‘Kalyana ~ Wind Song’ Music Video & Medicine Song Lyrics by Tony Moss, with Birds in Paradise

We at EntheoNation are truly in LOVE with our good friend, Tony Moss! Check out this song, ‘Kalyana – Wind Song’…

It really carries you on a gentle, soothing but penetrating journey. Let its rhythms and melodies caress your whole being, like the wind and rain and other sacred elements it so beautifully and adeptly depicts. We love Tony not just because he produces awesome music, but he shares so many of our values in life – including his advocacy for the correct relationship with sacred plant medicines. His music is simply a beautiful and truly majestic expression of all these values, and all that he brings to this world.

Find the YouTube video right here:

There is something about the energy of this video; so heavenly, sacred and holy. To some extent, it holds such holy energies as the sacred traditions of the Garifuna people of Central America, or perhaps even the Santería traditions of West Africa and the Caribbean. In case you wanted to sing along, or learn to play it on your favorite instrument, here are the lyrics:

‘Kalyana ~ Wind Song’ Medicine Song Lyrics


Calling on a wind song
Kalyana wind song

Wind song calls
But I’ve been away
And I’ve been away
From you so long

And you
Have you been away too
Too long to hear her call

The wind song calls us all
And you, to you, she calls

And the cool rain falls
To calm it all

I can hear her calling
Sometimes so strong
I can hear her call from within my bones
She calls me home

Heya-nana-mama-she calls

Wind song
Bird song
Cloud song
Whale song

And the moon calls
To the sun call
And the stars, they call us all


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Kalyana was written on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand during a seasonal storm to an existing track by Peruvian artist, Herbert Quinteros, “Universo De Amor”. I heard the name/word in the wind rushing through the room. As it turns out, it’s a Thai word, with Sanskrit roots, that translates to:

“Beautiful, lovely, auspicious, happiness, well-being, heaven”.

It also turned out that Herbert Quinteros, who Tony never met or contacted until I returned home from Thailand, was on the island, roughly the same time Tony was. Magic is real.

If you like this track, you can feel free to support Tony by purchasing it for download. Simply click the ‘buy’ button on the Bandcamp embed below:

About Birds in Paradise

Birds In Paradise is a contemporary medicine music album inspired by indigenous traditional and shamanic ceremony.

About Tony Moss

Tony is a visual and recording artist, event producer, and founder of I.AM.LIFE, a non-profit event production project focused on interconnectivity. It seems clear, to Tony, that the only lasting, sustainable way forward for humanity is to bring together the best of indigenous and modern worldviews; our knowledge, wisdom, and technologies, to create a new, shared cosmology – what some are calling,

“a new story”.

Tony’s work is a synthesis of passions in art, spirituality & science, with emphasis on the evolution of human consciousness and potential. Tony has been called a “mystic rationalist” – true – “who marvels at the very presence of our being.”

That about sums him up.

Where To Find Tony Moss

If you feel drawn to finding out more about this wonderful man, his band and their outstanding musical offerings, here’s where you can find him:

Tony Moss Official Website

You can also access the rest of the Tony Moss music collection in the following places:

Tony Moss on Bandcamp

LuvAmp project on Soundcloud


Whatever you find yourself doing, you’ve landed on this page for a reason, and this music is deeply sacred and healing. Be sure to take the few minutes necessary to really be present with this song, and allow it to sink deeply into your cells.

Many Blessings!


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