palo santo, are ancient ways to purify and cleanse spaces, tools, and people. While this is an ancient practice, in recent years, scientists have discovered that medicinal smoke also rapidly cleanses the air of a wide range of airborne bacteria.
  • Listen to brain entrainment audio meditations. Brain entrainment technology, like binaural beats or isochronic tones, balances both hemispheres of the brain, and can rapidly bring our brainwaves into different brainwave frequencies in order to achieve specific states of consciousness that are conducive to certain outcomes – like relaxation, deep sleep, creativity – faster than meditation.

What to Do If It’s Hard to Shake the Blahs


  • Take a hot shower, bath, sauna, or steam bath. Water is purifying and cleansing; sometimes difficult emotions need to be sweated out.
  • Do a long session of yoga. Yoga harmonizes the body and mind, and deep stretching gets energy flowing. An extended session of hot, sweaty yoga can be a great way to go from blah to bliss.
  • Spend time with someone uplifting. Do you have a friend who always makes you laugh – in a positive way? Schedule some hangout time.
  • Cocoon, process, and restore. Sometimes, if you are going through a rough patch, it will take you a few days to process through everything that is coming up for you. Allow yourself that time to cocoon and process your thoughts and emotions. Take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself, and get good rest…Life’s challenges are easier to take on when you are fully restored.

A Powerful Practice to Maintain A High Vibe Throughout the Day

Taking regular vibe reset breaks will allow you to maintain a good vibration throughout the day, and minimize the length of time an off-centering event impacts your state of mind. Here’s what to do.

  1. Start the day with a gratitude. Instead of reaching for your phone and reading the news as the first thing you do when you get out of bed, start the day with a meditation practice, that includes contemplating all the things you are grateful for.
  2. Schedule vibe resets during the day. If you are like most people, chances are, there are certain daily responsibilities that you can’t get around, that have the ability to put you off-center, such as dealing with rush hour commutes, or handing off your kids to an ex-partner. Scheduling vibe reset breaks after these responsibilities, or even just at regular intervals throughout the day, can transform bad vibes and help you maintain your peace of mind.
  3. End the day with gratitude. Reflect on the events of the day, take note of the wins of the day, especially any progress made towards fulfilling your Soul Purpose. Contemplate all the things you are grateful for having experienced or accomplished that day, and, if it helps, make a list of the things you want to accomplish the following day.
  4. Listen to relaxing, high-vibe music at bed-time. Once of the things I really like doing, that helps me have a deeper, more restorative sleep, is listening to a meditation track with delta wave binaural beats to bring the body to deep sleep more quickly.


Your Vibration Tracker

In order to become a master at managing your vibration, it’s important to take note of things that through your peace of mind out of whack, and what helps you get back to center.

During the day, take note of the things that trigger you or cause you to be off-center.

This may involve interactions with certain people, or specific activities and situations you habitually find yourself in, and even foods you eat.


Which of these situations can you change, either by not engaging with it, changing your narrative around it, or changing the environment in which it happens?

If rush-hour traffic puts you in a bad mood, can you change your environment so that you listen to uplifting music, an interesting podcast, or take public transportation to work more often? If interaction with a family member is habitually stressful and draining, can you limit the time you spend with them, establish stronger boundaries or change your narrative about the dynamic?


Which activities do you find to be the most effective in shifting your vibration?


Can you schedule vibe resets throughout the day? Make a list of when you might need these.

A great way to frame your day is to engage in a vibe enhancing activity at the start of and the end of your day. You can also program your phone to remind you of a vibe reset, say after a regular company meeting, after lunch, etc.


Ground Your Vision Into Inspired Action


What do you most want for yourself in life? Do you know what the most powerful thing you can do to make this vision a reality?

Taking consistent, inspired, daily action.

This steady drumbeat of inspired action tells the Universe you are serious about manifesting your dreams.

