2 Righteous Medicine Women, 1 Powerful Plant Ally, & a Message from the Forest

Te amo madre ayahuasca

When I was in the Brazilian Amazon for 4 months in 2004, I got to visit many eco-village communities whose spiritual lives were oriented around the ritual use of ayahuasca while living as sustainably as possible in the jungle.

I stayed for several weeks in one such community and had the opportunity to work with 2 incredible medicine women, whose names I will not reveal because one of the plants that they work with is considered to be very illegal in Brazil. These medicine women grew, gathered and processed a number of medicinal plants and their study of the forest allowed them to create a range of flower essences, one of which accelerated my comprehension of Portuguese, so that I left Brazil speaking it fluently after 4 months.

These 2 women were hardworking, incredibly disciplined and dedicated to their study of forest medicines. They were spiritual leaders in their community and often led medicine works in the village, as well as in other parts of the world and internationally. They taught a workshop on flower essences, which was oriented around opening up your communication with a specific plant ally whose gifts you were needing right now. That plant ally would reveal itself to you via a crystal pendulum.

At their forest medicine center, we gathered in the garden.

Each of us were instructed to swing the pendulum over an array of flower essence vials. Eventually, the crystal shard would point to the flower essence you were meant to work with. The flower essence that revealed itself to me was urucum – a tree that yields a pod full of tiny red seeds, that the Indians use to make their dark red face paint.

We’d receive a few drops of the flower essence under the tongue.

Once everyone received their flower essence, we sat in a circle of logs, and the medicine women then consecrated the circle with Santa Maria.

Alex Grey's Cannabis Being

Alex Grey’s Cannabis Being

The Difference Between Santa Maria and Conventional Marijuana

Santa Maria is organically grown outdoor cannabis, tended to with love, prayed over and sung to. One of the things that I discovered over time is that the intention by which a plant is grown and cultivated dramatically impacts the affect it has on your mind, spirit, and body. Commercially grown cannabis, that is then distributed via violent narco trafficking distribution channels has a lower quality, often negative vibration. Often this kind of cannabis has chemicals added to it, and may even be compressed into bricks for easier transportation.

Spiritually cultivated, organic, outdoor cannabis has a clean, high vibration. It’s more uplifting, more relaxing, with less or no paranoia. Since I stopped consuming any narco cannabis, I no longer experience pot paranoia.

If you have the opportunity, pay attention to the difference, and let me know your thoughts.


What It’s Like to Communicate with Plants

After consecrating with Santa Maria, we were told to go find our plant in the garden and meditate with it for half an hour. So I sat myself down by the small urucum tree, and allowed my mind and heart to tune into the Forest.

Immediately I was amazed at the communication that started coming through. Communication with plants unfolds like an invitation. Memories presented with a different viewpoint, images, symbols, and suggestions like leaves swaying in a gentle breeze…leading to realizations.

I felt a profound appreciation for my parents and the opportunities I had as their child, even though they were and continue to be emotionally absent. I felt compassion for their flaws and gratitude for the things that they accomplished in the difficult journey of parenthood.

I felt love and compassion for myself, forgiveness of my flaws and a deep appreciation for all that I accomplished.

Most importantly, in that stream of steady communication, I received a very simple, but clear message, powerful in a way that a child, in their innocence, is when they make a statement of obvious truth, that we, as complex wounded adults, often no longer see for ourselves.

All life is sacred
Consciousness is a miracle
Your life is precious
Mother Earth loves you

Have you ever experienced direct communication from the forest, or a particular plant?

Please share your message in the comments below!


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