‘Sagrada Familia’ Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Curawaka

Sagrada Familia is one of my top favorite medicine songs written by Pablo Comesana, a member of Mantric Mambo, the official temple band of Templo Mãe d’Agua, in Alto Paraíso, Brazil. I lament the fact that there is no official Mantric Mambo album recording of this epic song, and that the only audio I have…

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Noku Mana Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Curawaka

It’s been truly a delight to bear witness to the expansion of Huni Kuin culture around the world, through the ever weaving nomadic tendrils of the global medicine tribe… through those of us from the Global North who have the good fortune of visiting their villages in Acre, Brazil, through the pajes that have increasingly…

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