Too many people go through life carrying a sense of deep dissatisfaction, wondering how their lives could become better, or if it’s even possible for them to achieve it in this lifetime. Going through the motions of life like a zombie, wondering why other people seem to attract what they want with ease and grace, while others struggle, wondering when the Creator will finally throw them a bone.

And that no matter how hard they try, no matter what they do, no matter how much they visualize what they want, and try to will it into existence…they just can’t seem to get there…

Perhaps you feel this way. Maybe not about everything, but maybe you feel this way about enough of the important things.

If this sounds like you, know you are not alone.

Spiritual masters understood that you create your own reality, that “thoughts become things”, and the more you focus on something (whether it’s something you want, or something you REALLY DON’T want) those things tend to come to pass.

This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction.

However, there is one majorly overlooked flaw with the way that Law of Attraction techniques are presented, that keep so many LOA enthusiasts struggling to attract what they want. You see, it’s not enough to THINK about what you want, you need to also take action towards it. The right kind of action.

What is the right kind of action? It is action that is:

  • Big and stretches you to your limits
  • Smart and strategic – the right action at the right time
  • Consistent, steady, and momentum creating
  • Implemented from a place of inspiration and joy
  • And oriented towards a higher good

A big mistake that many people make in practicing the Law of Attraction is that their actions are predominantly ego-based, rather than altruistically inspired. And frankly, while the Universe wants you to have what you want, leveraging its magic to manifest 100 pairs of shoes is not the highest use of such divine, creative energy.

What’s the Difference Between Inspired Action & Ego-Based Action?

And how do you know if your actions are inspired or egoic?

Ego-based action tends to be selfish and materialistic in nature. It is focused on what you want, not what is best for the common good, which also includes you. Ego-based action doesn’t care about negative impacts to other people, the environment, or the planet. Ego-based action can also be applied towards charitable endeavors or causes, but the motivation might be rooted in your desire for fame, recognition, or having it done your way. Ego-based action is done from the place of serving yourself, rather than serving the Universe. And if getting what you want feels like pushing a river, and you are feeling burned out and resentful, chances are, you are operating from an ego-driven place.



Inspired action is the result of following your intuition or your inner guide. Some call it instructions from the Universe, others call it “divine guidance”. You can easily tell inspired action from ego-based action based on how you feel. Here are their key differences:

  • Inspired action makes you feel good while ego-based action stems out from fear.
  • Inspired action feels like play while ego-based action follows a set of rules that makes tasks feel like soul-leeching drudgery.
  • Inspired action feels something comfortable while ego-based action shows up during the moments that you are impatient.
  • Inspired action is focused on the journey while ego-based action is focused on the outcome.
  • Inspired action often comes from flashes of inspiration, while ego-based action needs to stick to the strategic plan.

This doesn’t mean that you should never engage in egoic action, as long as you can discern whether the action is ego-focused versus ego-directed.. Egoic action can be powerful and necessary in order, especially when executing complex and ambitious projects. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of both – inspired action, and ego-directed action performed from a place of joyful service.

Is It Possible to Use Inspired Action to Attract Money?

Absolutely, if done in the right way! One of the biggest blocks that spiritual people have around wealth and abundance is this idea that money is not spiritual, or even the root of all evil.

This is a mistake. The original saying is that “Love of money is the root of all evil.”

Money itself is just a tool that can be used for positive or negative goals. A more shamanic approach to money is to consider it as a form of energy. Abundance energy.

Money can be incredibly powerful if used to achieve positive outcomes. And when money is used as a force for good, the more money that flows towards that endeavor, the greater the impact.

The key to shifting actions related to money from ego-driven to inspired is to realign the intention towards achieving a higher goal, on that benefits more people than just you. A goal that benefits the planet.

