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Ayahuasca & the Soul Quest Adventure of a Lifetime

After nearly one year of wildly visionary journeys with my medicine family, in 2004, I decided to travel to the Brazilian Amazon, hoping to connect with the indigenous shamans and experience the living tradition of ayahuasca, in a culture with an unbroken history of working with the sacred plant medicine.
I was also burnt out from

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02 Grotto by Hoodie & Rob Bell

Symbiosis Gathering Music You Can Trip To – 2016 Lineup & Free Download

Symbiosis Gathering, a multifaceted lakeside arts, music, and community gathering, today released a compilation via Bandcamp offering fans a free downloadable collection of material from the electronic artists and live performers that make up the ‘Family Tree’ lineup.
Symbiosis Music You Can Trip To
In alignment with the diverse curation of the gathering, the compilation showcases

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world ayahuasca conference

9 Reasons You Should Go to The World Ayahuasca Conference

The Brazilian Amazon is a very special place for me. It’s the place where I connected with my soul’s purpose and mission while I was working with visionary plant medicines in the jungle. It was there I received a message from the Forest:
“Lorna, your mission, should you choose to accept is this: To leverage

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World Aya

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