Can Kratom Enhance Sex?

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia, and has unique medicinal and psychoactive effects when its leaves are ingested.

People all over the world are using kratom as a replacement for alcohol or prescription medicine, or as a beneficial psychoactive plant in its own right.

As well as helping to kill pain, increase focus, and reduce anxiety, kratom has been reported to help people have the best sex of their lives! Is it all just conjecture, or could kratom really enhance your sex life?

The Basics of Kratom

In Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, Kratom leaves are traditionally chewed or brewed into a tea. At lower doses, kratom leaves can provide stimulation, used by laborers as a replacement for coffee and other stimulants. At higher doses, the leaves are used as recreational sedatives.

Kratom contains compounds called alkaloids, the most common one being mitragynine. These alkaloids bind to opioid receptors; although unlike most other opiates, kratom also activates receptors for serotonin and norepinephrine.

Kratom’s unusual mix of stimulating and sedative/painkilling effects is thought to be because it both excites the motor areas of the brain, and strongly activates opioid receptors associated with sedation and painkilling (Rätsch, 2005).

Here in the West, we usually ingest kratom in the form of dried powder, which can be swallowed raw, packed into capsules, or made into a bitter tea. Its effects begin about half an hour to an hour after ingesting, and can last for up to six hours. Anecdotal reports show people using kratom to treat chronic pain, improve focus, get a recreational high, and… have better sex!

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Kratom, Performance Anxiety, and Endurance

Where kratom appears to be most beneficial in relation to sex is in reducing performance anxiety and extending endurance. 

Like most opioids, kratom will start to numb your senses more and more the higher dose you take. Many penis owners report that this results in improved sexual endurance

“For me, I’ve noticed I can last eons longer when I dose kratom about 45 minutes prior to sex. My ex used to make me dose before sex cause she knew I’d rock her world on kratom.”

“With kratom, I can last for well over two hours.”

Of course, this benefit starts to diminish as the dose gets so high that senses start to become too dull, and orgasm becomes harder to attain, for both penis owners and non-penis owners:

“Yeah, you can definitely last longer… then even longer… then even longer… then you realize it’s not going to happen.”

“After I’ve dosed I can easily go 30-60 minutes. And only have to stop because I’m too tired and about to have an asthma attack. But about 80% of the time I won’t have an orgasm.”

“My girlfriend takes kratom too and it keeps her from cumming sometimes.”

In both penis owners and non-penis owners, one of kratom’s major benefits is a general reduction in anxiety. This becomes important in sex because it can help people relax and overcome performance anxiety

“If I [take] kratom and I’m with a girl and it’s about to get on, I have no anxiety whatsoever.”

“I feel as though kratom [can] really help bring me out of my shell in terms of connecting with people in a social setting and just not feeling so awkward and anxious.”

Of course, as with any substance used in sex, consent and boundaries should be thoroughly discussed between partners before any sexual activity – lowered inhibitions can lead to transgressions of boundaries. However, most people report that the lowered inhibitions and reduced anxiety that kratom imparts can help partners relax into sexual experiences, and reduce any self-critical or over-thinking parts of the mind.

Kratom and Sex Drive

Kratom can have mixed effects on sex drive! 

People often report that at lower doses, the stimulating effects of kratom can increase sex drive, enhance physical stimulation, and even improve erection quality for penis-owners:

“[On kratom] I’m a lot more excited about having sex in general.”

“I notice it takes me a lot longer to get off but I’m way more horny.”

“My erections are unbelievably rock hard on kratom. There’s hard erections, then there’s an erection so hard that you can use it as a baseball bat.”

“I’m pretty sure it increases blood flow somehow cause I swear I am bigger on kratom.”

“I have noticed this ‘super wood’ phenomenon all too often with kratom.”

Although these accounts are so promising you could even potentially suggest kratom as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, at higher doses it can start to reduce sex drive and sedate the body too much to enjoy sex:

“My libido is usually lower with kratom. As well as sexual advances going right over my head.”

“My first dose of kratom makes me think pleasantly about sex, but doesn’t boost my libido. And if I do have sex, it kind of ‘numbs’ the sensation.”

“I have to say, kratom flat-lines my sexual desire. Just a bit if I use it one day, but down to almost zero if I use it for several days in a row.”