5 Things You Can Do to Add Inspiration to Your Actions

If you feel like your actions are lacking inspiration, and getting things done feels like a grind, here are some tips that might be able to help shift your vibration:

  1. Do something that you would not normally do. Follow a different path or try something new like eating a new cuisine.
  2. Take hints from the universe. Notice what is going on around you. The universe is constantly sending you hints on how to achieve the things that you want – this could be random things like a street sign or an ad in a newspaper.
  3. Let your thoughts fly by. Send your intention to the Universe and then take note of the thoughts that come to you. The answer that you need may come to you through your thoughts. When you have it, make sure to follow the instructions given to you by the Universe.
  4. Let go of logic for a moment. Do not try to figure things out using reason. Inspired action is not always bound by logic.
  5. Trust your intuition. Your instincts will guide you to take inspired action even if you think that it doesn’t make sense at all.

4 Signs that an Action is Lacking in Inspiration



What are the telltale signs that your action is lacking inspiration? Here are some hints:

  1. Your action is motivated by obligation or guilt.
  2. You follow reason and override your heart.
  3. You always stick to your plans and ignore when intuition kicks in.
  4. Your action comes from a place of fear.

Your Inspired Action Journal

Inspiration comes to everyone, but not all trust their intuition and follow through when they need to take action. Here’s a journal that will help you achieve the things you truly desire.

What are the thoughts that dominate your mind these days?

These will give you hints as to why you are where you are right now.


What story do you have about yourself?

This will show you what your self-limiting beliefs are.


What are the actions that you do out of fear, guilt, or obligation?

Which actions can you let go of doing? Is there a way to shift the emotional quality around the responsibilities you must keep?


What actions are you committing to let go of?


What do you deeply desire in life?

Start with the end goal in mind. Imagine what this looks like, and most importantly, how it feels to actually have it, right now.


What are 3 major milestones that you need to accomplish to get this?


What do you want 1 year from now?


What actions do you need to take in the next 12 months in order to move closer to this goal?


Of these actions, which are actions that you find the most exciting? Which are the actions that you find are the most tedious, but must be done?


How would it feel for you to know that the tedious actions you must take, are making you stronger, wiser, and moving you closer to your goals?


Who are all the other people who will benefit from you achieving your goals?


How will achieving your goals make the world a better and more harmonious place?


Harness the Flow & Fall Madly in Love with Life


Do you know what the number 1 misunderstanding many spiritually conscious visionaries have around the concept of Flow?

They mistake “Going with the Flow” with “Flow State”.

“Going with the Flow” is choosing the path of least resistance, whatever feels easy and effortless. Like the flow of water to lower elevations, “Going with the Flow” takes you on an enjoyable, meandering journey, where you may twist, turn and backtrack. This journey may not even take you to your goals. Instead, it may present other opportunities, and totally sidetrack you from your initial destination.

“Flow State” is a specific state of consciousness. Also known as “the Zone”, it refers to a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time. The end result is rapid, creative and joyful goal achievement.

What Happens If You “Go with the Flow”

The mistake that many spiritual visionaries make is that they have a big vision, and a burning desire to make a big impact, but want to choose the path of least resistence to get there.

Like water, they meander through life, trusting that they will arrive at their grand destination. Anything uncomfortable, that feels like too much effort, is avoided, because it doesn’t feel like it is “in Flow.”

The years slip by, and they start to wonder, why their big goals still seem so far away. Maybe they’ve made it incrementally closer, but at the pace in which they are going, it doesn’t look like they will be able to achieve it in their lifetime unless a miracle happens. They wonder how other successful people were able to “flow” into abundance and success. Maybe they need to do more spiritual work. Maybe there are more emotional blocks to clear. They’ve done so much inner work already, yet they invest in more spiritual or personal development work because that’s where they think the solution lies.

“Going with the Flow” rarely gets you to the top of the mountain, if that’s where you want to be.

Big goals require big effort, and the grit to overcome big challenges that might be in your way.

3 Great Reasons for Going with the Flow

That being said, there are really great reasons for “Going with the Flow”, and it’s important to apply this concept of Flow accordingly.

