Sacred Sexuality

Sexuality becomes sacred when we recognise it and utilise it as the potent vehicle into spirituality that it can be. The majority of our modern society is sex-obsessed, due to the subliminal and overt messages emanated daily by the media, advertising and entertainment industries. But this obsession does not, in equal measure, consider both the joys and the challenges of sex in real life. Instead, they appear to put almost religious emphasis on aspects of beauty, sexual desire, and how important it is to buy the products or items which will make us popular, more aesthetically attractive and pleasing, and ‘better lovers.’

Many actual religions appear to educate from an entirely opposing perspective on sexuality, imprinting negative beliefs on this topic area in their followers and believers. For literally thousands of years, these religions have painted the image of sexuality in a light of vulgarity. And this has made open discussion around sexuality an area of taboo in many family homes.

Sacred sexuality is about recognizing the above, and choosing to move into and through our explorations of sexuality, in a way that is curious and open. Explorers on a path of sexuality that is sacred use their experiences to learn about themselves, implementing the lessons learned for the greater good.

7 Keys to Using Weed for Sacred Sex

Forget Viagra. Did you know that marijuana is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world? When you are high on weed, all your senses are heightened. Physical touch is amplified, massage feels amazing, oral sex feels exquisite…. and orgasms are out of this world. Face it, sex on weed with a stoner you…

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