Amma Healing Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil Product Review

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Amma Healing Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil is a great tasting, 0.0% THC hemp oil that we think is one of the best CBD products available to buy right now. Read on for our full review…

CBD oil is one of the biggest emerging markets in the natural health field, but can it actually do what it claims to do? Hemp oil enthusiasts claim that the oil (which contains CBD) can help them with anxiety, sleeplessness, nervous tension, headaches, joint pain, and more. As it turns out, there is actually quite a bit of emerging science to support these claims. 

CBD exerts an effect on our endocannabinoid system, and several studies have demonstrated that CBD displays a positive impact on helping your body regulate inflammation and pain, relax your nervous system, and more.

These days, CBD oils are becoming as ubiquitous as skincare products or protein powders. In such a competitive field, how do you know how to discern which is the best option for you? When it comes to CBD there are a few key things you want to look out for. We’ll explore some important things to be aware of in your hemp oil such as potency, the way it’s grown, the extraction process, and more. 

My Experience with CBD Oils

As someone who practices a lot of caution and care around what I put in and on my body, the more I can learn about a product and its sourcing and manufacturing, the better. I’ve experimented with about six or seven different CBD oils over long periods of time. For the most part, I’ve been pretty satisfied with the products I’ve tried over the years, so I feel like the bar was already set pretty high when I found Amma’s product. 

I was intrigued by Amma’s CBD because of its 0.0% THC claim. When I’m taking CBD, I’m genuinely taking it for pain, headaches, nervous tension and anxiety, and I really don’t like feeling the psychoactive effects of THC when I’m using it for those purposes. A lot of the CBD oils I’ve tried still have trace amounts of THC in them. Since I’m so sensitive to THC, I sometimes end up still feeling subtle psychoactive effects, which is really not what I’m looking for when it comes to taking hemp oil for pain or anxiety. 

I was delighted to find that I experienced no psychoactive effects from Amma Healing Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil, which is also awesome because it meant I could take a very high dose if I wanted to. Amma’s CBD feels super clean, just as potent if not more than other CBD oils I’ve tried, and it doesn’t get me remotely high, which is exactly what I want from a good hemp oil. I’ve noticed that some CBD oils can actually make me feel a little groggy and lethargic, which I think might be attributed to the plants not being totally organic, or perhaps the extraction method not being up to snuff. Amma’s oil feels very pure, and relaxes me without making me feel fuzzy. 

Here’s the short list of what I use CBD oil for: nervousness and anxiety, sleeplessness or insomnia, headache prevention (I take it right when I feel a headache coming on), menstrual cramps and more. I found Amma’s oil worked exactly the way I expect really pure CBD oil to work: really, really well. The fact that it tastes good and doesn’t get me high are major bonus points. 

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Why Buy Amma Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil?

Amma Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil is a good choice for you if you’re really interested in supporting companies that practice sustainable growing methods and take great care in producing a high-quality product without cutting corners. It only takes a quick Google search to find a cheap CBD oil that claims to heal every ailment under the sun, but the test of a good CBD oil really comes down to a few key elements. Here are some of the things I think you need to look for in a CBD oil, and why I think Amma is a solid product:

Growing practices: Is it grown for maximum potency? 

The cannabis used in Amma Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil is grown at 5,000 ft. elevation, which means that the increased UV exposure and cold temperatures force the plants to produce more resinous material to protect itself. This makes for a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. These are essentially therapeutic compounds that work synergistically with your endocannabinoid system to create some fantastic effects in your brain and nervous system. Nature is cool. 

Potency: How broad-spectrum is the CBD? 

With Amma Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil you have the option of 500 mg or 1500 mg for potency. What’s important to note is that it’s not just about the mg, but also how broad-spectrum the extract is. CBD is not the only healing component in hemp oil. Potency is also related to the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids present. Amma has over 40. In order to maintain the potency of these delicate compounds, it’s important that heat or heavy solvents are not applied to the extraction process. This is what really makes Amma stand out and I think why their product is so effective, even at the lower 500 mg dose. It’s their cold-pressed extraction process that keeps all of these therapeutic compounds fully intact. It’s potent, and you can feel it. 

Purity: Has the product been tested and analyzed for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins?

It’s really, really important that any CBD oil you buy has been tested and openly shares their certificate of analysis to show whether it contains potentially harmful substances like chemical residues, residual solvents, microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, flammable residues, and mycotoxins. Yes, all of these bizarre elements have been shown to reside in hemp, and unless you’ve done your due diligence to check the manufacturer, you might be unwittingly ingesting these things! Amma’s COA shows its oil to be clean on all of these fronts. 

THC content: Are you looking for a pure CBD product, or one with a little bit of a THC? 

Many CBD oils on the market still contain trace amounts of THC. Amma Healing Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil has been shown to contain 0.0% THC. THC is the component in cannabis that “gets you high” or has a psychoactive effect. I’ve had CBD oils that actually left me feeling a little stoned, and I didn’t love it. Mostly, I just wasn’t expecting that from CBD oil and it’s not what I wanted in the moment. It’s something worth considering if you are using CBD for pain or anxiety. 

Extraction method: Is it cold-pressed or heat extracted?

In order to extract the CBD from the THC in the plant, an extraction method is required. While most companies use harmful solvents and heat the plant to over 300 degrees in the process, Amma uses a cold-pressed method with an all-natural binding agent. It’s little details like these that really can set some CBD above the rest. When heat methods are used for extraction, many of the terpenes and cannabinoids are destroyed, resulting in a less desirable product. This method can also mean there are trace amounts of harmful chemicals in your CBD, which kind of defeats the purpose of taking a natural product for therapeutic purposes.

Taste: If you’re taking it every day, taste might be an important factor for you. Do you cringe a little at the taste of weed? 

I found the peppermint hemp oil to be particularly palatable. As with the salve, Amma once again does a good job of not overpowering their products with essential oils. It has a very light peppermint aftertaste and is missing the tell-tale weed smell and taste. I found the taste to be very pleasant!  An awesome perk if you’re going to be taking something every day. It’s nice to actually look forward to it, rather than feel like you have to chase it down.  

Pros and Cons

Overall I found it hard to criticize this product! The only negative I could think of was that there wasn’t a wide range of flavors to suit everyone’s taste… 


  • If you don’t like lemon or peppermint, you might not be pleased with this product. I think Amma would benefit with coming out with one other flavor, or maybe even a flavorless option for those that don’t like flavored supplements. 


  • 0.0% THC content means there are no psychoactive compounds
  • High elevation single cultivar means the oil is potent, and the product is consistent
  • Cold-pressed extraction method
  • Organically grown
  • 40+ therapeutic compounds


I chose Amma Broad Spectrum+ Hemp Oil because of the company’s organic and sustainable growing methods, its 0.0% THC content, and because of the high standards they use to produce their product on several different levels. I take CBD nightly to help me with sleep and anxiety, and I really enjoy the feeling of Amma’s product. I would say the main thing that sets it apart from other hemp oils I’ve tried is that it doesn’t have the downsides I’m used to in other oils. It doesn’t get me high, I don’t feel groggy afterward, it tastes great, and it works! 

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