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Indigenous Tribes Promote Sustainable Solutions

Indigenous People are humanity’s connection to the land and to its’ history. Whether it is through an understanding of plant-medicine, ceremony, or stewarding the land, we all have a lot to learn from tribal communities. Long before Bill Mollison coined the term Permaculture, natives were living and working in harmony with the natural elements in…

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Te amo madre ayahuasca

2 Righteous Medicine Women, 1 Powerful Plant Ally, & a Message from the Forest

When I was in the Brazilian Amazon for 4 months in 2004, I got to visit many eco-village communities whose spiritual lives were oriented around the ritual use of ayahuasca while living as sustainably as possible in the jungle. I stayed for several weeks in one such community and had the opportunity to work with…

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amazon jungle survival guide

Amazon Jungle Survival Guide – For Visiting Tribes in the Brazilian Amazon

The Amazon jungle is an amazing place, lush, green, full of life. It’s one of the most biodiverse regions of the world. Which is why it may feel like everything is trying to eat you. Travel in the Amazon can be slow and unpredictable, due to heavy rains, no roads, lack of regular transportation, and the fact that gasoline is like gold. Almost all travel is done by river, and the only way to get to many Indian villages

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World Aya

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