Gorgeous, Psychedelic, Playa-Ready, Dodge Sprinter Camper Van – $18K OBO

Business on the Outside / Party on the Inside : – )

Would you like to enjoy festival season in style and be the envy of your camp? I am sadly selling my fully equipped, custom converted Sprinter van, because I am moving to to Spain. This is a fantastic glamping road trip vehicle, and festival mobile media station, equipped with ample USB chargers and power sockets, and solar panels. I am so sad to be leaving it behind, but alas, Spain awaits.

What’s Amazing About This Van

The entire room of this vehicle is laser cut double flower of life light panel that can be set to different colors (or to cycle through the colors of the rainbow) for your ultimate chillout experience.DodgeSprinter-Night-Light-Orange

The ceiling light is a unique art piece that is laser cut out of wood. The interior of the van is lined with redwood, there is a finished wood floor, and a computer workstation with flat screen monitor. The bed is a fold down Murphy bed with a memory foam topper. There is a full length closet, a small fridge in the closet, and a full length mirror. There is also a marine toilet.

There is ample storage space inside the bench seat and under the workstation counter, as well as a metal rack upon which you can pile more stuff. There are 3 drying racks you can hang off this metal rack for plates, cups, and utensils.

You can stand up in this van and it fits in normal parking spaces. DodgeSprinter-Night-Light-Blue

A few things to note:

    • The fridge: There isn’t enough storage power in the marine batteries stored under the passenger seat to power the fridge 24/7 WHILE THE VAN IS STATIONARY. When the van is driving, the batteries are charging. When the van is stationary during the day, the solar keeps the batteries charged. But at night, with no sun, the batteries will drain. That’s why it’s a dual propane / AC fridge. You can pull it out and hitch it to a propane tank. Or turn off the fridge at night when it’s cooler (so you have enough battery juice to power lights and other things), and power it back on during the day.
    • The bed: Is an XL twin bed, that is cozy for a couple, but a little too intimate to share with a friend.
    • DodgeSprinter-BedLength

    • The toilet: is NOT a flushing toilet. It is a marine toilet that is a toilet sit fitted on top of a jerry can that you can then take to the porta potty. This beats walking to the porta potty at 3am. The marine toilet fits into it’s own cabinet under the sink. I did it this way because I did not want the hassle of installing and dealing with a black water tank.
    • Air conditioning: exists in the front cabin, but there is no air conditioning in the cargo area. Insulation was added between the vehicle body and the wood trim. On Playa, the van remains cool in the desert heat, and doesn’t drop to freezing in the desert night. If you do attempt to sleep in it in the dead of winter, in locales where the outside temperature fall below freezing, it will be cold.
    • Sliding trash cabinet: contains a trash bin, but the carpenter built the cabinet around the trash bin (ya, I know), so the plastic bin itself doesn’t come out. Use a trash bag and you’re fine.
    • Ceiling puck lights: never worked since day one. The carpenter installed them and finished the wood panelling before the wiring was laid down : – (


    The Kitchenette

    Underneath the sink, behind the blue curtain is a hot water heater, marine toilet cabinet, and the clean water & grey water tanks. There is no stove (because I opted not to install a ventilation system for gas exhaust), but there is a foldout shelf where you can place a propane stove.

    What You Get

    • Solar panels
    • Leopard fun fur car seat covers
    • Duel propane / AC refrigerator
    • Custom fitted bug screen
    • Built in flat screen monitor
    • Hanging drying racks for plates, cups, and utensils.
    • Mylar shades with velcro that I cut to fit every window, to block out sunlight
    • 1 Clip on fan and portable standing fan
    • 3 RV leveling blocks
    • 1 x 7-gallon tall & narrow, jerry can style clean water container
    • 1 x 7-gallon square grey water container
    • 1 white clean water intake hose
    • 1 green grey water drainage hose
    • Jumper cables
    • Battery tester
    • Toolkit – hammer, wrench, screwdrivers
    • Tarp
    • Rebar



    Because I am moving, I am leaving behind all my festival gear. That means that you get a Playa-ready vehicle, equipped with everything you need to be comfy in a harsh party environment, minus the party favors : – )

    • Goggles, warm animal ear fur hat with mitten scarf, blinky lights, water jug, bungee cords, LED light
    • Camping plates, cutlery, cups, cutting board, wine opener
    • Bedding – beech sheets, travel pillow, faux fur blanket, towels
    • Rehydration kit – electrolyte powder, Emergency, hand cream
    • Popup gazebo “dust tent” with bug screen & weights. I like to put this up in front of the sliding side door. Inside, I keep plastic bins of gear, coolers and anything that has gotten really dusty that I don’t want to bring inside the van



    It’s a little dinged on the outside, but I bought it deliberately that way – to minimize attention –  because I am a solo woman who loves to travel. The more it looks like a typical delivery / window washer / mobile mechanic van, the less attention it attracts. Just another white delivery van, nothing happening here… move right along officer… DodgeSprinter-Left

    PLEASE NOTE: This tricked out camper van is not a replacement for an RV. This is a vehicle with great gas mileage that will allow you to park / sleep in urban areas in stealth, drive 80-90 miles an hour on the freeway, fit into a parking space, do 3 point turns, and most importantly attract as little attention as possible as you go about your business. There is no shower, flushing toilet, or built in stove.

    If you want an RV, get an RV and deal with crappy gas mileage, maneuvering a big vehicle in tight city spaces, urban parking challenges, grey and black water system maintenance, cops waking up up in the middle of the night and telling you to move along and attracting curious people looking in.

    • Full-size cargo van with 140” wheel base
    • 3 passenger doors
    • Mercedes 2.7 liter 5 cylinder diesel motor
    • Automatic transmission
    • 26.4 gallon fuel tank
    • Average fuel mileage 24 miles / gallon
    • You can stand up in it and park in urban parking spaces



    • Length 225.0 “
    • Body width 74.0 “
    • Body height 93.0 “
    • Wheelbase 140.0 “


    Used Dodge Sprinter vans from the same time period with over 150K miles are priced at least $7K – $13K just for the vehicles themselves. Just to give you an idea, there is currently:

    • a 2004 Dodge Sprinter for sale in Fairfax with 411K miles for $8K
    • A 2005 Dodge Sprinter for sale in Gilroy with 165K miles for $12,900
    • a rustic self-converted 2008 Sprinter camper for sale in Santa Rosa with 111K miles for $26K.

    This van comes with so much more.

    To Buy This Vehicle

    Step 1: Click on this Craigslist ad
    Step 2: Call, text , or email for questions, a viewing/test drive.


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