The Best Ayahuasca Vine Extracts for 2021

three bottles of different ayahuasca vine extracts, with indications that they are measured on the quality of their taste, strength, and value

Ayahuasca vine tincture (otherwise known as Banisteriopsis caapi vine) is a safe, effective plant medicine substance that can be used in a daily microdosing routine for relieving stress and anxiety, supporting focus and concentration, and helping with spiritual and energetic healing. Microdosing with ayahuasca vine is a non-psychoactive approach to working with ayahuasca, and the vine is now easily accessible through a number of different vendors. 

Since making your own extract at home is a timely and difficult process, purchasing your vine extract is more cost and time effective, and ultimately a more reliable product since it’s made by experienced herbalists. 

Ayahuasca vine drops are excellent for people who have an interest in microdosing with master plants for mental, emotional and spiritual purposes. It’s also a way for those who have worked with ayahuasca ceremonially in the past to maintain a connection to this plant medicine.

For people who are interested in participating in a full-blown ayahuasca ceremony, but are seeking a way to develop a more gradual relationship with the plant first, microdosing with the drops is a great path to explore.

We’ll explore the four main ayahuasca vine extract vendors and compare their value, effectiveness, sourcing, and taste.

Ayahuasca Vine Extracts At a Glance

Here’s our summary of four ayahuasca vine extracts – read on for in-depth reviews of each product…

Review panel of the best ayahuasca vine extracts available online

Why Listen to Me?

Plant medicines came to me at a time when traditional Western approaches to things like depression, anxiety and ADD weren’t working for me anymore. I’ve experimented with a variety of herbs over the years, each supporting me in different ways. However, the real turning point for me happened when I started working with master plant medicines like ayahuasca and huachuma. 

Since working with ayahuasca ceremonially over the past many years, I was seeking a way to reconnect with the plant on a daily basis without having to take a deep dive into a ceremony. That’s when I considered microdosing with ayahuasca. I started experimenting with microdosing ayahuasca vine when a friend of mine mentioned they had some paste. I dissolved the paste in water and started taking my own drops. 

I was surprised by how strongly I felt the vine, and how supported my mental and emotional health felt on a day to day basis. When my bottle was empty, and after researching how complex and time consuming it would be to make my own drops, I began to explore what other products might be out there.

In my research, I discovered that ayahuasca vine acts as a natural antidepressant, supports stress and anxiety relief, and can even stimulate neurogenesis. I have found the ayahuasca vine drops to be mellowing, aiding in focus and concentration, and also helping me with spiritual growth in the way only ayahuasca can.

Full Reviews of Ayahuasca Vine Extracts

All in all, the extracts I sampled were all effective and comparable in action. A few key differences included viability for travel, cost effectiveness, and product preparation. 

I liked Sage ExtractsB. caapi extract for use when traveling, knowing that I won’t always have a way to refrigerate it. I appreciated the product variety from Ayahuasca Microdosing, and in particular the ayahuasca with bobinsana which I found to be very heart opening and expansive. As for straight ayahuasca vine extract, The Soul Vine and Chakra Openings both provide solid products at a reasonable price. The Soul Vine in particular pays special attention to the preparation process, using unparalleled intentionality and prayerfulness in their process. The most attractive and professional product that also had the freshest flavor was from Chakra Openings.

Disclaimer: Please check the legality of any ethnobotanical products in your country, prior to ordering. EntheoNation does not endorse illegal activities, nor would we wish for you to experience undue legal stress and anxiety over your consumption of plants. Even if B. caapi is legal in your country, you may experience hassle or difficulties from unjust customs officials.

Chakra Openings Ayahuasca Vine Extract Review

The Chakra Openings ayahuasca extract is made specifically for microdosing, and is marketed as “microdosing drops.” It arrives in a very nicely packaged matte-black dropper bottle, with an eye-catching design.

Review of the Chakra Openings ayahuasca vine extract

For those who may want to fly under the radar, it’s important to note that the Chakra Openings extract says “B. caapi” on the label – which might flag some customs checks in more stringent countries (Note: we have not, so far, experienced issues having this product shipped to the US and the UK, although there have been significant legal issues shipping to Indonesia).

The ayahuasca vine for Chakra Openings is sourced from a specialist sustainable ayahuasca farm in Iquitos, Peru. The vine is mashed and boiled into a paste over 14 hours, then diluted in distilled water and packaged in 1oz bottles.

At 55 bucks per ounce, the Chakra Openings extract isn’t cheap – but it arrived quickly and I was won over by the beautiful bottle and clear instructions on the label. The extract is high quality and definitely does what you need it to. 

