Andean Power Plants & Wisdom with Mallku Aribalo

The mysterious Nazca lines are just one powerful example of powerful ancestral Andean wisdom that is currently unknown to us, but has the potential to be rediscovered. Here, Mallku Aribalo talks about the knowledge that could be available to us all through the use of Andean power plants.

Mallku Aribalo has been studying the power places of the Andes for many years. The Andean architects were not only the builders of incredible structures, but also the masters of the power lines (ley lines as known in Western geomancy) existing in the world. He has made and uncovered significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces, and share with us their relevance to Andean spiritual knowledge.

In this talk you will discover:

  1. The mystery of the Nazca lines, Incan architectural accomplishments… and what we can learn from Andean archeo-astronomy
  2. The keys to working with power plants, with respect and responsibility
  3. Shamanism as a path of liberation

Mallku discusses how he felt a connection to his ancestors from his early days, prompting him to learn more about ancient Andean culture and how it influenced his existence. While exploring this depth of knowledge that belonged to the Incas, Mallku came across the ley lines – sacred alignments between Inca cities and settlements, set up to mirror important planetary patterns. Inca settlements were even designed to be shaped in certain ways as a tribute to sacred geometry.

The Nazca lines are one popular example of ley lines, made centuries before the Inca people. These lines criss-cross the Peruvian desert, mostly in very long straight lines of pre-planned arrangement, lining up with equinoxes and solstices; but also in the shapes of animals and plants. They are only truly visible from a great height, which the Nazca people would not have been able to reach. Mallku describes how these lines could have been the result of some untapped human wisdom that could be available to all of us!

Mallku speaks about one topic that we hear a lot about – how to best use psychedelic for personal healing. Echoing the wisdom of many shamans, Mallku emphasizes that the most effective healing with psychoactive plants comes through dedicated inner work – often accompanied by a healer, shaman or guide. Basically, there’s no such thing as a free cure!

The use of plant medicines in Andean culture has always been ceremonial. Mallku speaks a little bit about Huachuma, and the fluid nature of “tradition” when it comes to Andean plant medicine ceremonies. Mallku explains how many traditions are invented to appease certain beliefs or peoples, and there may be a variety of “traditional” methodologies for plant medicine ceremonies – not necessarily one authentic method that is more genuine than other methods.

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Finally, Mallku addresses the way that some people take plant medicines as a way to escape from their everyday lives – but these power plants should be helping you to remember how beautiful you are, and helping you regain a sense of connection to your life.

It doesn’t matter how many times you drink, or whether you are “the best” ayahuasquero, says Mallko – what really matters is whether you can remember the ancient wisdom that you have always had inside you.

About Mallku Aribalo

Sensitive Artist and a Promoter of Andean Culture, Mallku collaborated during the 1980s as a co-editor of books on Natural Medicine. In 1997 he presented his book “The Awakening of the Puma,” in which he revealed his expertise in understanding the Esoteric Knowledge within Andean Archaeo-astronomy. In 1999 he paid tribute to the Sacred City of Machu Picchu in his book “The Crystal City of Machu Picchu.” His extensive research has earned him well-deserved recognition and acknowledgements, including the publishing of his books in Brazil, Poland and Hungary. Mallku is an international lecturer and teaches about the Ancient Culture of the Andes, promoting a Shamanic experience as one of the Paths of Liberation for the present generation.

Where to Find Mallku Aribalo

Pachamama Wachuma Center

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