Kratom’s effects on sex drive will probably be very different for different people, depending on personal reactions to opioid-like substances; which is why you’ll need to experiment!

So, Does Kratom Enhance Sex?

Overall, kratom can have mixed effects on sex:

  • Improves sex drive at lower doses
  • Reduces performance anxiety
  • Helps you relax into the experience
  • Extends sexual experiences by improving endurance
  • Can reduce sex drive at higher doses
  • Can make it harder to reach orgasm at higher doses

Ultimately, kratom has a huge potential to enhance your sex life – but it will depend on finding the perfect dose for you. You want to take enough to provide a stimulating effect on your sex drive, and to improve your endurance and reduce performance anxiety; but not too much that your sex drive is completely lost or that you find it harder to reach orgasm.

It may take some experimentation… but the process of finding your ideal kratom dose for sex could be pretty enjoyable.

Check out these strains and blends of kratom to find the right one for you!

Is Kratom Safe to Use For Sex?

Compared to other psychoactive plants, kratom is relatively very safe. However, since it activates opioid receptors it is possible to build up tolerance if you take it every day, and addiction can be serious.

No human studies into kratom toxicity exist, but studies in mice suggest you’d have to eat more than 50g of kratom leaves at once before it started to have any serious health risks. This is many times more than a typical dose, and so much that you’d likely throw it back up before it could hurt you.

The biggest risk with kratom is taking it with other sedatives or depressants, because the effects can combine to make you pass out. And if that happens, the nauseating effects of kratom introduce a danger of you vomiting while unconscious. 

So to be safe when using kratom for sex, make sure not to mix it with: 

  • Other sedatives, like alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines. It’s also best to avoid stimulants, because there’s a chance the stimulants and kratom will fight against each other and mask their effects – and when one wears off before the other you could become overwhelmed.
  • Anything that will increase your risk of vomiting or unconsciousness, like ketamine or nitrous. 
  • Certain types of MAOIs react badly with opiates and can cause fatal seizures, so check with your doctor about kratom. 
  • Tramadol has been known to cause seizures when mixed with opiates.

When using kratom for sex, one important thing to be aware of is that it can make semen taste especially, powerfully bitter! If you’re a penis owner, consider making your partner aware before giving them an unpleasant surprise…

Kratom and Viagra

You may find yourself in the position of wanting to combine kratom with viagra, or other aphrodisiacs. Always check the label of any pharmaceuticals before combining them with kratom, and avoid them if they advise not taking opiods. 

Keep in mind that kratom is a sedative, and can potentially affect your breathing rate and blood pressure. Since many aphrodisiacs can also affect blood pressure, make sure to be cautious and know what you’re taking.

Although the warnings on viagra labels do not specifically name opioids as a risk, kratom and viagra should be paired with caution. Try using half the usual dose of viagra when trying them together for the first time.

How to Take Kratom

There are very different ways of taking kratom, and the ideal one for you will depend on your tastes (literally!) and your preferences. Check out our full guide to the best ways to take kratom.

Kratom Dosage

Dried kratom powder is the most common way for kratom to be delivered online, so this is what we’ll advise you with in terms of dosage.

A good way of figuring out a starter dose is thinking about your sensitivity to coffee; if you’re very sensitive to coffee, you’re also likely to be sensitive to kratom, so start with a lower dose.

A good starter dose is two grams of dried kratom powder. If you’re using the capsule method, with size 00 capsules, this will be roughly 4 or 5 capsules.

Remember it may take an hour for the effects to appear, so don’t re-dose too soon!

If you’ve tried two grams and it didn’t do it for you, work your way up a gram at a time until you find your sweet spot! Keep in mind that repeated use (i.e. every day) will build up an unhealthy tolerance, so try to space out your kratom sessions.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is legal in most places, but is prohibited in countries including the UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. Kratom is legal in the US, except for specific states (it is illegal in Tennessee, Arkansas, Vermont, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa). As long as it’s not marketed for human consumption, kratom is legal in Canada. 

Always check your local laws; never just assume something is legal where you live because it’s legal in most places. 

If you want to get your hands on some, you can buy kratom from reputable online retailers.


Rätsch (2005). The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants. 

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