No matter which way you cut it, the taste of ayahuasca vine isn’t pleasant. It would be interesting to try an extract that used some kind of sweetener or natural oil to alter the flavor to make it more palatable, but unfortunately none of these companies have attempted that. Alas, we’re stuck with the bitter, face contorting taste of ayahuasca. Although, perhaps learning to accept and deal with that unsavory taste is part of how we learn to receive its true medicine and wisdom. 

That being said, the taste of Chakra Openings was strong, but not the most intense of the extracts. It also had a fresh taste to me, like it was made recently. One other notable aspect was that it had the smoothest and most balanced consistency to it, whereas a lot of the extracts can be a bit chunky or with an uneven viscosity. This is clearly a high-quality and well made product worth the extra bit of cash.

Get Chakra Openings ayahuasca vine extract here

Sage Extracts Ayahuasca Vine Extract Review

Sage Extracts partners directly with indigenous communities and local producers that offer fair trade and sustainable harvested products. The Banisteriopsis caapi vine in this extract comes from the Kichwa tribe in Ecuador. The beauty of this extract is that it is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated. This makes it easy to travel with or keep by your bedside table.

Review of Sage Extracts ayahuasca vine extract

I found the Sage Extracts caapi to be a bit stronger and more potent than the other brands I sampled. Although the cost per drop is higher, the potency does seem to balance that out. This is a company that cares a lot about the local communities it supports, and makes a potent, high quality, shelf-stable vine extract. 

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the company uses alcohol as a stabilizer, or the nature of the specific vine used in the extract, but I found the taste in this extract to be the least repulsive. It definitely requires a good shake and can tend to be a little chunky. There’s nothing too fancy about the bottle or label but the product is straightforward and high quality. 

This is a well-made product, but with the price per drop you’re mostly paying for the convenience of not having to refrigerate it. This might be a worthwhile investment if you’re someone who likes to keep your drops by your bedside, on your altar, or if you desire to take them on the road.

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The Soul Vine Ayahuasca Vine Extract Review

The Soul Vine drops come in a simple amber glass tincture bottle, with a clean but attractive label and clear instructions on how to use it. The label isn’t necessarily dazzling but it feels professional and minimalist. 

The Soul Vine ayahuasca vine extract review

My first impression of taking the drops, before reading up on the company, was the intense potency of them. The taste was the strongest in this product than any of the others, which meant it was also the most unpleasant. The extract is definitely thick and not watered down too much. It might have even been too strong, with the texture almost feeling slightly gritty at times. Nonetheless, the potency and energy of this product shone through, despite the unpleasant taste and slightly sandy viscosity. 

After reading up on the company, I found the most stand-out aspect of the Soul Vine drops to be their harvesting and production process. The ayahuasca vine is harvested on the full moon and then prayed over and blessed by plant gatherers while the extract is being made. They also make the extract in a laboratory setting during the full moon, while people are chanting and praying over the bottles. To top it off they give each bottle a sound bath with gongs and crystal bowls, before placing each bottle on selenite crystals to get charged up. 

If your focus is on finding a product that is made with that extra level of care, then this is a great choice for you. Soul Vine also makes a Banisteriopsis soap if you really want to immerse yourself in this plant experience! Ayahuasca vine is also known to be nourishing to the skin.

Soul Vine sustainably sources their plant materials from Peru. This is a company with a high degree of integrity that clearly prepares their extract with love and respect.

Get The Soul Vine ayahuasca vine extract here

Ayahuasca Microdosing Ayahausca Vine Extract Review

Ayahuasca Microdosing came as a set of three, which included not just the vine extract, but the vine extract blended with cat’s claw, and vine extract blended with bobinsana. With a simple image of a butterfly above the company name, the labeling is cute, but definitely not the most appealing part of this product. 

Ayahuasca Microdosing ayahuasca vine extract review

The taste of these extracts were the mildest of all of the extracts I tried. These drops were not necessarily weak, just not as strong as the others. But this is balanced out by the fact that this is also the cheapest of all the extracts. 

The difference in taste among the three different extract blends was minimal, but if you have a refined palate you might pick up on the distinctions. I found the extract with bobinsana to have the most pleasing flavor of any of the extracts I tried. 

Ayahuasca Microdosing drops are brewed in Peru and are fair-trade and organic. This company makes a solid product, with thorough instructions about how to microdose on their website. 

The most stand-out aspect of this company is the variety that they offered. I found the bobinsana blend in particular to be really elevating and uplifting. Bobinsana is another plant from the Amazon that is often traditionally blended into an ayahuasca brew. Bobinsana is often thought to increase empathy, support heart healing, and deepen one’s connection to nature. I really enjoyed this blend in particular. This might actually be my favorite product simply because of the added benefits of the bobinsana! 

It really depends on whether you want to have a pure experience of working only with the ayahuasca vine, or blending it with other herbs. If you are looking for a unique blend, this company is the one to go with.

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Learn More About Microdosing with Ayahuasca Vine

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