A psychedelic is any substance that produces a profoundly altered state of consciousness, and a sense of expansion of perception. They typically (but not always) work by affecting the serotonin system in the brain, but most importantly can induce mystical or spiritual experiences in those who take them.

Psychedelics can include both plant medicines (like ayahuasca or peyote) and synthetic substances (like LSD and ketamine). Arguably, any substance that can evoke profound changes in consciousness could potentially be grouped psychedelics – such as cannabis and MDMA.

The common factor with all psychedelics is their power to show people a very different way of seeing the world, and their potential to catalyze profound personal transformation.

The Seeker’s Guide to DMT

The Seeker’s Guide to DMT N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, the Spirit Molecule, spice, deems, changaSovereignly claiming its spot among the top-tier entheogens, DMT is an incredibly potent hallucinogenic drug known for its power to completely transport users to otherworldly, phantasmagoric realms.This guide is intended for those who are intrigued by DMT and would like to learn more about…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Bufo alvarius

The Seeker’s Guide to Bufo alvarius and 5-MeO-DMTThe Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo alvarius) has a magical secret: the venom it secretes from its glands, normally toxic to animals, can be dried and smoked to produce an intense psychedelic experience.Unusually for natural psychedelic substances, Bufo venom has no clear history of traditional shamanic use. Instead, it…

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The Seeker’s Guide to Magic Mushrooms

The Seeker’s Guide to Magic MushroomsPsilocybin Mushrooms, Shrooms, Teōnanācatl, Golden Teachers, Liberty CapsMagic mushrooms are among the most popular psychedelics used worldwide since ancient times. They offer visions, insight, intense emotions, and everything else one could want from a psychedelic trip.Recently, scientific research has also been reporting numerous psychological benefits connected to consuming psilocybin, the…

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