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Worldwide Experts on Consciousness are Heading to Prague

  In 4 days, through over 140 speakers, 40 workshops, 50 poster presentations the worldwide expert community focused on topics on transpersonal psychology, inner ecology, psychedelics, shamanism, mysticism, spirituality, art and many more will review the reality at the International Transpersonal Conference 2017 that will take place in Top Hotel Prague, Czech Republic, from September…

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Does Shamanic Snuff Cause Cancer?

Rapé – pronounced ha-PAY (and also spelled “hapeh” by gringos who can’t get over that it’s spelled with an “r” but pronounced with an “h” in Portuguese) – is a sacred shamanic snuff you blow up your nose. It has been used ritualistically by tribes in the Amazon basin for thousands of years for healing,…

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What Should You Expect From A Magic Mushroom Experience?

Have you always wanted to try magic mushrooms, but worried about what to expect? Given that the range of experiences people have range from amazingly life-changing to terrifying, it’s no doubt that many people are hesitant to consume this ancient indigenous medicine. Magic mushrooms refer to all mushrooms which have psychoactive ingredients which induce psychedelic…

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