7 Keys to Using Weed for Sacred Sex

Forget Viagra. Did you know that marijuana is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world? When you are high on weed, all your senses are heightened. Physical touch is amplified, massage feels amazing, oral sex feels exquisite…. and orgasms are out of this world.

Face it, sex on weed with a stoner you love is one of the most amazing experiences in life. However, working with cannabis can be a double edged sword. In certain situations, it can make a sexual encounter less enjoyable.

Whether you’re regularly engaged in sacred tantric sex and are looking for something new to keep things diverse, or whether you are a regular stoner looking for new and meaningful ways to focus your use of weed — this article is for you. Here’s how to use cannabis consciously, to enhance your love life, deepen intimacy, and make mind-blowing sex a daily reality.

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1. Find a Partner You Are Comfortable Being High With

This is critical, because if you are not totally comfortable being high with your partner, things might feel awkward. Some people you might feel naturally at ease with. With others, it may take time to build up trust, rapport and shared experiences, so that both of you can been totally relaxed in each other’s presence. If you are just getting to know your lover – and move too quickly into stoned sex – a THC-heightened awkward moment can totally kill the vibe, as well as any desire to see each other again. Even if you are already madly in love and have been hanging out for a while, it’s a good idea to experience being high with your partner at least a few times before moving into sex with weed. Obviously it helps if your lover is already a stoner.

2. Set An Intention

Marijuana, like all plant medicine teachers, responds to the intentions you set for it. Before you consume cannabis for a sacred sexual experience, consider setting an intention (internally or aloud with your partner) for what you want to receive from this experience. Perhaps your intention is to relax, be open to new experiences, to breathe deeply, or to be sensitively in tune with your partner. Whatever your intention may be, get clear on it and either hold it within yourself as a prayer, or share with your partner and have them share as well. Through setting an intention, it may help you to bypass any of the downsides of cannabis consumption that users sometimes experience (such as anxiety or feeling spaced out). Perhaps the intention you share is just to breathe together and be silent, thereby allowing yourselves to fully drop into the moment and experience the cannabis in a full-bodied way.



3. Use Lots of Lube & Have Water Nearby

Weed has a tendency to make you dry and thirsty…hence the “cotton mouth” feeling. To counteract this side effect, use massage oil scented with rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, or other sensual fragrances. Take this opportunity to give each other sensual massage and explore each other’s bodies with curiosity and exquisite delight. Make sure you have water within arms reach in case you find yourself suddenly thirsty or experiencing raging cotton mouth. Don’t forget that oils can weaken latex and cause condoms to break, so use water-based lube all the areas you expect will be rubbing against the rubber.

Lube in general can really help lubricate your experience so that everything feels more comfortable and easeful — add cannabis lube to the mix and you’ve got a truly sensational lube that could be a game changer for your sex life.

Cannabis lube won’t get you high; it is non-psychoactive, yet enhances sensitivity and relaxation.

In an article from Fusion, Matthew Gerson, CEO of Foria, a company that makes all-natural lube made with coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil, states, that cannabis lube “creates a purely sensory based experience allowing the user to relax, de-stress, slow down, and enjoy sex.”

Bear in mind there are different kinds of cannabis lube. I bought one that had a sensation that felt like Tiger Balm, and, as you can imagine, having Tiger Balm on your genitals is not an erotic feeling at all! Be sure to test it first on your lips (mouth), before slathering it all over anyone’s vaginal lips or penis.


4. Slow Down – Weed Changes Your Perception of Time

Weed has been known to skew people’s perception of time. Five minutes can feel like half an hour on cannabis- so it’s important to keep this in mind when you consume cannabis for sex. To have a truly sacred sexual experience, it’s important to slow down and connect deeply to your lover. This is especially true when cannabis is a part of the picture. On the other hand, this skewed perception of time can make a short experience feel long and intense…and that’s not always a bad thing!

Regardless, if you are able to create space for your lovemaking that is free of time restraints, you are guaranteed to have a more pleasurable experience. Take your time and go slow. Enjoy the nuances of the cannabis and the heightened sensation and arousal that comes with it.

5. Go Soft Not Hard, & Extend Your Foreplay

Some studies have reported that a majority of people experience increased sensitivity to touch when they are high. As with most things, cannabis isn’t the right fit for every person, and most of the studies showed that somewhere between half and two-thirds of people interviewed experienced increased sensitivity, heightened arousal and deeper orgasms. You’ll need to experiment for yourself to see if cannabis increases your sensitivity.

That being said, hard pounding sex might feel really uncomfortable for a woman on weed, and can quickly harsh on her buzz. Statistically, women take longer to experience arousal and reach orgasm — she can be supported in getting in the mood and reaching orgasm by engaging in prolonged sensual touch as foreplay. Explore different areas of the body and enjoy the enhanced sensations experienced through being high together.

6. Practiced Cyclic Breathing & Sexual Alchemy

Since cannabis can really expand your consciousness and heighten your sensitivity, practicing Taoist breathing techniques or tantric energy circulation can be an amazing experience with your lover while you’re high. In really general terms, you want to practice moving the sexual energy through your chakras either on your own or in synchronicity with your partner through the vehicle of your breath. Practice raising up that juicy sexual energy from your second chakra to your heart chakra.

If you want to get really into it, try learning Taoist sexual alchemy. Here’s a video tutorial by Mantak Chia on how to do the Microcosmic orbit for sexual healing.

By cycling powerful sexual energy through your chakras, you can remove blockages and experience deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Not only do these powerful practices increase your longevity and enhance youthfulness, they can also make you multi-orgasmic.

Imagine how mind-blowing it is to be multi-orgasmic on marijuana.

7. Stay in the Present Moment & Let Go of Any Goals

Be really present to the vibe and don’t prematurely rush things. The best way to do this is to let go of goal-oriented sex. Just explore, be curious, and be present. You may want to start with a light dose of cannabis for sex. If you take too much at once, you might be overwhelmed by the experience and find it difficult to stay present. Because weed can increase sexual drive immensely, if the drive suddenly feels too strong too quickly, it could be easily motivate one or both of you to strive for climax to quickly, resulting in the vibe going off between one or both of you. Start with a small dose and use it as a way to deepen your connection to the present.

Sacred sex is about having a truly connective, in-the-moment, full-bodied, full-being experience. Using cannabis for sacred love-making is all about deepening your connection to the present-moment experience, yourself, your lover, and the Universal Love that is the fabric of all of Creation.


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