  • For social engagements.
  • When exploring a new relationship.
  • When you are engaged in leisure activities or on vacation.

What Happens If You Achieve a “Flow State”



World famous psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, investigated the phenomenon of flow and interviewed thousands of people from a diverse background (mountain climbers, chess players, ballet dancers, tennis players, surgeons, etc.). He concluded that this is a universal experience. Those in the flow state are able to experience the following:

  1. They have clarity on goals, knowing what they really want to achieve, and are able to identify feedback on their progress.
  2. It’s easy for them to concentrate on what they are doing; the other things fade away in the background.
  3. Action merges with awareness, similar to that of a guitarist losing himself playing his instrument, making it seem like the action is effortless, but in truth, really is not for others.
  4. Feel a state of control over what they are doing, without any worries about losing or failing.
  5. Timelessness or losing track of time. Time flies by easily when one is in the state of flow.
  6. Losing self-consciousness.
  7. The activity in itself is intrinsically rewarding. They do the activities because it gives them a sense of fulfillment.
  8. They become less aware of physical needs.

5 Reasons to Seek a “Flow State”

Why should you aim to have a “flow state”? Here are some of the benefits for your consideration:

  1. It will help you exercise control. When in the flow state, it would be easier to grab a hold of your life where you are able to implement decisions and choices on your own.
  2. Gain freedom from negative thoughts. Flow prompts you to mindfulness, your attention is centered at the task at hand. And when you are focused on a certain task, you also become oblivious to the negative thoughts.
  3. You will become competent at what you do. According to K. Anders Ericsson, it takes 10,000 hours before one can be a master at something, or roughly equivalent to ten years. With the flow state, you are able to put more hours on a particular activity. This means that it is possible for you to achieve mastery.
  4. It’s possible to achieve personal growth and improve connection with others. The flow gives people the feeling of being capable, competent, and skilled. It also allows them to have better integration with the self and that with others.
  5. This can build your confidence. And this is not just a result of having been able to build some skills and being competent. It’s also about being comfortable about the person that you really are, not influenced by the what others think about you (such as the way you look).

Superfluidity – Peak Performance that is Beyond the “Flow State”


You have to understand that being in the flow state is not a guarantee that you’ll feel happy with what you’re doing. The flow state comes in different levels. The ultimate flow experience is what psychologists call as “superfluidity”. This is characterized by zero friction, zero viscosity, and superconductivity.

You may have witnessed this in one of the athletic performances at the Olympics. Superfluidity is peak performance, often described by those who have seen it as “humanly impossible”. World class athlete, coach, author, and political activist Christopher Bergland describes this as a “state of absolute harmony and endless energy”. A person becomes one with the task, dissolving in a state of superfluidity. While Csikszentmihalyi classified the “ecstatic state”, the feeling that musicians feel when they are outside of what they are creating with their hands, under Flow, Bergland on the other hand considers the “ecstatic state” as entering Super Flow or Superfluidity.

Regular Flow is readily accessible on a daily basis, but Super Flow on the other hand is more of episodic. Those in a state of Super Flow or Superfluidity feel spontaneous joy, but those in a state of regular flow may not necessarily feel ecstatic. As an athlete, Bergland says that he was able to achieve the state of Superfluidity during competitions. He described it as an out-of-body experience where he seemed like plugged to a “higher source”. Bergland believes that everybody has access to this universal source of energy. Channeling to this source is said to increase your abilities to new heights.

Flow is to natural, while superfluidity is to supernatural. It gives people the ability to do phenomenal things. Bergland believes that moments of superfluidity are not just a result of intense training and determination; it’s the result of divine intervention. And this can be achieved by anyone who’s in the flow. Superfluidity is based on your own skills and level of challenge. It’s relative to the baseline of your ability.

