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Javier Prato is an independent film maker from Argentina. Since his big leap to Hollywood, California in 2000, he has kept himself busy by having his short films screened at various film festivals. His satirical and controversial short, Jesus Christ: The Musical, also known as Jesus Will Survive, has had an immeasurable number of views on e-mail attachments and mobile devices throughout the world. One of his most recently filmed shorts, Empty Arms, was selected as one of the top 20 final videos in the competition, “YouTube Project Direct,” which is helmed by award winning Director, Jason Reitman (best known for his film, Juno.)

In today’s conversation about Javier’s documentary film, Spirit Medicine, Javier shares:

  • What inspired him to create Spirit Medicine
  • Why he ventured into visionary medicines
  • The promise or potential of psychedelics for actual healing
  • Differences in his visionary plants: ayahuasca, peyote and psilocybin mushrooms
  • His experience with psilocybin mushrooms in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • The difference between eating fresh mushrooms versus dried mushrooms
  • The experience of the mushroom as him (Javier)
  • The medicinal properties of peyote
  • His experience with the traditional Huicholes community in Mexico
  • The most far out visionary experience he has ever had and how it had helped him
  • How to be part of the making of his film, Spirit Medicine

Help bring Spirit Medicine out to the world:


Despite the incredible plethora of scientific research and evidence suggesting the efficacy of psychedelics in treating various disorders, they continue to be illegal in most countries, EVEN FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PURPOSES.

With your help, Javier plans on changing that.

In order to share his journey and wisdom with the world, Javier is creating a feature-length documentary called SPIRIT MEDICINE, and he needs YOUR HELP.

In SPIRIT MEDICINE, he explores the potential medicinal benefits of psychedelic plants with the help of indigenous cultures and modern science.

Javier has exhausted all of his savings while making this film. While he has completed a significant portion of the documentary, he still needs to raise the necessary funds for post-production.

Learn more about Javier’s Kickstarter project here: SPIRIT MEDICINE – Exploring the world of psychedelic plants.


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