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Ayahuasca Visions: A 6-Armed Goddess, Golden Chalice, & the Sweet Nectar of Mercy


I found myself in another place, I want to say some other dimension or world where I could see a canal of water flowing through a tunnel that had ornate columns on either side. Again, it seemed dark, at night, but coming down the channel was a vessel with a curved prow that emanated celestial music and divine feminine energy. Was it a boat full of Goddesses of art and music? Could it be Sarasvati’s sacred ship?

As the boat approached me, it began to morph. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I saw more than one pair of arms and faces. A ship full of Goddesses, or…

A giant white Swan, floating gracefully along the river upon which was a beautiful Goddess with 6 arms and 3 faces, wearing a golden diadem of precious stones. Again, I found myself to be utterly awestruck as to what I was looking at, thinking there is no way my imagination could have possibly cooked that one up.

I felt thirst in my physical body back on Earth and with my consciousness half in the material world, half in the Spirit world, I reached for my stainless steel water bottle to drink some water. Simultaneously I perceived the 6-armed Goddess to be holding something out to me – a golden chalice. I reached out and held edge of the golden chalice to my mouth as the rim of my metal water bottle touched my lips, as I drank fully and deeply the sweet nectar of Mercy.

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About the author, Lorna

Lorna Liana is a new media strategist and lifestyle business coach to visionary entrepreneurs. She travels the world while running her business as a digital nomad. Lorna's boutique agency provides “done for you” web design, development and online marketing services for social ventures, sustainable brands, transformational coaches and new paradigm thought leaders. She is also a personal development junkie, and 20 year practitioner of shamanism, with extensive training in Tibetan Bon Shamanism and the ayahuasca traditions of the Amazon Basin.

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