7 Things You Need to do Get Into a High-Performance “Flow State”

Remember that being in a flow state will be a different experience from one person to another. For instance, women from traditional societies find flow in housework, but this is considered a daunting task for those in Europe. For some, activities like socializing, hobbies, studying, sex, and work allow them to be in the flow. With this said, people will have their own concept of being in the “flow” and activities that will get them there. How can you find it? Here are some practical things that will help you get in the “zone”.

  1. Use music to your advantage. Music touches the soul, which can bring you from fluid performance to superfluidity. Store some of your favorite music and play these in the background to help you achieve peak performance.
  2. Shift from using your mind into intuition. To access the higher source, you need to get in tune with your intuition. Superfluidity is not bound by reason. It’s best found by exploring the impossibilities.
  3. Be intentional with your language. Language can attract those that you want as well as those that you do not want. Throughout the day, choose your words wisely and make sure that these are positive.
  4. Set clear goals. You have to define your goals and break down the steps on how you can possibly achieve them.
  5. Focus only at the task at hand. If you are doing a certain activity, eliminate distractions as much as possible.
  6. Take note of how you feel while doing a particular activity. It’s impossible to achieve the flow state when you are feeling angry, anxious, worried or the like. If you feel any of these feelings, stop for a moment and take the time to calm down.
  7. Develop your skills. If you already find a particular task hard, you’ll discover that this will become easier if you take the time to build your skills.

Flow State Journal

What are the activities that bring you joy?

Are there activities that for some reason bring you a sense of fulfillment? These activities may give you an idea to finding your flow.


What are the things that you need to let go of?

Are you doing activities that are not to your liking that’s eating up your time? See if it’s possible for you to let go of them so that you can focus on those that you truly love.


What are the goals that you want to achieve?


How do you plan to achieve them?

Break down the steps so that you have a set plan that you can follow.


Who are the people whom you think have achieved the state of flow or superfluidity?

You can learn from those who have done it and emulate their actions.


Image Credits:

Anderson Debernardi


Anderson Debernardi was born on the 12th of June ,1968 in Orellana (Distrito de Vargas Guerra) a small town near Ucayali river in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest . When he was 5 years old his family moved to Iquitos. Andy started primary school in Teniente Luis Clavero and at age 11 the entire family again relocated to Pucallpa. He completed primary school in Centro Educativo 65003, better known as 1220. He attended secondary school at the ‘Great United Scholars’ FAUSTINO MALDONADO graduating in 1987. A particularly gifted student during primary and secondary school, Andy won many local art competitions.

Andy was one of founding students of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting which was established in 1988 in the city of Pucallpa by Pablo Amaringo and Luis Eduardo Luna. He held key roles in the project as the financial administrator as well as one of the main teachers. In 1992 he was invited along with Pablo Amaringo and two other members of the Usko-Ayar School to Tampere, Finland. In 1995 Andy painted a large 20 square meters mural for the South American Building of the Helsinki Zoo. Andy was later commissioned to paint 16 murals in the South American and African building over the course of 5 years. This work has been presented many times in Finland, where Andy is a very well-known artist. Along with numerous exhibitions in Peru, in cultural institutions and diplomatic circles, his work has also been shown in the United States. He has also participated in different editions of the Noche de Arte en Lima organized by USAFIS. His international activity is quite well known in Washington, Wyoming (Cheyenne), Colorado (Denver), Japan, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Colombia.


Mariela de la Paz


Mariela began practicing her painting skills without live models with her “Underwater Series”. The tropical sea life of Micronesia inspired her bold, intense use of colors and contrast. However, her snorkeling and diving experiences would manifest themselves several years later, as she was not a painter at the time. These memories would emerge in a dreamy way, into her canvas, giving her work not a realistic image, but a surreal quality.

She was declared legally blind on her left eye after a piece of glass flew into it slitting the cornea in half at age 8. Yet, she have learned to use this disability in her work. Through this eye, colors are muted, and lines diffused.  She uses my “inward eye” to tap into the spirit world, creating art from a unique perspective, while her dominant eye guides her bold use of color and physicality. In her art are traces of the spiritual and the physical.