Experience Lucid Dreaming With Tibetan Dream Yoga

Milam, otherwise known as Tibetan Dream Yoga, is a practice which allows for lucid dreaming, and the awakening of consciousness within the dream state.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is comprised of a series of advanced tantric techniques, mantra and meditation – and this practice has been documented for at least 1,000 years.

How Do I Begin Practicing?


With dream yoga being a tantric tradition, students must first pass an initiation before understanding the secrets of this sacred science. Experience is ultimately the key to unlocking an enlightened understanding, so a student of dream yoga must first have developed a keen self awareness, which is what allows for conscious lucidity during the dream-state.

The goal is to apprehend the dream, dissolve the dream state, and become fully present in conscious awareness – but in order to achieve this goal, students must complete the following tasks…

  • Practice sadhana (a spiritual discipline)
  • Receive initiations, empowerments and transmissions
  • Visit different places, planes and lokas (worlds)
  • Communicate with yidam (an enlightened being)
  • Meet with other sentient beings
  • Fly and shape shift into other creatures

What is a Dream Yoga Technique?


The Tibetan Buddhists believe that “the ego travels about during sleep – revisiting places we have been to in real life, and repeating all our experiences.” Commitment to this practice is integral to achieving lucidity, and requires work in the astral and physical realms.

Namkhai Norbu, Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light, suggests visualizing and meditating on the Tibetan syllable “ah,” in the center of your body, making a point to keep awareness on it as you fall asleep in order to induce the dream state.

Then, each morning upon waking, make a point to remember as many details as possible about the dreams you experienced during your slumber. From there, meditate on your recollections, remaining completely still, and repeat the mantra “RAOM GAOM”, placing emphasis on the “O” and splitting each word into two syllables.

Afterwards, go about your day, and take inventory of any synchronicity you experience that relates to the dreams you had the night before – and compare notes.

How Else Can I Induce Lucid Dreaming?


According to Buddhists, one of the most effective techniques for inducing a lucid dream is mindfulness meditation, which allows you to awaken your mind’s eye. The 10-minute meditation below from The Honest Guys, is a helpful way to achieve this state.
Another way to induce lucid dreaming is by wearing dream goggles such as the Remee (which induces REM), or using natural supplements. Galantamine, Mugwort, Choline, and Silene Capsensis are all natural herbs that are believed to increase dream clarity.

Learn More…

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche explains the purpose of the ancient practice of Dream Yoga, from the Bon Buddhist tradition of Tibet in the video below. Elaborating on how the state of your mind as you fall asleep can determine the course of your dreams, and the course of your life – this is a great way to segue into a deeper understanding of experiencing and applying the Tibetan Dream Yoga practice into your daily life.


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